Well, thanks for joining in again today with us. Another wonderful podcast. It got some exciting news for yet. Today is podcast number episode 84 80 weeks here at advanced commercial systems in commercial roofing, broken arrow. We have been coming to you and bringing you live podcasts about commercial roofing. We want you to know more about your roofs. So, and that’s one of our things we want to talk about today. But before we do, give us a call, reach out to us during this podcast. (918) 973-1010 or reach out to us through the, through the email. You can reach us at advanced. okay@cox.net go check out our website at okay. Roof nerds.com so, but the one thing I’d like to talk about today is really just the lack of knowledge that building owners and commercial property managers, uh, they, well they have the lack of knowledge they have for commercial roofing and they’re building envelope problems.

Now, property managers, because they manage more than one property, they work with contractors. They’re always looking for bids. They’re always there. They’re normally considerably more, um, more responsive and more knowledgeable than building owners. I remember, what was it just maybe three years ago? I have two property managers. They work for the same large property management from a brokerage here in Tulsa and broken Arrow in commercial roofing, broken arrow. And uh, I got up on the roof. They had a thermo thermo set, I’m sorry, I’ll Thermopylae thermoplastic a TPO roof about a 60 mil up on a roof or off of, where was that located? Like s 41st and Garnett or 61st and Garnett. Um, and so we came over to inspect that roof. And really I got Ava McCall. I said, we have some major issues up here. Are you familiar with TPO? And they said, well, we’re familiar with the terminology.

I said, have you looked at much and really do you understand how TPOs put together? Do you understand how we will the scenes, how we mechanically adherent, how we fully adhere it, how we glue it down, you know, plates and screws that, are you familiar with that aspect of the roof? And they both said no. I said, please check your schedule in the next two days. If you find an hour, please give me an hour. I want to show you this roof cause I’m going to bring you an estimate for thousands of thousands of dollars. And it’s mostly because this roof has really, really been installed very poorly. And I knew exactly why the roof was in stored, installed poorly in commercial roofing, broken arrow. Because when you install a TPO, uh, single ply roof, you have to weld the seams correctly, not just anybody can do it. Now I can get a welder, I can weld a scene.

I’m really slow at it, um, because I don’t do it every single day. I’m not the professional that’s doing that aspect of the roofing job, but I can make a watertight seem, I’ve done it many times and we’ll do it many more times in the future. I’m a hands on kind of guy. But I want you to know though, um, when I got them up there, I spend about 10 minutes talking to them about that single ply. You know that that TPO membrane and that it’s overall in great shape. I mean it doesn’t have tons of aging and it looks like it’s only four or five years old. And he said, yeah, I think we’d put it in about five years ago. Acid. Well, but what we’re dealing with with this reef is a lot bigger problem that this specific roof, all of the wells in these middle seams of the membrane, we’re not welded well and they’re all just letting him tons of water.

Now in that building on the inside, the client is renting that space. I cannot remember exactly what business they end, you know they were in or they do. But they would literally take that space and turn it into like this really cool man cave. And they had a lot of money in there. They have a lot of decorating. They had lot, it wasn’t being used just for, for you know, commercial business space. It was being used for more. And so they were pretty, pretty concerned about the six weeks of water just pouring in five gallon buckets. Every rain, you know, you get about five buckets were five gallons of water in them. After every rain you, you really consider moving to a new location. And that’s what I deal with a lot. I really try to ease my clients’ clients. Um, you know, the people renting the space from my property managers.

I really try to ease their mind and let them know in commercial roofing broken Arrow that we’re here. You know, we’re called today and we’re out today. You know, that’s a big deal. I mean, when we get a call and we come out that day, um, I remember the last three phone calls I’ve received for emergencies. I stopped what I was doing with my business and went out immediately. It wasn’t raining on off. Well actually one of the jobs, it was writing a one over in, uh, east broken arrow. But we, we oftentimes stop what we’re doing and literally in there are commercial roofing truck and drive to the job immediately. Um, it took, I had got a call two days ago at a roof at 81st and Sheridan in commercial roofing toll. So the roof is leaking and it’s leaking and a medical facility in the medical facility there, they’re not very happy because it’s literally the area where it’s falling is where their patients sit there.

