So if you’re looking for a roof, a commercial roof that is going to save you money, why not do that? Do you know you can buy a $50,000 roof and pay for itself in 10 years and pay for itself in eight years. A $50,000 roof can pay for itself in, in, in half of the life of the roof. Now most roofs of yesteryear, the roofs of old, the modified bitumen, the built up roofs, the metal roofs, they don’t do that. They absolutely don’t do that. They just do their job of keeping water out and you know, they do a pretty good job at it if it’s installed correctly. And if it has correct maintenance, it does a pretty decent job. But at the end of the day, you’re needing a roof. You really want a roof that can stand up and do its job and do the best that it can to also reflect heat. We are passionate in what we do at commercial roofing Broken Arrow.

And that’s what we call a high solar reflectance. Albedo. Uh, this is important. It’s a very important characteristic of commercial roofs when we call it a cool roof. Because the purpose in this is reflecting of the sunlight and it’s keeping the sun’s heat and just the exterior heat away from the building. [inaudible] now this is going to reduce interior temperatures inside the building, which then turns right around here in commercial roofing broken Arrow and causes your building to have lower costs for co heating, for cooling, for air conditioning. As we covered last week and the podcast we did last week, uh, we have what was, it was at one sixth of your energy costs on an average throughout the nation of your other buildings and businesses. Energy costs is being used towards air conditioning in the building. Now when you have a warehouse in the back and there is no air conditioning, and I’m talking to a lot of people were on that cause there’s a lot of businesses, many, many, I would say, I can’t even guess the percentage of businesses, probably at least 30 or 40% of businesses that have a warehouse in the bag or maybe even more, that’s specifically here in commercial roofing Broken Arrow.

Broken Arrow did not have air conditioning back there. [inaudible] they have big garage doors. They can pull up, try to let the air flow through, but they don’t have air conditioning back there. And if they did they probably wouldn’t run it just because of the cost of it. Well imagine heating that imagined cooling down that entire space just by putting a different kind of roof phone. So imagine do the numbers of what it would cost to cool that area for six months versus put an on a new roof covering. You can come in with, you already have a roof there. We can put on a reflective roof, we could put on our cool roof coating and we could immediately stop the sunlight from creating heating on the roof and in the building we can immediately stop and reflect the UV rays, which are just trying to get the building and create more heat. Much has changed in commercial roofing Broken Arrow.

So with these two things that we are immediately stopping with a cool roof system here with a basket commercial systems and commercial roofing broken Arrow, you immediately see that that warehouse will not be near as warm, near as hot during the summertime. So the characteristic of a cool roof, it helps reflect sunlight. And it, you know, as far as the building’s concerned keeps heat away. This is reducing roof temperatures and then turning into reducing interior temperatures inside the building. A high thermal emittance, I’ll say it again. A high thermal emittance is a part of this as well. Um, particularly in climates where it’s warm. You know when you’re in climates, like in the south here in the u s it gets in Florida, Louisiana, Arkansas, Texas, I mean New Mexico, you’re talking about a lot of heat, you’re talking about a lot of capability of saving you money.

When you put together all of these properties and, and how they absorb less heat, they will stay 50 to 60 degrees cooler. Then your other conventional standard materials during the peak summer months. So when you check this out, that’s a huge, huge benefit to you. Building owners, roofing contractors. Um, cool roofing has been used. The cool roof in products has been used for close to 30 years now and they’ve been doing this for industrial roofing, residential buildings, commercial roofing. And I’ll tell you the good part of this is how they are installed with low slope a systems. Low slope roofing is basically flat roofs. I mean you’ve heard the terminology, flat roof or slightly sloped or gently sloped roofing systems. And these are typically commercial. As we’ve talked in one podcast, we went over the percentages of how much flat roofing, how much steep slope roofing would fall into commercial roofing broken Arrow for commercial roofs versus residential roofs and industrial roofing systems.

