Welcome again to another podcast with advanced commercial systems. This is Marty, the owner and founder of advanced commercial systems and we are really happy and we are really excited to have another podcast for you today. Every week for many, many, many weeks now. We’ve been doing podcast concerning commercial roofing. So, uh, here in the Tulsa area, the greater broken era area here in commercial roofing broken Arrow week after week. We had brought a lot of information, a lot of details, and a lot of different aspects of the roofing industry to our clients and also to potential clients. And, uh, so, so really we do this for a lot of different things. One is for the satisfaction of clients and that we can bring to them proven solutions, a suppressive and solutions that satisfy our clients. And then also helping educate the community and our clients and being able to bring the education of useful resources in commercial roofing broken Arrow, uh, and then also just bringing value to our customers.

Um, we bring the value of commercial roofing, Tura customers, but we do that with tons of integrity and honesty. So we have the highest level of accountability. Now this is basically, you know, like accountability, like a man would have, if he had a problem in live, he’d have a friend or you know, someone who can be accountable with, well that’s the same way we are with our business and with a commercial roofing that we perform. We like to have accountability with our clients so that they know that we’re doing exactly what we say we’re doing. And then also, uh, we strive on a continual basis to bring the, provide the best safety solutions, uh, the best quality and the best productivity to the local community, the roofing community, and then also our clients. And, uh, I’ll tell Ya, you know, even even our suppliers, you can call all of our suppliers here in town, ABC, southern shingles, Travis roofing, you can call them and ask them what kind of, uh, you know, what kind of position we stand in paying off debt.

Uh, just, uh, we just paid off 30,000 debt. That was only 28 days old, you know, with one of the suppliers. So, so we stay on top of our parent or bills that keeps those guys from coming in and trying to put a lien on your home. So we really do bring a high level of, um, you know, quality and productivity to every, every aspect of our community, commercial, roofing industry. And then also we go above and beyond expectations. Now the expectations of our clients, sometimes they’re low, sometimes they don’t know, and sometimes they’re very high. Well, we don’t care necessarily about the low standards. We want to stay in the high standards of, of expectations. So with that we stay at a very high level of quality of work with that productivity in the safety and the quality that we’ve been talking about. Um, so when you hire advanced commercial systems, when you hire us, you’re not just hiring a bunch of guys, uh, a group of employees.

You’re hiring a team of commercial roofing roof nerds that are educated, that are safety minded and that I’ve put our customers number one in everything that we do. And so, um, we are very, very selective in choosing our roof nerves that work with us. We like for them to be of the highest level of character and morals. And we test them in that. And then also we are a drug free work environment. We do drug tests and if anyone has any issues with drugs or alcohol, uh, we immediately dismiss them. And then also on the same side, you know, if that’s what they were doing, alcohol on the job or during work hours. And then also on the other side of the just creating a safe work environment and working environment that enables our policies that the policies themselves or ensure that our employees are kept to the greatest level or the highest standards possible and sin.

And then also just the continued education of our employees teaching our employees, um, new, different types of technology, new types of roofing products. There’s always new products that are coming out. We stay on top of that above the rest because we’re continually doing, which causes us in commercial roofing broken Arrow to always be able to, uh, you know, stay on top of the latest products and trends. Uh, this was asked the other day by one of the top property managers in down, what do you, what’s the trending, what’s the newest thing going on right now? And so, you know, always staying on top of this, a very large part of what we do. And so, and then also our employees, we treat them with the highest level, our roof nerds with the highest level of respect. We don’t just treat them like crap and we don’t just, you know, just try to get hard work out of them and not pay them well.

They’re well paid, which we treat them with respect, we give them bonuses, we give them gifts, we do things to keep them in a very happy work environment. And we show him tons of respect and, and we believe really that’s a large part of the backbone of the successfulness that we’ve had as a company as well. And so when it comes to commercial and induce duster roofs, you know, we’ve got years and years of experience, um, being one of the leading commercial roofing companies and the commercial roofing repair companies, uh, in the Greater Tulsa area. And commercial roofing broken arrow. And we’ve done that year after a year, uh, we have Holly trained contractors, uh, commercial roofing contractors and these guys are always available at our call when we need them. They step up and do what they should for us producing really a high level commercial commercial roofing service.

And so, um, the routine commercial roofing maintenance that we offer is called the smart roof plan. The smart roof plan has two, two main goals. One is to educate you and increase your commercial roofing Iq. And the other is to make your roof watertight with a biannual inspection and repairs or things that need to be done to really prolonged the life of your roof. So those are the two main things we want to prolong the life of your roof while we’re keeping you, keeping you dry. And then we want to increase your commercial. So, you know, there’s a lot of industries, uh, today that have different types of buildings that have different types of, um, you know, roofs and full buildings that need to be taken care of, whether they’re retail, their corporate parking garages. We were just with a parking garage, just recently. A mixed use buildings, strip malls, entertainment types of buildings.

Lack of, I’m the star world theater here in town. We’ve worked with those guys. Industrial Manufacturing, government buildings, municipal buildings, schools. We just worked with I nola school and were, were doing some repairs and working with those guys very soon. And then also hospitals, we work with Osu medical. Uh, we just did some work for them just about six months ago. So we’re always striving to find the industrial, um, you know, providing industrial roofing service for these guys and the professional, uh, commercial roofing services that, that they require. Because many times when you get into the larger buildings like that, the larger corporations, they have tons more of insurance they require, which we always meet with they need. So as far as having general liability and worker’s comp, we have all that in place and there’s just so much it’s going on that we love to be able to share with those guys of how we can help them, the highest level of successfulness as possible.

Um, we have held the title as the best commercial roofing company around for a long time. And I’ll tell you that’s been tailored, uh, because of the personalization that customer care that we give it really makes a difference between us and much of the competition in commercial roofing, broken arrow. We have the experience, the knowledge and the resources that a lot of people don’t have. And, and really our staff is just, once again, going back to her roof nerve, it’s a really large part of what we’re about in commercial roofing, broken Arrow, our roof nerves are second to none. And we, we really shoved them, we just push them and shove them for continue education every week. We have education times where they just sit down and learn more and more. And then also not just on the sales side, but just really the communication side, learning our systems and learning our processes is a very large step of why we’re success.

And so if you would like to have a deeper understanding of what we’re about here at advanced commercial systems, you know, you can go to our website. It is okay. Roof nerds.com it is a website that’s designed specifically for you at the very top. You see our slogan, it’s not rocket science, it’s roof science. That was a slogan. That was something that came to me years ago while I was talking with another roofer and they were saying, wow, how challenging, how hard commercial roofing is. I said, well, it is hard. It is complex, but you know it’s not rocket science, the true science and since since then Tom, that’s just been kind of our motto and our slogan that we say, if you would like to schedule a free roof evaluation here in commercial roofing, broken Arrow, we would love for you to give us a call.

Now that is, you can call it an estimate. You can call it an inspection. We love to call it a roof evaluation because you might not any work done. You might not need numbers for something. You might just want to know. I don’t know what type of roof I have. I don’t know what I have. Can you help me just with some pictures and some video and drawn a diagram? We come out for free. Now this is a no brainer that we do literally for free. We come out with an initial walkthrough video pictures. We come out with problematic pictures. If there’s anything that needs to be worked on or any suggestions that we have to create a number one, a watertight membrane again for you, and then also to prolong the life of your roof. Once again, this is Marty with advanced commercial systems. We appreciate you coming out. We appreciate you joining in with our podcast today. It’s not rocket science. It’s roof science and stay dry.