And as I sit there, that’s where were they receive medical attention. So I came out with, it took me 45 minutes, I, I told him I’d be there within 30 but I was wrong. I had a few more things to get done. It took 45 minutes to get there. I walked in, they were relieved and shocked to see me there so quickly and I really jumped up on the roof, assess the problem and they had just had a new h Vac, uh, mechanical unit installed to the roof and whoever did it did not do a good job making it watertight membrane everywhere. They did not do good job tying the unit into each other. And so sometimes I seems like I work on h vac units more than I should of just doing ceiling and a bonding around different, different units and stuff. Here in commercial roofing broken Arrow, we try to get out as quickly as possible.

Our, our roof nerds, we’re not just highly trained with, you know, engineering backing us, what we do, we’re ambitious. You know what I’m saying, that you call us, we’ll stop what we’re doing and we’ll come out and help you. If it’s an emergency, we’ll assess on the phone with you pretty quickly if it’s something that you need immediate attention. But many times, I mean like when we say we give a 24 hour roof evaluation and inspection, that really is what we do. We do roof inspections and roof evaluations with video, with drone footage, with thermal imaging cameras. Uh, we do pictures, we’ll do a full walkthrough video. We do dry your diagrams and we do a full drawing of the building, a roofing system so that you have an idea. But we do core samples so that we can find out exactly what’s in the roof, what systems they’re, what isos there, what, what you know, sub board, what substrates there we come up with.

Uh, everything you need to really make sure you are educated now. So that was, you know, what, seven minutes ago, that was the purpose in this podcast. Number 80 podcasts, they, I want it to be a little special. And so really what we’re talking about in commercial roofing, broken Arrow is the number of people who manage or own buildings, who know nothing about roofing, who know nothing about their specific roof system. So that’s where we come in. Literally our first multiple visits with you are free and they’re just doing nothing but bringing you tons of information to make you smarter. If we can make you smarter, you’ll allow us to make your roof smarter. And so that’s where we come up with our maintenance plan or by annual maintenance plan, which we call this smart roof system. In the smart roof system, we bring video pictures and diagrams to you on a longterm maintenance plan for free inspections.

Now listen to what I’m telling you. Free inspections. We’re bringing you free information. It costs you nothing. And we’re fully insured. So if we, you know, we don’t fall off ladders, we don’t get injured. We’re fully insured with Workman’s comp, everything set in place. So when we come out and take care of your roofing system, you’re getting every, all the information you need, making you smarter about your roof. Now there are property managers that know nothing about commercial roofing, that know nothing about flat roofs. Um, and some of my class are very knowledgeable, but I never tried to ask them what they know and what they don’t know. I always just bring information and give it to them. I know many times they turn right around and share that with their broker and they make themselves and me look smart in doing so, I want to make them knowledgeable so that they can talk with their broker or the building manager.

And really at the end of the day and commercial roofing broken Arrow as just about making the best decision. You know, property managers and building owners, they make, they make decisions every single day and they’re always tied into amounts of dollars. And so if we can bring a multiple budgets to you with multiple systems, repairs, replacements, if we can give options to you, if we can have that, that, that transparency to where we’re not just saying, hey, we’re certified, but we’re also bringing multiple, um, solutions to you so that you can find the budget that fits what you’re doing. And that’s really a large part of what we do, who we find property managers and building owners. They need more information. And so honestly, for free, we just do that. We bring you a lot in commercial roofing, broken arrow. So if you need anything, give us a call here at advanced commercial systems. We are the home of the roof nerds. We are signing out here on our 80th podcast today. We’re assigning out, but give us a call, 918-NINE-ONE-3973 I’m sorry, nine seven three one zero one zero. We would love to help you and your roofing system once and again, stay drive.