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Thanks for coming to our website with advanced commercial systems in commercial, we can grow an error. We are the roof nerds and you can reach us at any time for emergency repairs or just a continual technical evaluation of your golden envelope and roof. Give us a call at nine one eight, nine, seven, three, one zero, one zero, and we would love to serve you. Let’s talk about steel roofing. Steel roof decks are constructed of rolled steel sheets and oftentimes panels. These roof systems have ribs formed oftentimes in each panel, and this provides much renewability and continual strength. These panels can come and be offered to customers in many different gauges and have a continual difference in ridged rib depths depending on what you like. There are flute spacings and offer continual different types of yield strengths Commercial Roofing Broken Arrow

There are tons of general steel deck terms that we would like to discuss with you. There is a narrow rib steel deck. This has a rib width opening that normally is around one inch maximum. There is an intermediate rib steel deck. This rib width opening is oftentimes from one inch to one and three quarter inches wide. Wide Rib steel deck is normally between one and three quarter inches in depth and width to a length of two inches and five eights inches. Deep Rib steel deck is often seen and it is a steel deck panel that contains a rib depth width opening of one and a half inches and can improve trued up to two and three quarter inches, Commercial Roofing Broken Arrow sometimes three inches with that same minimum. If you desire acoustic properties, then these types of steel deck panels can be made available to you and they are provided for that, but make sure that they have their proper insulation and installation.

Because of the flutes, it is generally good to use an experienced steel deck crew and a qualified design professional for their roof deck design. This is critical for the right type of roof assembly and the right long term existing performance of the roof and building envelope. There are two types of retarders that we would like to talk about. An Air retarder or a vapor retarder and air retarder or a vapor retarder can be used as a component to assist the roof membrane assembly to allow air to Pash from inside the roof system to the exterior of the roof system. This causes a balance and air pressure, especially during times of storms. Have you ever been in a building and had or been in a residential home in which there was a front moving in and you could tell that there was a great difference in pressure from the inside of the house to the exterior of the house. That’s a good part of air and vapor retarder systems. These allow there to be a continual pressure between the inside and the outside of the building to allow the commercial building in commercial roofing for commercial roofing broken Arrow to not have exterior extensive damage because of air pressure differences in air. Retarder is oftentimes a material or a type of system that would be introduced to the building during the building construction process and when it is installed, it normally provides and reduces types of air leakage.

A vapor retarder is also a material or a system that impedes the passage of water vapor under certain roof membrane’s in specific conditions to prolong lifespan and create more of a moisture barrier type system. Let’s talk about the different types of vapor retarders. Commercial Roofing Broken Arrow A bit immersed membrane is also a vapor retarder and it does a great job in moisture dispensation plastic sheet or film vapor retarder are often found when it’s time to select your vapor retarder material. Please consult our roof nerds and our roof positions here at advanced commercial systems in commercial roofing broken arrow roof deck types

offered different stages and levels of puncture resistance. Puncture damage to a vendor to a vapor retarder can be repaired without replacing the whole roof. We recently inspected a roof that had extremely large hail damage and that held damage not only punctured some of the roof, upper single ply membrane, but it also punctured some of the lower air vapor retarder that has to be and should be repaired. Commercial Roofing Broken Arrow Immediately. Within this, we would begin to explore the types of building codes. You know, there are tons of building code requirements for reroofing. Now. They are building codes to some extent for minor repairs, but that’s normally oblique and ignored, so doting code requirements for reroofing habits has its limitations when the roof system has to be or can be recovered when a building code has not been met, our roof nerds can come in and devise a system to get the standard backup to what the building code requirement is. Check out the international building code for 2015 and you will see lots of examples of what we’re talking about in commercial roofing. Broken Arrow building codes should always be taken into consideration for reroofing roof recovering and roof replacement.

Take for instance, a lightweight structural concrete. It is a light weight aggregate and is oftentimes used in the structural lightweight concrete which mixes up some types of crushed gravel and small stone. This is used in normal structural substrate. Now you’d be surprised at the number of people that have roof anxiety. We’re not trying to be a psychiatrist and we’re not trying to be a shrink, but I’m telling you there are many people that deal with roof anxiety because of their current roof system. You see a roof can be very costly and because of that, businesses or building owners can have a very hard time working in a large roof replacement in their budget. This is exactly what you need to do. You need to give us a call at advanced commercial systems home with a roof nerds. The reason why we’re roof nerd is because we are a technical skilled roofing professional in the field of commercial roofing.

When you give us a call at nine, one, eight, nine, seven, three, one zero, one zero. We will come out and give you more than one option for taking care of your roof issues. Some people just continually come out some companies and give nothing but large roof replacement, costly repairs or costly roof replacement cost. Recently we went to Wagner, Oklahoma because there was a roof there that was leaking in about 10 different spots all over the roof. We came out and saw one of the big name companies had come out just before and they had given an estimate of $60,000 to replace the entire roof. That’s all in good, but honestly this little store was a cute little bookstore and a cute little thrift shop and there was no way they were going to give $60,000 to completely replace this roof. We assessed that the membrane on the roof, the single ply membrane was actually in fair condition and just needed some repairs.

We did just over $4,000 of repairs and came back out one time in the last year to do one small pair repair under an HVC unit. Upon doing so, we made a video of the repairs and tons of pictures of before and after shots to let our clients know that they are really paying for $4,000 and it’s going to last a long time. The roof repair that we did for them, commercial roofing broken Arrow or clients were extremely happy and gave us a great review and we really have great a great relationship with them. From now on, if there’s anything that they need concerning the roof building envelope, they continually give us a call and we’ll come out and assist them. So we did not completely replaced the roof. So over the next few years, there may be multiple times that they do call us because there’ll be a leak somewhere or another, but it’s much better to pay $15,000 over the next 10 years and that is much easier for a budget like a small business like this than paying $60,000 down one time.

If you think you might have a problem with your roof, it’s not a problem to us. We love roof problems. We think about them day and night. It is our complete passion. You give us a call at nine, one eight, nine, seven, three, one zero, one zero at commercial roofing broken Arrow, and we will come out and assess and evaluate what’s going on with your roof. It will not be a mystery to us. We will have answers normally within one hour of what needs to be done and we can give you repair options and roof replacement options, possibly even roof restoration options that will take care and have your roof completely and give you a completely dry membrane.