We have another wonderful podcast where your day here at advanced commercial systems, that place where you were fine, our roof nerds every single day, our roof nerves are always ready to help you and always ready to give the highest level of expertise. Do you, so if you want to go to our website with us real quick, we can go through some things real quick that would make your search of easier. So here at advanced commercial system that we are the home of the roof nerds are roof nerds, are specifically trained and educated.


Uh, to you to have the highest level of experience as well. So if you’re in the greater tolls area, if you’re in northeast Oklahoma, if you’re in the commercial roofing broken Arrow, um, and you, you are looking for someone that you can trust. If you’re looking at someone that you know, you’re just not going to try and beat them down in price, you’re just really looking for a good price. A someone who’s going to take care of you. And let’s talk about staying behind and standing behind the warranty. You know, the implement whether that we have here falling trees, different things, just basic the aging of a roof, it really does take a toll on commercial roofs. Commercial roofs don’t like hell commercial roofs. They don’t like wind. Uh, you can have it like I just got a call today. I’ve got an eight story building I’ve got to work on, uh, that eight story building.

It if catch some serious when it will catch wind and have more wind issues than a two story building every day of the week because the higher that building is, the more wind, the more accelerated wind gusts there are. And so you can, you know, have disaster working all the time and you can, the best way to really take care of that, it’s just basically have a regularly scheduled maintenance program here with advanced commercial system. That’s what we do. We love, uh, almost above everything else we do. We really do love our system that we call the smart roof plan. Let me take a few minutes here and tell you what the smart roof plan is about. Now, obviously our whole roof nerds and advanced commercial systems home with a roof nerds here in commercial roofing, broken Arrow, it seems pretty obvious that we would come up with some sweet, you know, cool little slogans like increase your commercial roofing Iq and roof nerds and smart solutions and smart roof plant.

But I’ll tell you, these are all have a specific meaning because our idea and commercial roofing, our principal, our, our mantra is for us to continually get better and learn more to where we can increase your Iq so that we can offer better services to you. You know, we’re only as good as the roof we put on. And our roof we put on is only as good as our word. And so if I come in to you and tell you, hey, this is the best system that you can do, but there’s a better system out there that I haven’t learned yet, well then I’m not giving you all the facts. So we want to stay on top continually of learning more and more about how we can have the best roofing systems possible in commercial roofing broken arrow. So the one we’ve come up with is a am I say this is a free, this is a free no brainer.

Do you understand what a no brainer. It’s a no brainer and something you don’t really have to think very hard about. It just sounds good. And because it’s good. And so this is what’s called a no brainer. That is basically an idea that is so dark. Dot. Dark. Uh Gosh darn great, so amazing and wonderful of a concept that you just can’t do without it. And that’s what we have offered with our smart roof plan. Our smart roof plan is a bi annual roof checkup that’s absolutely free. So let me just sum this up for years. Civils I can twice a year we come out and we look at your roof and when we do, we will assess everything going on about it with video, with pictures. We’re going to come up with this with everything going on. Is there any bad stuff going on?

Is there anything that needs to be addressed? We’re going to deal with all these problems with all these issues and when we assess all that, we’re going to put that together in a beautiful package. You could be given to you in an electronic package. It can also be printed off in color and given to you in a color package with pictures, with all the details, with the life condition of the roof, the lifespan left in your roof. All of this stuff will be laid in front of you. This is happens twice a year, so every six months you’re getting this free report. Now listen to me. Property managers wake up and smell the coffee. This is literally golden for you. I have been a commercial realtor and the Greater Tulsa area for seven years. I’ve done a residential roofing, I’m sorry, residential real estate and the Greater Tulsa area for eight years.

So having seven and eight years of real estate training, real estate education and experience and listing and selling commercial buildings. Now I have not done property management. That’s not been any of my job. I always been on the buying and selling side of commercial roofing, broken Arrow, but after many, many years of doing this, I’ve come to understand what people want and I’ll tell you, property managers, this is golden for you to be able to hand it for free and you don’t have to order this by the way. We put it in our schedule, we put it in our system and we sent one of our guys out at no cost to you to come up with this video pictures and full diagrams, your oils for free. And within that is going to list everything that could be taken care of. And we’re basically going to give you a, a give you a grade.

