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Roof nerds in Tulsa Oklahoma Is here for all of your commercial roofing needs. We offer a free roof inspection in 24 hours! Commercial roofing broken arrow, if you need a roof repair a roof restoration, or a roof replacement. We specialize in all types of commercial roofing repairs. You can call now for emergency repairs and we will get back to you within 24 hours. We are here for you and your Commercial roofing broken arrow. If you’re in search of the best commercial roofing broken Arrow, then you have come to the right place. We specialize in flat roof systems in the Tulsa area, so look for no further. Our team of roof nerds have what it takes to make sure that your next roofing project is is going to be completed for you with smart solutions, systematic plans, product knowledge, and technical expertise.

With years of experience serving commercial customers just like you, you can relax and know that you have experts working for you. Put our genius to work for you! Whether your building is need of a complex roof repair or needs a full roof replacement, we are here for you. We have years of experience backing our staff. And our roof nerds are experts in the field. We offer extensive product knowledge and years of expertise. Here are some other things that we can offer you in the field of commercial roofing broken Arrow: flat roof coatings, leak detection and repairs, full replacements on your flat roofs, re-roofs, roof coatings, modified bitumen, single ply, metal roofs, TPO roofing, built up. Just give us a call and we will inspect your roof in 24 hours! We are available all throughout the north east Oklahoma area. Call us for commercial roofing broken Arrow, Jenks, Owasso, Sand Springs , Sapulpa, Bixby, Catoosa, Coweta, Collinsville, anywhere in the greater Tulsa. Contact us today.

We are your trusted flat roof experts in the Tulsa Oklahoma area for all your commercial roofing needs. Our team are experts in TPO, build up, hot tar, modified bitumen, torch down, and all things flat roofing. You may be wondering what is your next step, give us a call. I know from years of experience that property managers and building owners have many questions concerning their commercial roof. And we are here for you! How long does a roof repair take? what does ponding mean? how do you find a leak? how expensive is this going to be? How do I know if my roof has storm or wind damage? You don’t have to be an expert on roofs, we are here to be that for you with commercial roofing Broken Arrow. Our team of roof nerds want to walk you through your roof repair, restoration, or replacement In the commercial roofing broken arrow area. After reviewing your roof needs, Advanced Commercial Systems can recommend a system that will best suit your needs. No matter if your building is new or old sloped are flat, we have the right roofing system and expertise just for you.

We use only the best materials in the roofing industry and will offer you the most competitive prices to meet your unique situation. Roof needs offer smart solutions for you. Advanced Commercial Systems, commercial roofing broken Arrow, stays on the cutting edge of technology, while being able to offer systems that best fit our customers specific needs. We have trained roofing crews that are experts in this field. We believe this is a key component to our success in this industry. Here at Advanced commercial systems, home of the roof nerds we are commercial roofing contractor that are specifically trained and technically skilled in our profession. Because of that you may hear roof related terms that you’ve never heard before. Some people are not familiar with what a Scupper is. Some people are not familiar with a rake or a flashing.

So we would like to go over a few common definitions to help our clients and customers be more familiar with Commercial Roofing. Roof flashing is normally a metal flashing that is professionally installed buy a roofing crew that terminates an area of a roof covering to stop water entry. Sheet metal is commonly used but also we see and use membrane types of coverings. A substrate is often referring to the insulation or the deck of roof. It is the surface if he top roofing membrane would be installed a bond. A counter flashing is often used around the top waterproofing membrane base flashing. It provides protection from moisture. A roof membrane blister is often seen in modified bitumen Roof Systems. A blister occurs when water somehow leaks om inside the roof system and then begins to evaporate.

The water gets trapped between the different layers of the roofing system and as it evaporates it begins to expand causing a bubble or Blister in the Roof System. This is a very common roof defect. Is often types of sleeves of sheet metal on built-up roofs. They are provided to allow water to drain the Roof System oftentimes through parapet walls here at Commercial Roofing Broken Arrow. A roof a roof coating is a common term that we are here in more and more and it refers to a liquid chemical product that is rolled on or commonly sprayed on a roof surface. It offers UV thermal protection and a great level of waterproofing at commercial roofing Broken Arrow. This system also offers great Aesthetics to cause the roof to be presentable and new. I often refer to this next term, a membrane. A membrane for the most part is the top semi flexible material that is put up on the entire Roof System here at Commercial Roofing Broken Arrow. Hear it Advanced commercial systems we are experts in many types of Roof Systems.

Built up, built up with gravel ballast, modified bitumen SBS and or app, EPDM, coal tar pitch, PVC, TPO, metal roofs, and shingles. Each one of our Roof Systems has a different type of warranty from the manufacturer and a different type of warranty from Advanced commercial systems here at Commercial Roofing Broken Arrow. When are roof nerds come to your building to assess and evaluate your roof, they will determine by using precise measurements the layout of your roof. They will take core samples and draw a full diagram of your roof showing placement and types of penetration, types of traffic high-traffic areas, and drainage and slope systems.

We will also have a few questions for the building owner or the property manager concerning the history of the roof. Here at Advance commercial systems and Commercial Roofing Broken Arrow, safety is a very large part that we incorporate into our daily work routines. From the moment we arrive in your parking lot to the time we leave, we will follow OSHA safety and training procedures to the highest level. Each member of our team will be OSHA certified in training and safety in commercial roofing Broken Arrow and the Greater Tulsa Area. Our roof nerds are continually receiving safety training and hazardous chemical training. with every roof system that we build many hours has gone into the specific project management of how our crew will access your roof and remove the old roof with the highest standards of safety and protection for you and themselves.