So with you again, another wonderful day that we’re having great weather here in Oklahoma. You got to just love Oklahoma, right? Oklahoma’s such a great state now. It’s not my preferred state to live in a, there are other states that I just kind of, I’m fond du [inaudible]. I was born in raised in Louisiana and I’ll tell you the Lewin wonderful people, Louisiana, I miss him so much there. There’s southern hospitality, the generosity and just the, everybody wants to take you hunting. I miss that so much. You don’t have that near as much here in uh, Oklahoma. But I’ll tell you, I could not have picked a better city of broken Arrow, commercial roofing, broken Arrow to have my children to raise my children. I had been in the Greater Tulsa area, have been in broken Arrow, Bixby, Tulsa for 20 years, 20 years and three months, I believe it is three or four months.

And so having been here that long and drove an up and down the street, driven up and down the streets, I probably driven almost every street in the Greater Tulsa area from San Prings to support, uh, to co two. So the Claremore you’re running roofing appointments, going and looking at commercial buildings, going and looking at residential homes. For years I did residential roofing. Um, first I started off in that with a construction background and the remodeling and commercial construction and commercial are rehabilitation rehab. And so having a background in that for quite some time, as time progressed, we found that we begin to move more over into roofing because roofing, what I like about it is the jobs are quicker to perform. And I love that there are some basic ethics that are built in by the construction industry board. Let me explain to you what I mean.

The Oklahoma construction industry board is under the reign and rule of our governor of the state. That construction industry board set up standards and testing, uh, for the electrical, uh, you know, profession, um, for the plumbing profession, for the HVHC profession. And last but not least for the uh, roofing profession. So to do those four professions, you have to be licensed. If you’re going to do them legally. And then one step further for commercial roofing, you then have to go further and get what’s called a commercial endorsement. That commercial endorsement is an absolute requirement. If you do commercial roofing in Oklahoma without that endorsement, no matter the size or what it is, it is an actual crime and you can be fined and then you can go and it can be extended and get into more trouble, you know. So here in commercial roofing broken Arrow with advanced commercial systems, we do have our commercial endorsement.

We are in good standing with our commercial and our residential roofing license. So we are licensed in the state of Oklahoma. And so, so what’s going on? Here’s the deal. Um, to be a general contractor or construction in Oklahoma, you need no licensing. You need no proof. You are not required to have insurance. Hello. You can be going around and doing commercial contracting. You can be going around doing residential construction and you do not have to have any kind of license or you do not have to have worker’s comp insurance or you do not have to have any type of general liability insurance that protects your client and their premises. Now what I love about the residential and commercial roofing industry, here’s how that is set up here in Oklahoma. To be a residential Roofer, you have to have and prove that you have a half a million of general liability insurance that covers the heading of roofing for a here in commercial roofing broken Arrow, that’s definitely the case as well.

And so here with commercial roofing, you have to have $1 million of general liability insurance that covers the heading of roofing. It has to be on the description of your certificate of insurance, your Coi that you would give. So just yesterday I went and called my insurance company and got them to give me for certificate of insurances for four different property management companies. We do this every week because companies, before we begin to, we’ll do work with him. We proved to them that we have a million of insurance and we proved to them that we have worker’s comp insurance and we can also prove to them through sending them to the construction industry board website and you could type in CIB are they licensed and you’ll pull up the page for the construction industry board and which you would put in the business name, the name advanced. And so you’d put that name in and you would see that you’d pull up Marty Grisham, that’s me, the owner of the business.

And you would see that we are in good standing with a valid commercial endorsement and you would see our expiration date over in 2019 or 2020 when it expires. So when you look at all that, you know we’re legit, there is nothing to look at. There is, and most people do not understand construction in Oklahoma, most people did not understand, hey Bob, come on out. You see the, it looks like you’ve got a construction company. Come on out and do me an estimate for rebuilding and maybe do an add on in addition to my home or doing a remodeling of the kitchen. There is no insurance required. I mean that’s crazy, right and people don’t even know to ask for it. I’ll tell you since I’ve been in construction in the industry, uh, I absolutely am going to make sure every contractor that works with me has workers comp.