So office building systems. So let’s talk about energy star through the energy star program and which honestly is the environmental protection agency, which I’m not a huge fan of. I think they’re crooked half the time. And I don’t mind telling them, I think they’re crooked, but energy star. And I think a lot of the energy is somewhat of a joke as well because they just, government is, is enforcing regulations that they shouldn’t do. And being a conservative, I completely disagree with uh, where they’re coming from for that. But now that the Department of Energy, the D, o e one of their purposes is helping consumers and purchasers find the best energy star products for roofing. So when you’re looking for roofing products, you know the doe, they’ll help you, they’ll assist you probably online or through other sources of the roofing materials that are in g star that will have, that will meet the minimum solar reflectance and the criteria of reliability needed.

And so these are some organizations you can touch base with or you could just save yourself a whole lot of money and save yourself a whole lot of headache of talking to a stupid government, uh, you know, branch and you can just call us here at advanced commercial systems because basically on my podcast here in commercial roofing broken Arrow, I’m already telling you what the energy star ratings are. I’m already going to tell you what’s the best roofing for you. And that’s where we step in with what we call our smart roof plan. Our plan is to make you smarter concerning your roof. Our plan is to make your roof a more energy efficient as well. I talk about TPO roofing, I talk about reflectivity and TPO, roofing systems and PVC roofing systems. I have been talking about that for 250 podcast because it is a very large part of commercial roofing.

It is a very large part of commercial roofing contractor and commercial roofing company and here in the Greater Tulsa area. If you’re looking for uh, someone that knows the most about it, you definitely should be calling this number (918) 973-1010 because on our website at www dot okay, roof that’s the number to call that you get a good idea of what’s going on in the industry. As you can tell after 250 podcasts that we’ve done for you, we are trying to educate you. We are trying to bring up your commercial roofing Iq so that you have the capability of making the right decisions that fit within your budget for your building. Now I’ve got a surprise for you. I actually have the capability, we’ve got software available to us that we can come, we can look at your energy bills. We can look at the size of your building, we can look at the size of your roof and within two days we can lady in front of you a printout of an estimated energy costs by Buddhist putting a cool roofing system on your building.

And so if you’re a savvy business owner that has a building, has a warehouse and you’re pumping probably 60 $70,000 a month into energy in that building and you would like to get that down to 40 50,000 and save yourself 20,000 a month, it would just make a really good sense to just have something like this presented to you. Have something like this put out, written right in front of you. Oh cool. Roof system is absolutely going to drop your energy costs now. So let’s talk about roofing real quick for energy costs because one of the largest and the best things that you can do outside of cool roofing system is adding above decking insulation. A lot of roofs depending on the age, depending on who put them on, depending on what mistakes were made. A lot of roofs today have not had amounts of installation in roofing.

I would have never guessed that the international building code would require three and a half inches of insulation above decking. I would’ve never guessed that if I wouldn’t have seen it and wouldn’t literally do it every single day here in commercial roofing broken arrow. So, but I want you to understand, um, that, that suit their purpose in that is to help you lower your energy cost and to bring everyone to a standard in the industry. And so the 21, our value they’re requiring, that’s a pretty serious our value. And that’s three and a half. So imagine you have a cup, remembered a little styrofoam cups, you get coffee in at work and the as how thin that cup is and you can’t feel the heat from the coffee. Imagine three and a half inches inches of that and the energy savings that that’s bringing to you, that’s bringing a ton of energy savings.

Allow in your building to stay cooler, allow in your building to take in less heat when the sun is out blaring and doing its job. Of just reflecting a UV rays on everything. Hey, thanks for joining on another podcast here in commercial roofing broken arrow. We appreciate everybody, appreciate everyone that joins in with those every single week. If you get a chance to read these part of articles, a owner podcast, we appreciate you just as much the same. You can check out more and more of what we do and what we’re about here with advanced commercial systems, home of the roof, nerves in commercial roofing broken arrow.