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So let’s talk this morning about roof restoration versus roof replacement for your flat roof in commercial roofing broken arrow. So with advanced commercial systems, we offer many different solutions for your commercial roof. And if your roof is a flat roof, then we have different options. We have full replacement, we have restoration or just to repair. So if you call us for a free roof inspection will be out in 24 hours. You can call us at nine, one eight, nine, seven, three, one zero, one zero, or go to okay. Roof nurse Dot com and you can schedule your free roof, evaluate evaluation and estimate and we will have one of our roof nerds come out and check out your roof. For you. It’s difficult for a business owner to decide exactly which type of roof repair they will need because it takes an expert in the field to really look at the different layers you have on your roof, that type of coatings, that type of repairs you may have had over the years.

And so that’s why you probably need to call one of our experts to come out and help you decide which option is best for you. Um, so what is the difference between a roof restoration versus like a full replacement for your flat roof? Well, a restoration, um, is, uh, some is an option that you should consider because it can extend the life of your roof by using a roof coating and a restoration to just renew your current roof. And it’s a less expensive option and it’s a great option that can work for many commercial roofs. So our full restoration can extend the life of your roof and it will save you on cost and will increase the effectiveness of your roof and give you a nice watertight seal that will maintain its good condition through the Oklahoma’s extreme weather conditions. You know, we live in Oklahoma and throughout bixby, Tulsa Awaso, whether in Sapulpa, broken arrow or any of the surrounding Greater Tulsa area.

Then you deal with the extreme weather conditions in Oklahoma. So your commercial roofing broken Arrow needs us to come and give you a free roof inspection in 24 hours so that we can make sure that you maintain a watertight seal during the weather conditions that we have. We have extreme heat, we have extreme cold and in between those times we have lots and lots of rain and often storms and hail. So we want to restore your roof to a like new condition and in some cases even better than new because we will make sure that it’s done properly if it wasn’t done correctly in the first place. So we have many years experience in this and our team is ready to come out and put our experts to work for you. And they are geniuses in the systems of the flat roof. But they also work with built up roofing, single ply roofing, metal roofing, modified often roofing, steep slope roofing and roof coatings.

So give us a call at nine, one, eight, nine, seven, three, one zero, zero. And contact us today for your commercial roofing broken arrow, and put our genius to work for you. So once week extend the life of your roof and we save you on that cost. We also offer warranties for your building. We work on medical facilities, office buildings, schools, industrial plants, churches, retail outlets, manufacturing facilities, sports complexes, and shopping centers. So if you have any of these or any other type of business that might have a leak, think give us a call. You don’t want to leak for your commercial roofing broken Arrow two. So with significantly less time and cost to you, we can restore your roof to better than new condition. And why can we do that? Well, you save on your costs of labor and the initial installation and you will also save on energy bills for years to come when we maintain your commercial roofing broken Arrow, and while we’re at there, we also offer a smart roof plan which will involve us coming out and inspecting your roof throughout the year and making sure that it maintains a proper seal and debris removal.

And if it needs any repairs, we’ll just double check and make sure that it’s maintaining a watertight seal for you. We will do condition assessment and our roof nerds will just keep their eyes on your roof so that you will never have an [inaudible] moment. When hail comes or a giant rain comes, you know that water sitting on top of a flat roof is like a giant pool. It’s like a swimming pool on your roof. If it’s not ha, if it does not have proper draining, so so you need our roof nerds to come out and keep an eye on your commercial roofing broken Arrow because they offer smart solutions and systematic plans and product knowledge and also technical expertise that we’re known for at advanced commercial systems and they will keep an eye on your roof and maintain it before a leak occurs because you the best time to prevent costly repairs on your roof is before a giant rain comes and sits on there and it’s maybe not draining properly.

So our commercial roofing broken Arrow experts can come and make sure that you’ve got no debris blocking your drainage and that it will just function properly so that your business never has any problems and they are there to work easily with you and communicate with you through the whole process so that you always know that you’re in good hands as long as you have our experts. Because with advanced commercial systems, it’s not rocket science, it’s roof science. So give us a call for your free roof inspection in 24 hours at nine, one, eight, nine, seven, three, one zero, one zero. Contact us for your commercial roofing broken arrow. So in order to maintain your, your reus effectiveness and functionality, we want to send out a roof nerd to do a roof evaluation. And we can do that in 24 hours. So it’s so important that your roof does maintain its functionality.

The last thing you want is for your roof to become damaged and have a leak which will affect your business. So we’re here to offer a maintenance plan, like the smart roof plan, or just come out and give you a roof inspection anytime to make sure that we prevent any problems from developing in the future that could turn into more costly repairs. You know our Tulsa roofing company here in Tulsa, Oklahoma, and the Greater Tulsa area, the Tulsa roof nerds. We’re here to evaluate any potential problems and offer you smart solutions. Whether you need a roof repair or roof restoration or roof maintenance. Your commercial roofing broken Arrow is in great hands with advanced commercial systems, roof nerds. Some of the things we look for when we go up is maybe it was originally designed improperly and so therefore water will pool in a certain area and that can cause significant damage.

And another thing it might just be old age calls causing a leaky roof and it will wear down and create holes and in the seams. And it’s important that our roof nerds be able to come and see if any of those need to be repaired. And sometimes, unfortunately in Oklahoma, there can be shoddy workmanship because repairs may have been done and cause it will cause problems because it was not done well or done correctly. And finally in Oklahoma it can often be from storm damage or extreme rain, extreme heat or extreme cold and that can cause a problem. And we want to come and fix a problem and protect you from a repeat problem or leak in the future. So call us for your commercial roofing broken Arrow at advanced commercial systems, home of the roof, nerds nine one eight, nine, seven, three, one zero, one zero. And we will come out and give you a free roof inspection and make sure that whether you need a roof repair, roof restoration, or roof maintenance, that we will keep your roof tight. And remember that with advanced commercial systems, it’s not rocket science, it’s roof science.