If they do not have worker’s comp and they get hurt on your premises, guess what happens? You’re the one liable for that. You can be sued for that and so you want to make sure there is worker’s comp insurance covering every single person on the premises. You want to make sure that there is a general liability in place that covers your premises in your vehicles and your garage door and you’re building and your electrical that covers all part of your building envelope and everything inside. You want to make sure that’s covered with a general liability insurance plan. And if they’re doing commercial roofing for you, you, it needs to be 1 million with a 2 million aggregate, meaning that can be more than one occur. So $1 million per occurrence here in commercial roofing broken air. These are the things that we’ve learned and done over the time.

You know, it costs me thousands and thousands of dollars every year to have insurance. It costs me a lot of money, a lot of paperwork, a lot of time to make sure that I am legal in the state of Oklahoma. Can I go out with, I’m not legal in sale jobs and do jobs? Absolutely. Because there’s a lot of people that don’t know any better and they would hire someone that’s not legal. It happens every single day, but that’s not how we’re going to advertise it. That’s not how we’re going to do it here with advanced commercial systems, home with a roof nerds here in commercial roofing, broken there. So if you ever just needed anything, you know, you can go to our website. We would love to help you. We would love to assist you in any way. Go check out our website at www dot okay. Roof that is our website that has all of our information.

We talk about replacement roofing reroofing. We talk about recovering. We talk about our smart roof plan, which is the maintenance plan, the bi annual checkup maintenance plan that we do. We talk about doing repairs, we talk about maintenance. We talk about all types of commercial roofing, anywhere from single blinds like Thermostat, thermoplastics, anywhere from pep PDM to Tpo to PVC. We cover all types of roofing is at all time modified bitumen bird roofing, which is bur which has built up roofing. We cover all these types of roofing and we want to make sure that we take care of you. So if it’s metal roofing, if it’s that white plastic you see as you drive down highway one to do how would 51 we do them all if it’s needing repair. We are the guys here in commercial roofing, broken Arrow that are going to take care of you.

You know, you might go and see that there’s tree limbs and leaves and foot traffic problem on your roof. And we have bring you pictures and give you a lot of detail of what we can do and what we have done to take care of your roof. So just let us know what we can do. Give us a call at (918) 973-1010 you know, we’ve got a background with working with other roofing contractors. We’ve seen the lifestyle they have, we’ve seen how they run their businesses and it really was the propelling force that causes us to start advanced commercial systems. And I’ll tell you, one day I was asleep and I’ve been praying to God, really spend some time with him talking to him about what he wanted me to do because I saw that I needed to do something on my own. I wanted to set a standard in the industry that other people that I was working with just refused to hold and God gave me the word advanced.

He gave it to me like it was a flash before my eyes and I knew that was the name of my company. So when I named our company advanced commercial systems in which we are transforming over into advanced commercial roofing, um, when we made that transition and we, we, we started our own company, uh, years and years ago, it was probably one of the biggest steps that really excited us because we knew we could set standards in the industry that we’re just being overlooked, that were being neglected that other people would not adhere to. And so that’s what we’ve done with are just absolute transparency that we bring to the table with our communication. Transparency of what we do on your roof is a number one priority of you. You should know and we should have accountability with what we’re doing when we climb up that ladder.

You should know you don’t like heights and we might not be crazy about them, but we do them every single day. A new we should, you wouldn’t lead us into your, your office and have us look at something without you being there. Why should the roof be any different? You want us up there with you. And so we bring a video camera, a Gopro hero six so that we can video what’s taken place here in commercial roofing, broken Arrow, and in many other aspects of your roofing experience. Give us a call if you need anything. Once again, it’s not rocket science, roof science, and please stay dry.