Welcome to the podcast, the weekly podcast of the radio show with advanced commercial systems home with a roof nerds. You know, there’s multiple reasons why we do this. Um, this continual podcasts. There’s multiple reasons why we do the podcast and there’s a lot of different reasons why we’re still doing it. After 240 250 weeks a week after week, we, we gather in our studio here at our main office here over an elm, elm street and broken arrow. And we, we gather here and we get together some content. We get together all the things that we need to talk about commercial roofing to talk about commercial roofing contractor, commercial roofing, maintenance departments. Uh, you know, building owners. We talk about all different aspects of commercial roofing, property management companies. We love to work with property management companies. And so here in commercial roofing, broken Arrow, there’s a few things that really stand out, um, that we do with property management companies.

So just, uh, if you could, if you’re a property manager listening to this today, you’re going to fully understand everything I say. And you’re going to say, wow, great idea. Great idea. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. And if you’re not, not a property manager, I challenge you to put your head into the, in your mind, into the role of a property manager and start thinking the way they think, the imagine what they’re looking for, their role in commercial roofing broken era and how they interact with subcontractors and contractors every day to keep their buildings up. You know, that’s what they do. Literally a very large part of property managers jobs are to find, hire and pay and uh, you know, the basic, make sure the jobs get done well aspect for all of the construction, remodeling in the, in the general annual upkeep of commercial properties.

And so really a very large part of my business here at advanced commercial systems in large part of what we’ve done for many years is specifically working with property management companies. Property management companies always are looking for someone they can trust because at the end of the day in commercial roofing broken Arrow or Tulsa or a waso or sand springs Claremore a little bit of the larger cities in the region and also in jeans, a large part of what they’re looking for is people that uh, that they can use over and over and over again because they’ve established a relationship. Um, now there’s one property management company that is corporate that is um, has 1400 buildings and the U S and they’re the largest at the profession that they do. They’re in a specific profession. They have 1400 buildings over the last three years. I’ve done all work for them in the state of Oklahoma.

I’ve done about over half of the remodeling of their 20, 25 buildings in, I’ve done well over half of all remodeling and all construction. And then as far as from the perspective of roofing, I’ve done 100% of their commercial roofing and the state of Oklahoma. And so the book, the point I want to bring up cross this specific property manager and this one specific property management company is one thing is they’re leasing their building so they don’t own all of their buildings. The majority of the buildings they’re leasing. And so there are really specific guidelines and they have to produce oh asset management reports. Um, just recently I had to, for two or three specific buildings, I had to put together some assets, asset management, some correlative reports that showed exactly the condition of the building at that moment in time. And so that has to be given from me.

I put that report together with advanced commercial systems for commercial roofing in commercial roofing broken arrow. I hand that over to my contacts, which I work with, have have lunch with him every two weeks. He’s a great guy. I work in specifically with him. And then he will hand that over to his corporate headquarters, which I believe is up in Idaho. And then they turn that over to the specific owner of the building. So they’re actually renting the property from another owner and they’re managing the property, right, managing the upkeep. And so part of their specific lease agreement in commercial roofing broken Arrow because they’re in Yukon Mustang, Oklahoma City, Edmond, uh, slow, Gosh, my broken Arrow, a Waso Tulsa, multiple top posts and locations. So all of this compiles together to be this corporate conglomerate of, of, of property management and property maintenance that they’re always having to stay on top of.

And so when I give them a report, it’s got to look great because it’s going all the way up to the corporate level. And so one of the last reports I gave them what specifically I put together a full spectrum and I did this for free. This was a completely for free. I put together a full spectrum of what’s needed to be put in their hand of what the current condition of the roof he is, how much life is left in the roof. I took very good video and photo colors of color, photos of all the problematic areas in commercial roofing broken Arrow and I handed that over to them a with all the details showing my certification with an engineering company showing my licensing and my commercial endorsement with the state of Oklahoma showing my insurance, showing all of us just specifics to say that I am accredited. I am specifically trained, accredited and challenged to be able to give this specific report. This report isn’t something that you just got to a fly by night roofer to come in and take care of. We are professionals in the industry, right? We are advanced commercial systems home with a roof nerds and so when we do a report like that for a property management company, there’s a lot of things that you learn over time cause I’ve been working with property companies for years

and years, what they’re looking for, how they’re looking for the space.

You know, someone told me recently that it doesn’t really matter to the general public of the Tulsa area, commercial roofing broken arrow. Really what we cover on our podcast. But I have to say I completely disagree because commercial roofing is in our blood. We we live, we breathe commercial roofing. We laid down thinking about commercial roofing that night we wake up thinking about it as well. That’s why when you hire us, you get in a roof nerd. Now, as I’ve told you before, and I’ll tell you again over and over, I’ll tell you for another 200 podcasts, commercial roofing is all about advanced commercial systems and the home of the roof nerds. Let’s define a nerd. A nerd is defined in Webster’s dictionary is someone with a technical professional skill and a technical specific field. That’s what we are. We are highly skilled and highly trained commercial roofing experts in the technical field of roofing.

Can we do residential roofing? Great question. Answer is yes. Can we do commercial roofing better than anyone else cause easy question. Yes. Now why am I asking myself simple questions so that can give direct responses because I’m advertising and I’m letting you know who we are, what we are about and how we do what we do. At the beginning of the day, we are the a best of the roofing. We are the Turner Changing Company of the roofing. We’re the best roofing company in town. And that’s why when it comes down to productivity, when it comes down to job project management, when it comes down to commercial roofing broken Arrow, and the many aspects of warranties, whether it be a material warranty, a workmanship warranty, just basically commercial roofing contractor, commercial roofing contractors, commercial roofing company and companies. We are the best in town and we always, always give our best to make sure that we communicate with transparency and accountability, uh, perfectly every time.

Now you remember my last podcast from last week, we’re sitting in our office during our last podcast and I actually talked about metal roofing and I’ve talked about the differences between metal roofing and the thermoplastic thermostats. So mostly the thermoplastics and applies like TPO and PVC. Now if you remember, I talked about how the metal roof could get up to 150, 160, 170 degrees. Uh, sometimes we have in our home we have eggs for breakfast. In the morning, you could actually fry an egg on a roof that hot, I mean fry a little bit of butter, flip it over, maybe even put some toast on there. You could cook breakfast on a hot metal roof. Now when you put some TPO down, it’s just like putting a beautiful layer of beautiful um, butter on a piece of toast, cools it down, makes it affordable. It is a great, extremely affordable roofing system.

And remember the two top qualities that we’ve been talking about, the heat reflecting abilities where it does not absorb heat because it’s white colored. And then number two, the UV reflecting the abilities of the sunlight’s UV rays that are being reflected because of the thermoplastic polyolefin membrane specifically designed to reflect UV. So here at avast commercial systems, we’re coming down to the end here in commercial roofing broken Arrow of this podcast. We appreciate you guys once again joining and listening to our podcast, reading it online. This online podcast is just specifically designed for you to educate you. As we always say, one of our main rules with our smart roof plan is not just to give you a smarter roof, but some make you smarter. If we can increase your commercial roofing Iq, then we’ve done our job. So the smarter you are about commercial roofing, the better decisions you’ll be making for your budget, for your business and for your roofing systems. Appreciate you for joining in and remember, stay dry. It’s not rocket science, it’s roof science. And for all of us here in commercial roofing broken arrow, we appreciate all the time that you’ve given with us.