Welcome to advanced commercial systems home with a roof and arch. We’re having a wonderful podcast today that we’re going to pick up right where we left off last week. Our podcast today is covering roof asset management and we have since the beginning of our company devised what we call a roof asset management or as we call many times the more common terminology in commercial roofing broken Arrow with commercial roofing contractors and property managers and commercial roofing companies. Uh, here in group, the Greater Tulsa area. Uh, the more, more popular common terminology for this would be that of a roof maintenance plan. And so Ruth asset management roof maintenance, we have made a roof maintenance plan that has been beefed up to be more like that of a roof asset management plan where we’re given a full roof evaluation, were given pictures, were given a video. We’re not just doing the maintenance because see, most most preventative and most maintenance plans for, for roofing, uh, commercial roofs are all about the contractor.

You know, they’re all about the contractor. I’d say 90% 95% of the plan that they have other roofing contractors is about the contractor and what the contractor can do. And as the contractor needs to do things they’re staying on top of and they’re the ones that knows what’s going on. That’s not what we do here at advanced commercial systems are smart roof plan we’ve set from the beginning. You can go back and listen to our first podcast years ago. Our smart roof plan has always been about increasing the Iq of our clients. So if you own a commercial roof, it’s our job to come in and increase your Iq because the deal is you don’t understand commercial roofing the way do we do what you’ve not done, the things we’ve done, there’s a really good chance you have it and it’s because you haven’t, you need education because it’s our job to help you make the best decision, the wisest decision possible in commercial roofing broken arrow.

And so the best way to do that, uh, which is much better than what most roofing contractors do and, and commercial roofing contractors and commercial roofing companies, one of the best ways to do that is to, for us to educate you on what your roof is like. Now we’re not going to come and educate you own 20 to 26 different kinds of roofs and what they should look like and their problems because you have normally one roof. Now you might have 15 who would, I have a contractor that, I mean I have a property management company that does have 15 you might have 15 to, we have to take care of, but, but basically what we’re dealing with is you need to get wisdom and insight on your roof and so we’re going to educate you on what kinds of youth. I remember, what was it, maybe a year and a half ago, I called one of my property managers and it was two of them.

It was, and Steve, I called Jeff and Steve and I said, hey, listen, are you guys capable of meeting me at a roof today? They had, I had and I had never brought to them request a request like that before in commercial roofing, broken arrow. And they said, why, what do you think is what’s going on? And I said, well, you know the TPO roof, the single ply you have overall for 51st and Mingo, uh, in Tulsa. I said, there’s some specific things about this roof and um, and, and you’re going to want me to fix this roof and I’m going to bring to you a 2000, $100 estimate, but I don’t want to just bring you a number and you think I’m just really high and I’m just really way out of park here. I want you to, if you could, I’m going to put a zero real sturdy ladder up.

I’m going to take you up there, I’m going to show you with, and I’m going to take a TPO probe, I’m going to probe it, I’m going to show you what’s going on with this roof. And so that’s exactly what we did. We jumped up and we ran up there and they climb the ladder. Pretty brave. And it was a two story. Well, one and a half story. They climbed the ladder and got up on the roof and uh, I showed them about 80 lineal feet of TPO membrane that was just completely open. They did not been welded correctly. Whoever installed the membrane did a really, really poor job. They did not have their welder. They had someone welding it probably by hand or whatever they did. They did not have the welder hot enough. And so they immediately began to weld or not being set right.

They didn’t probate, they didn’t check it when they were done. And it really just created a, a leaking everywhere. So these guys have this building, um, this portion of the building, they had a business down there and it was just pouring water everywhere inside the building. And so it took us a little bit of time to get it all worked out, but we came down all the kinks cause it was just, it was more, every time we, we looked, it was more spots and more spontaneity they worked on. We’ve got it all fixed and we’ve had no more problems with it. Um, but see what I did there was I wanted to increase their Iq, not just to bring them some inflated number cause it wasn’t an inflated number, $2,100 two to do this work we did up there was actually a pretty good deal because of the technical skill and what we were doing.

