Once again, we’re having a wonderful podcast with a advanced course systems. Uh, advanced personnel system has been doing commercial roofing for many years and we have been in the industry of construction and the industry of general contracting with residential and commercial properties for many years. We also are a licensed realtor for residential and commercial real estate in the state of Oklahoma. And so when you bring all of these different aspects together, all of our expertise in actually just the real estate industry, whether it’s property, whether it’s a construction, new construction, rebuilding, remodeling, we have an extensive background in all different types of, uh, you know, these services offering to clients and customers and corporations, industries, uh, business owners, property managers. This is kind of the forte in which we come from. And so, but over the last few years, our passion truly has been one specific field and that is commercial roofing Broken Arrow.

We had been focusing so much on commercial roofing broken arrow. We have built advanced commercial systems to be specifically around that of commercial roofing broken arrow. And so over the years, um, we have learned really what a lot of the complaints are in, in the roofing industry. There’s been so many complaints in the roofing industry from a property managers and building owners and maintenance companies. Uh, maintenance staff has been a lot of complaints, especially with private building owners. Um, that commercial roofing companies and commercial roofing contractors, uh, do not always do what they say. And large part of that is they say they’re going to be somewhere at an appointment on time and that doesn’t happen on time and they don’t hear back from him because these guys get busy and these guys don’t follow up well and they don’t call. And so here were the advanced commercial systems with commercial roofing Broken Arrow.

A large part of what we do is we, we endeavored to hold a very strict, a business appointment book and very strict scheduling, uh, to everything to the minute. So like, I had an appointment today at the new, uh, new life Baptist church in broken arrow. And I showed up. Uh, the appointment was at nine 30 this morning. I showed up at nine 27 and was trying to walk in the door to the front building at nine 29 and so that’s how much to the minute we endeavored to be a little early and right on time all the time, every time. And so here in commercial roofing broken Arrow that’s highly respected, highly revered in the industry. And so you could be looking for a metal roof, roofing in general. You can be online looking for commercial roofer near you. You could be looking for commercial roofer in Arrow, commercial, roofer, commercial roofing contractor in Tulsa, or just basically northeast Oklahoma or Oklahoma.

And I believe if you look well enough, you’re going to see that we have a website that’s up and running. Okay. Roof nerds.com our website is specifically designed to help you find us and very quickly, very simply learn who we are, what we do and how we do it. And we’re one of the aspects of who we are is how, uh, why it says at the very top, why roof Menards. And because you know, people have asked, well, why do you call yourself roof nerves? Why, why the nerds spin on who you are and what you do. When, you know, that kind of started many years ago when I was saying to another Roofer, you know, concerning commercial roofing, uh, that it’s not rocket science, it’s roof science. And after I said that, uh, it really just seemed like it was something that of I really liked of, of how we could present ourselves and how we really saw ourselves.

Cause from then from then on, I went to, uh, and, and joined with an engineering company that has a 50 years in the industry as structural engineers, um, learning commercial roofing. And I went with those guys, joined in with their staff and their systems and went through their training and went through their courses and spinning class time with them and got s, uh, received a certification from an engineering company concerning the assessment of commercial roofs. And so being able to assess, being able to inspect, being able to, uh, validate data of specific incidences that could happen with commercial roofs, not just a deterioration or aging, but also storm damage as well. So I found myself really getting passionate about learning all that I could about commercial roofs. Well, when you sit down with your normal Roofer, you know, they know many times, uh, a lot of different systems and different ways to install the roofing.

But at the end of the day, there’s so many different aspects of the roofing, commercial, roofing, the chemical side of it, um, the composition of the roofing and many other different aspects of the roofing. Um, you know, being able to fully, uh, doing an assessment, like an insurance agency, insurance inspection level, assessment of a commercial roof, you know, and with the spin of an engineering company and all the data validation that they bring to the table. So, um, most companies, most commercial roofers and commercial roofing contractors in commercial roofing broken Arrow, really don’t have any experience along that line at all. I actually only know one other in the state. Uh, and the guys in Oklahoma City and he’s doing really well over there, but he doesn’t own it company. He’s just, you know, has our same level of training and he’s just doing sales. And so he was hooking up with the same engineering company that we are.

So here at advanced commercial systems, there’s a few things that we do that stand out and that’s one of them that we were increasing our information. We’re increasing our knowledge, we’re endeavoring to rise above the norm of just, Hey, I’m a Roofer, I do construction and we’ll put a roof on your building. We try to rise far above that. So from that perspective, I’ve been in the world of not understanding roofing years ago, I’ve been in the world of being confused with different types of roofing systems. And then I’m in the world that I do now where I basically have as much knowledge is needed to be able to do really almost anything we can do. And so because of that, because of the two, two facets of the two different separate worlds that we deal with in commercial roofing broken Arrow, I find what am I largest desires is to be able to help other people for them to understand more, for them to be able to perceive.

Um, and I have a clear insight into what commercial roofing is all about because I mean honestly at the end of the day, uh, like I had an uncle, my uncle, yeah, he loved to spend money but he would only spend the money on things that he would really study and he would research them and study them for months and months. If he was going to buy a tractor, he would research it for a long time. He’s going to buy a truck. He would research Chevy, Toyota, Nissan, uh, forward. He would research all the trucks. And it’s been a lot of time before he ever spent the money. And when it was time he would buy the best and he would, he would spend a lot of money. He would buy cameras cause he was in photography. He would do things like that and he wouldn’t mind spending a lot of money, but he always wanted to buy the best.

And so, and because uh, of of that perspective, I understand that the more knowledge you gain, the better off of the better of the product that you’re going to want. And so there are different types of single plies. There are better than others. There are different types of metal roofing that are better than others. There are different types of coatings in ways that we can repair there. There better types in commercial roofing broken Arrow, a better types of repair systems, better types of of just today I was on the phone with the rep of polyglass and they are the number one coating product that we use. And I was on the phone with a rep, his name is, uh, well more sage name, but Mr [inaudible] and I was on the phone with his, with he today we were discussing different systems in which taking care of ponding areas, you know, with his product.

And I was sharing with him, listen, there’s, I mean more, a little more insight. I want to make sure I’m meeting all of the specifications that the material calls for to make sure these ponding areas are taken care of. So, you know, we’re always endeavoring to get more knowledge. We’re always endeavoring to get more insight into what’s going on day by day in the industry because almost every day we’re running into chat, different challenges, different problems there. There’s always something new under the sun in commercial roofing broken arrow. And so here at advanced commercial systems we are going to hands down over and over again, gather knowledge, gather data, data, validate that data and we’re going to apply it to our every day systems, our project management, the accountability, uh, the translucency that we have with our customers, our clients, our capability of having continual education, the capability of continual communication. Those are the things that stands us out above other roofers in commercial roofing Broken Arrow, give us a call if you need anything. Our phone number’s 918-NINE-SEVEN-3100 a one zero one zero. Sorry about that. Uh, once again, (918) 973-1010. Our address online, our website is okay. Roof nerds.com and we would love to hear from you.