Well, once again today we are joined together having a podcast where advanced commercial systems. This is a podcast that we do on a weekly basis and in this podcast we talk about what we love the most commercial roofing, commercial roofing has been a passion of ours here at advanced commercial systems for a long time. Today is our 98 podcasts. So join in with us and if you have any questions or comments or anything you’d have to talk about, please do not hesitate to give us a call and let us know what your, if you have any questions, if you know. And then also please feel free in commercial roof in broken Arrow to go to our, our uh, website we are at. Okay. Roof nerds.com when you go to our website, you can see all the many different things that we do. As you scroll down, you can see we do roof repair, roof restoration, roof maintenance, roof replacement, reroofing.

We do all types of commercial roofing, whether it’s steep slope, low slope, mod bit built up, single ply, modbus, um, you know, sps modified steep slope roof coatings. We do tons and tons of repairs. We are the repair guys and the Greater Tulsa area and also in commercial roofing, broken arrow. So the one thing about advanced commercial systems is we, we are the home of the roof nerds. Now what is a roof nerd? Well, if you go to the Webster’s dictionary and you look up the word nerd, you would see that it means a person is technically skilled in a specific technical trade. And so a highly skilled person in commercial roofing is the guys that we have. And also including myself here in commercial roofing, broken Arrow, we are called the roof nerd. So there is a science behind what we do. And that’s why we like to say that we’re the roof narratives because you know, talking with someone one time they were like, wow, commercial roofing must really be complex.

And I said, well, you know, it’s not hard. It is complex because there’s a science behind what we do. There’s, we don’t just install a roof. We install a complex roofing systems. So behind that science, the technical expertise that we need to use and, and replacing, restoring, maintaining your commercial and industrial roofing systems. Uh, it’s, it’s second to none. So, and also just to keep, keep you informed of what we really do. If you ever need a roof inspection, uh, give us a call. We give a 24 hour roof inspection and when we do that, we come out and offer video. We offer a footage of the, the original walkthrough of the, you know, commercial roof. So you might have a governor plastic up there, you might have a thermostat, you might have different types of roofs and we’ll, we will actually bring you up if you want to uphold the roof with us.

Now we don’t always advise that because we were not insured to take you around with his own roofs. But, uh, if you would like to get up on the roof, you’re more than welcome to get up on your own roof. That’s really none of our business, but you can get on up on up on the roof with us and we can show you specifically what we’re seeing, what type of roof you have, what type of system, how much insulation. If we do a course apple, we can do all those things for you. So you could have a retail outlet, you could have a school industrial plant. I actually just got a call from, I know La public schools and so you could have a school, um, industrial plant, a church shopping center, office buildings. You can have a restaurant, sports complex, manufacturing facility, medical facility.

Doesn’t matter what kind of building you have a, we are professionals in steep slope and low slope roofing. So we highly recommend you give us a call and we would love to take care of you. And so does cricon our button there are on our website that says schedule. Now you will be taken directly to a schedule now a place where you can put in your information. Now that’s a good way to do it. But there’s also another way to do it. At the top of our website, you can see that we have our phone number up there. It is (918) 973-1010. You can go on there and just give us a call. Just like the f I’m received multiple like three calls is yes. Yesterday we’re staying really busy around here with advanced commercial systems home with a roof nerds here and commercial roofing broken out because we say, you know, it’s not rocket science, it’s roof science.

There’s a science behind what we do. There’s not just a roof, there’s a roofing system. So the systems that we build, they’re second to none. So we have clients all over the spectrum that we have clients like Bank of America, Maggio’s, Oklahoma state, um, farmer’s insurance, two e’s, Walgreens, BSN sport. Did I say Matteo’s pizza? We’ve worked with, I hop, we’ve worked with so many different types of buildings and so many different types of corporations. We have great experience and now also even just more public school systems as well. So it’s been a great pleasure to bring these podcasts to you for this long today’s or 98 podcasts. So today we want to talk real quick about one question we just recently got in. Let me pull that question up here. I’m clicking on the question section and we’re pulling up. Okay. Um, someone said if I have hail damage because you know a lot of people that’s in their mind, but we are in tornado alley here.

So, uh, if I have hail damage on my roof, what’s the first thing? What, what’s the process? What, what should I start with and what should I do? First thing you do is you give us a call. We bring our roof nerds out. We are specifically designed and specifically educated and trained with an engineering company for hail damage. We can see how damaged we can spot it when other guys can’t. We have specifically or working with an engineering company that’s been doing this for 20 to 25 years who have studied nothing but wind and hail damage on commercial buildings. And so the roof part of the commercial buildings is a very large part of what they study. And so in that we have training and certification were actually certified with an engineering company to find and, and, and um, and you know, be able to label hell damage and define it of exactly what it is.

