Well today we have another podcast with advanced commercial systems home with a roof. Now today on podcast is going to talk about commercial roofing, like we may need, uh, many, many times have over the last two years of, of doing weekly podcast. Uh, doing commercial roofing is a passion of ours and it’s something that we, uh, we consider ourselves experts in. And so our, our, our business and our corporation and our experience has spanned over a large period of time and we have a wide range of customers in the past and those customers are repeating reliable customers that call us back time and time again. Do you know the benefits of your roof? Do you know the aspect of your roof? Um, how your roof benefits you? Number one. Part of it is just basically protecting you from harsh weather elements. Like son, you know, rain, wind, your roof is going to bat for you every day.

And so you should step up in commercial roofing broken Arrow, and really do the best that you can for your roof as well. And I would say that would be advanced commercial systems and our roof nerds and our experience and our vast information and knowledge concerning products. You know, not every roofing product can, can work with other roofing products. Uh, they have to chemically be able to bond. They have to chemically be able to work together. They have to have a system where they can be fastened and work together. And so here at advanced commercial systems, that’s exactly what we do. We find the best products for your repair, for your roofing services. We find the best products that work the best for you. And so here when the advanced commercial systems, we are professionals when it comes to commercial roofing services. And there’s many reasons why you should choose us.

One of which is the vast amount of roofing experience that we have a in the Greater Tulsa area in the northeast Oklahoma here and commercial roofing broken arrow. We have a vast amount of knowledge and then also just experience. And then also just basically our expertise in commercial roofing is second to none. Um, you know, there are times we call on other contractors to help us and give us an insight. There are times, you know, we believe in working together and also that we’re fully equipped all the materials, all of them machines, everything we need, um, is fully made available to us. And then having a great reputation in the northeast Oklahoma, broken Arrow area, the Greater Tulsa area. Just having a good reputation is a big part of being a commercial roofing contractor. And then our 24 seven availability is a large part of reason why I would suggest people would use us.

Our availability is a large part. I mean you go to our website and you at the top of the page you can see nine one eight, nine, seven, three one zero, one zero. You give that number call and you can find out pretty quickly how quickly we will answer the call, how quickly will come out. We will begin to assess your problem, evaluate what’s going on with your roofing system. And then also did I mention that were just completely well equipped to be able to do whatever’s needed. Um, so here are some, some points, some, some good things if you could jot down if you want it to on how to find the best commercial roofing company in your area. And so, um, you know, when it comes to installing roofs, when it comes to setting budgets and helping you achieve your business goals for your commercial roof, we are the guys they’re going to show you right now here in commercial roofing, broken arrow. We’re the ones that are going to show you exactly what needs to be done. So one, uh, that you need to look at is their location of our business. We are located in broken arrow. Um, I live,

uh, in broken Arrow and honestly you live about a half of a mile from Tolson and about two and a half miles from Bixby. I live over in the corner here. Well, three cities kind of come together and so, and that’s just not where our location of our businesses, our shop and warehouse is located in broken arrow. And we have a great location, uh, in the very heart of broken arrow. And probably about three, three and a half miles from Tulsa. Uh, we were just a few, a mile and a half from broken air expressway. So, you know, tolls. There’s not a large business anyway, are not a large city anyway. So when it comes to commercial roofing is pretty easy to get all over town within 25, 30 minutes. And then another aspect that we want you to look at is, uh, really our area of specialty.

And what I mean by that is there are a lot of residential roofers that are doing commercial roofing

and they shouldn’t be for number one, they don’t have much experience in it. They’re just trying to get a job after number two. They’re not commercially endorsed with the state of Oklahoma. You know, the state of Oklahoma, the construction industry board, they require all of us commercial roofers to have testing and go through a chain of procedures, different, different tasks, more than one, um, to really establish ourselves as a commercial roofing expert in the state of Oklahoma. Do we have been endorsed with those, that testing and by the state of Oklahoma we are in fool good standing with his guys. And so our area of specialty really falls into storm damage, falls into repairs replacement and then our wonderful smart roof plan. And then another part is insurance and licensing though that’s always a big part. We are fully insured a worker’s compensation insurance. We have general liability million with a 2 million aggregate. We do excellent work in commercial roofing broken arrow.