We’re going to give you a grade for your roof. On a scale of one to 10, at what level is it at and its condition, what level is it at? And it’s maintenance from the past. How well does it protect, uh, and get water off the roof? There’s going to be about 10 different things that we judge that you can sit down and say, hey, listen, we are, we’re sixes and sevens in many of these. Uh, you can share that as a property manager with a building owner in commercial roofing, broken Arrow, when it comes time that you think you might need to get a new roof on there, you can really step up and take care of that and really and be able to prove a point. But imagine every six months, every building you have, you’re sending this full detailed digital mock up of the roof.

You’re sending that to whoever owns the building. You’re going to look like the absolute smartest, absolute best, most absolute wonderful, uh, commercial roofing. Uh, I mean, a property manager in the entire world, there’s no one’s going to be walking at your level and you’re, you’re, you know, there’s just no one going to be look as good as you and at what you do. So give us a try. Let us prove to you our ability to show excellence. Let us prove to you that are smart roof plan that will increase your commercial roofing Iq is truly hands down the best program in the industry. And because for one thing it’s free. So it’s hard to say no to your, I have to, I’ll be honest with it. You’re completely stupid if you say no to this. I mean this is free. There’s no strings attached. Now you can say to yourself now, because I hear this all the time and now I’ve got another Roofer, I have someone just tell me that I have another roof for, I’ve been working with and you know, he does this a good job.

And I immediately, they told me the name of that Roofer, uh, Sam somebody. I went online and looked it up. The guy is not licensed, the guys doing commercial roofs and he’s not licensed and he also doesn’t have a commercial endorsement. And the state of Oklahoma, he’s literally creating and performing a crime or committing a crime every single time he’s working on one of these roofs. It is a misdemeanor crime in the state of Oklahoma to work on a roof commercially. And not have that. So that’s the kind of problems I’m telling you about these roofers out there. They’re not honest. They’re not ethical. They’re not doing the things that they say they do. And they, I tell you, I can tell you roofer after a roofer that goes up on roofs and creates damage and causes damage just so they can get a job from you.

It is so lacking and character morality and ethics. And so that’s where we’re going to step in and say, hey, listen, give us a try. There’s a reason why when I get on the roof, the very first time when my foot hits on the roof, I’m turning it on a GoPro camera and my entire visit on that roof is going to be me walking around showing you the entire roof. So there’s not going to be anything damaged. There’s not, this is 100% roof, uh, accountability there. There’s no way you can get this any better than this outside of you climbing the ladder as the property manager or the owner and commercial roofing, broken Arrow outside of you climbing the ladder and getting on the roof with me. There’s really no but with no better way to do this. So let me just share this with you.

Um, as we start our smart roof plan, the smart roof plan has got about a 30 point checklist. I’ve talked about this before in the past and the smart roof plan and goes through and really gives a grade and gives a level of expertise that we have concerning all of these 30 points, whether it be coping cap, the seams, ponding water areas, screws in the coping cat, parapet walls, penetration points, Hvhc, curbings, whether it’s raised curbing lower curbings. Has there been any coatings put on the past? How well were they put on a how well how old do they seem? They, they are. How long did they seem they have left of taking care of filling up on roofs and seen where someone has drilled a hole in the roof to take a course apple and didn’t Sufis sufficiently fill in the hole and it was leaking from the hole that a roofer made so he could find out what kind of roof it was.

Absolute insanity as some of the things I’ve been seeing. So with that in mind, give us a call. Go to our website at okay. Roof nerds.com here in commercial roofing broken arrow. We would love to hear from you. We’d love to help you in any way. You’ll see the level of expertise and really what we can bring you with our smart roof plan is hands down the best program in commercial roofing today. Once again, it’s one a sign out saying, hey, this is Marty with advanced commercial system saying goodbye. Thanks for joining us again for another podcast. It’s not rocket science, it’s real science and stay dry.