We were coming in and fixing really, really badly done mistakes of other people. It wasn’t like we were installing new and doing something new. We were having to come in and clean all of their bad and really scrub it down good where the TPO could well to itself. So there was a lot that we did there and that commercial roof, um, that justified a good price and, but also the biggest justification was I really wanted these guys to be able to see the roof. So from that all, now I know when I talked with these two gentlemen with this property management company, because I still, I just did a job yesterday for one of them. Um, and I’d give a job last week for the other ones. So when I talk with these guys, I know now that when I mentioned the seams of Tpo, they can go back.

I mean, they’re smart guys. They can go back in their memory, they can remember it was this make, this might’ve been four years ago, this maybe four to four and a half years ago that, that I climbed up there and I showed them what was going on. So that’s what we want to do with our smart roof plan. But now we’re not going to require you, I wasn’t doing video at the time, but now we’re going, not going to require you to climb up on the roof. We’re going to bring it to you. We’re going to bring to you, uh, these sames we’re going to bring to you video and pictures of all the things going on. And so I could’ve brought video and pictures of, of 80 to 90 lineal feet and they would have been able to understand just as well, I’m not 100% as well, but still had a really good idea and never had to leave their desk.

They sh and arrives. It arrives at their desk on a computer and a file that belongs to them that they can sit on to the building owner or send on to the broker that they work with or the whatever they want to do. So here with advanced commercial systems, home with a roof nerds, we really are blessed to have the highest level of technology like firmo, cam cameras, thermal imaging, uh, you know, great video capabilities of walkthrough videos of the great capability of turning photos into slideshows that we can set those up for our class to be able to see in commercial roofing, broken arrow. Okay. Once again, we’re picking back up with core sampling today. Core sampling is basically what exactly what it sounds like. We have a small device. It’s, it’s circular, um, and it basically cuts a plug, a big thick of about an inch and a half wide core, a inch and a quarter inch and a half wide core.

And what you do is you, you put it on the roof and you spin it, you use the weight of your body and you spin it and it just digs in to the roof, goes all the way to the roof decking. And this actually cuts a core and then you pull this out. So when you do the actual roof pieces are steel, they’re stuck inside. This course happens. So the core sampling you, you tap on the top of the hammer, it spits the core out, and then you can piece that together holding in your hand and you can see exactly what you have. You can literally see that you have, you know, you have a TPO membrane on top, then you’ve got, you know, three and a half inches of ice. So below that you’ve got a fiberboard below that and you, you know, you’ve got, might have a radiant, but you know, might have a moisture barrier between those two.

And then you’ve got a metal deck and you can see what’s literally in the roof. And so the good aspect of that is it, it, it, it helps us, uh, know what’s there. Um, no, what needs to be done and what can be done. Can we do a full roof replacement? Is Code being met? Oh, can we do a roof recover and you know, just a layover. Can we take off the top layer? Is that cable? We’ll take off the top layer and then do in commercial roofing, broken Arrow, just do a layover over the original first layer that was there. All the condition we can even see sometimes the condition and the type of decking we can from the top. Um, on rare occasion you can’t see the decking from the bottom side. That’s not, you know, if you had, you know, you want to see sometimes which way the, the grooves are running.

So water flow, um, there’s so many things to learn from it, especially our value. The core sampling is great for us to learn the r value of the roof. The r value is, uh, how much thermal, uh, how much heat is challenged to go through that installation. You know, just basically what insulation does is it slows down the heating and cooling from going from one side of the installation to the other side of the installation so that our value determines on how fast heating and cooling can go through. And so that’s a very important factor for the energy efficiency of your commercial building in commercial roofing. Broken Arrow. What today’s of, we just finished up another podcast we’re going to pick up again on this same aspect next week we’re going to pick back up here and do another podcast for your next week. That podcast is going to be picking up here steel again with roof asset management, our plan called the smart roof plan here in commercial roofing, broken Arrow with advanced commercial systems home with a roof. Nerds, we appreciate you joining in another day with us today. I hope you enjoy your week. I hope God blesses you and you smile and you’re just full of joy and life is good for you the way it’s been good for us. We appreciate you guys. And once again, never forget, it’s not rocket science. It’s roof science and stay dry.