Does it have an actual damage to the building? And so that’s what we’ve been trained in doing. So we’ll bring a roof nerds out probably within 15 to 30 minutes upon the roof inspecting and checking out what’s going on. We look for collateral damage in soft metals. You know, we look for all the different aspects of where the hell could have hit. We look for the side of the buildings. We look at the coping cat, we look at the top of a roof caps, you know, roof pipe caps. We look at all the h vac units. We look at, um, basically, uh, I’ll all of any discoloration where the hell may have hit the roof or, or mechanical units up on the roof. That too, to be really begin to identify the size of the hail. That’s a very large part. If we can get, you know, three quarter of an inch up to an inch and a quarter or two inch hail, we’re getting some good size hail that’s really making a really big damage.

So within that, first thing we do is we come out and we advise you after looking at the hail damage in commercial roofing broken Arrow, we really sit down and advise you what your chances are with an insurance company. What we found, you know, I try to give you a percentage, like you’ve got about an 80% chance here of the engineer’s company saying thumbs up or I’ll give you 100% you know, chance here. Insurance Company’s going to say thumbs up. Congratulations. You just got yourself a new roof. Now before you even began all this process, one of the first things you want to do is you really want to go look at what your deductible is. You are responsible for covering your deductible. I know there’s some commercial buildings that have a $50,000 deductible and then you know, they might have a $350,000 roof. And a $50,000 deductible.

Well that means the insurance will pay 300,000 and up. The building owner would pay 50,000 well, if you’re only paying $50,000 for $350,000 roof, you’ve got a pretty good, you got a pretty good deal. It’s something you should definitely consider going with. But at the same time, which you don’t want to do is you don’t want to get stuck in that and you don’t have $50,000. So make sure that you can cover the deductible, make sure the deductible is in place, because in the next two months, if we begin a process like that in the next two months or the next, actually the next 30 days you could have a new roof sitting on your roof and then you’re owed and you, you, you need to pay that money. So that would be one of my first steps is, is look at your insurance policy of your building, see what your deductible is and see if that’s something that you can handle in the next 60 days.

And so from there we come out, we find the hail damage if there is any, if not, we are honest with you. We don’t just try to file claims when there doesn’t need to be a claim. You know, I see a lot of, uh, a lot of insurance companies give free roofs away. I call him free roofs because basically there’s no wind or how damage on them, but they’ll give free roofs away just to some clients I think just sometimes they just have a quota to meet. It’s really is, it’s just great mystery of how they operate. But they, but I don’t see that much in commercial roofs cause co commercial roofs, they’re expensive man. I mean, you know, it’s one thing to give $12,000 to a homeowner. Like did my next door neighbor, I just did their roof. The roof was about 11 or $12,000 insurance paid.

Well now there’s a building that we just did with, it’s that insurance company pays 56,000 and now we can legitimately found hail on that building. And they basically paid, you know, all of it. But the $500 deductible and so when it comes to in the play like that, insurance companies, they don’t want to fork up 5,000 300 you know, they don’t want to fork up that much money just on a whim. They really legitimately, you want to make sure that there is wind or hail damage and you know from a specific storm in commercial roofing broken arrow. So with that being the case, we come out, we help you, we help you. I actually call the insurance company while I’m in your office with you. I call the insurance company. You can hear the process that we go through. They not want to speak with you on the phone, just to confirm that you’re there, that you just don’t have some crazy person filing a claim for you.

And then I’ll you hand the phone back to me. I finish up the claim process. It just takes really normally no more from five to 10 minutes. And then within, normally within five days, the adjuster comes out, I schedule my appointment to meet with the adjuster and we look at the roof together and I help him see the uh, the storm damage that I found. And at that time they cut you a check. Sometimes they mail you a check within a week, week and a half. Sometimes it cuts you a check right there out of there, out of their car if they’re set up that way. So here in commercial roofing, broken Arrow, uh, it’s a, it’s, I really enjoy going through the process with the insurance companies. Most insurance companies are pretty good. They are, they’re really great to work with and I enjoy the time with them.

So here in commercial roofing, broken era, if you need anything for commercial roofing, please give us a call here at advanced commercial systems, we are the home of the roof narrative. We love to do a commercial roofing, whether it be replacement restoration repairs, our maintenance plan that we call the smart route plan. If you would love to do that, if you’d love to have that presented to you where you can see how that biannual, that free mass say it’s a no brainer, it is a free no brainer, uh, twice a year inspection that we just keep our eyes on your roof to make sure everything’s running smooth. Well, I mean, think about twice a year someone showing up who is the best in the industry, uh, inspecting your roof. Merely they’ll let you know if there’s no problems. So, Hey, here at advanced commercial systems, we’d love to hear from you. Give us a call anytime in commercial roofing broken arrow. We appreciate you today. Have a good day. It’s not rocket science, it’s roof science and stay dry.