Uh, we can increase that if needed or whatever we need to do to be able to work with you specifically. And then, and really once this, once again as I spoke of, uh, the licensings pretty important because we are licensed with the state of Oklahoma as a commercial roofing company and as a roofing company. So, uh, we have a full commercial endorsement and then customer references is something that you want to put your eyes on and you can go to a, if you just go to Google maps or Google listings and you just typed in advanced commercial systems, you would pull us up. And we’re over here off of broken air, off of elm and a hundred and first. And that’s, that’s our main office. So when you look at our location and when you look at, uh, you know, on Google maps, you can just scroll down and see that we have well over 100 reviews on Google and those are almost all five star review.

So we have had a great success, uh, keeping up with our clients, having a good relationship with our clients and our Google reviews have done a great job. I have to let people know that you know, who we are and what we try to accomplish every single day in commercial roofing broken arrow. And so another part is our warranty. We offered the manufacturer’s warranty. That comes many times with the products and materials of roofing. But at the same time, there’s a contractor as a warranty, uh, which is what we offer a contractors, um, you know, limited warranty on what takes place. In other reason why I say limited is if a new storm comes along a 90 mile an hour wind blows your roof corner of your roof or off, that’s not fallen under us. Not Putting it on, well that falls up under the roof, wasn’t rated to be able to handle 90 mile an hour wind.

And, uh, and so, you know, if he’ll comes down and causes damage or a sign is blown over and makes a hole in your roof or a limb or a tree falls, you know, these are all things that are beyond our scope of what we’re responsible for. So for a large part, that’s what that means. Just being, uh, you know, partially, uh, the, the warranty is a limited warranty. It’s not covering every single thing, but what it does come to, um, the, the workmanship, the workmanship and the application of the products or the installation of the products that we use. It does completely apply to that. So if you want to contact us, you can always go to our website. Uh, okay. Roof nerds.com. Uh, Oh, I’m actually clicking on our website right now. Now when I go to, okay. Roof nerds.com here in commercial roofing, broken Arrow, I can see advanced commercial systems and it’s a scroll down.

I can see the roof nerd logo. You know, the, the nerd with a roof in his face and the nerds, I’m below him. But you as you go down below that, you see three buttons once called roof repair, roof restoration and roof maintenance, three different buttons, roof repairs, basically repairing your roof. Um, and most people, I mean most people, probably 99% of the people do not ask for a roof repair or do not call for a roof repair in commercial roofing, broken Arrow, unless they’re having a leak. They don’t, it’s just like they don’t kind of care about their roof. They don’t really, they’re thinking out of sight, out of mind, if it’s not causing me a problem is not that big of a deal. And that’s an absolute new, the furthest from being the truth. You can spin a few hundred dollars a year to have a preventive maintenance plan put together on your roof to keep your roof watertight, which could save you from five to $10,000 down the road of having to Redo decking that’s gotten a rotten or gotten rushed it out because of water that’s seeping in that you never saw come inside the building.

You know, a roof leak isn’t something that comes inside your building. That’s the only partial of it. Um, that you can see a roof leak is something that goes through the roofing membrane and then enters the building envelope of the building. And so the next button is the roof restoration. That’s where we can come in and use coding processes that block and reflect UV live coding processes that give you a high energy efficiency and they also can do a full restoration to your roof and the roof maintenance. Now we’re not talking about roof replacement roof reroofing today, but the third one has roof maintenance. That is our smart roof plan. Our roof maintenance plan is second and on. It’s got a 30 check point list here and commercial roofing broken Arrow that you can check off and see. I’m just really how great a and we can show you that roof plan.

Then we can show you the 30 point check plan of all the different things that we look for and how we can then put together a plan from there that makes your roof smarter. Hey, we appreciate you for joining us again for another podcast today here in commercial roofing, broken arrow. We appreciate you guys every single week coming in with commercial roofing, broken Arrow and joining me in with what we’re doing. And then also just as much listening to, uh, not only just listening to our podcasts, but reading our articles and the things that we’re doing on our website. Check us out at, okay. Roof nerds.com.