Welcome to another podcast with advanced commercial systems. I’m the owner and founder of advanced commercial systems, Marty Grisham. Today. Uh, we would like to cover like we always do for many podcasts that we’ve done now, uh, here in commercial roofing broken Arrow, we would like to cover many of the different aspects of commercial roofing, uh, and how it applies to you. And now in the last, uh, probably for about the last eight to 10 podcasts, we have been jumping around between residential roofing and commercial roofing. Some of the differences, some of the challenges, some of the different types of membranes, some of the different types of systems you see when it comes to residential roofing, you can use, uh, any of the commercial roofing practices that we do. Um, but you know, just like the other day I was having a class on TPO with a specific supplier, a specific manufacturer that makes one of the TPO products.

And they began to share with us, uh, as I already knew in residential roofing, like some of the single applies, they will not give a warranty for residential roofing. They specifically give a warranty just for commercial roofing. Now there’s a lot of different reasons we can speculate, but the truth of the matter is with residential roofing you can have much more problems and issues when you have a leak then you do in commercial buildings. And so when it comes down to here in advanced commercial systems, home with a roof nerds here with commercial roofing, broken air and with commercial roofing Tulsa or you might go online and just Google something like commercial roofer near me or commercial roofer in broken arrow. You know, if you do that then you might pull up different types of contractors like a commercial roofing contractor, our commercial roofing company.

When you do things like that, uh, you can specifically find advanced commercial systems. Home of the roof nerds. We are the roof nerds that were specifically trained in technically skilled to be professionals in the industry of commercial roofing. Today we want to talk about different aspects of once again, like we have been for some time, uh, of the differences between residential and commercial roofing in the state of Oklahoma. Now, if you want to look at different states, you’ll need to go and look at specifically what those states are asking, uh, of their contractors. Um, but to be licensed as a contractor in the state of Oklahoma as the licensed roofing contractor to do commercial roofing, you have to have more than you do. You have to have more insurance, you have to have double the insurance. And also here in commercial roofing broken Arrow, just like Wagner Claremore Cook, Coweta, Katusa sand springs, sky took you name the area, Tulsa Bixby Jenks.

So Wasa, uh, Wagner, Paul Huska, I Nola, you name the area, it’s all the same because the construction industry board basically sets the standards through the governor of the state, under his heading for the entire state. So you don’t just have a county or just the city. As far as some specific things of the requirements with commercial roofing, now I have seen it. Sometimes you do, sometimes you do need a pool permits in a certain city or in a certain county. I know some of the smaller cities, you need to actually pull permits. We’re doing roofing, but here in Tulsa and broken Arrow with commercial roofing, broken air and some areas around here, you really don’t need to pull permits. We’ve never seen that they’re being need to. I’ve actually called a the building code commission here in Tulsa and broken Arrow and jinx and asked specifically about doing that.

Now I had to go pull a permit for doing a demo on a building in a while back. I had a, and we just did a remodel about a year ago in jinx for a full building remodel for a great clips, uh, for you know, a haircutting salon. And we had a pool. Um, we had a pool, some permits for the electrical and plumbing that we did in that building. And so some things you need to be able to be, be able to pull permits for d to match up with code and match up with the city requirements. But overall for the state of Oklahoma, the major requirement for commercial roofing here, here, and is this right here, you need 1 million insurance. You need your insurance to actually cover roofing. So you could have insurance, but you actually, in your subtitle and your subheading, you need a description of saying that a commercial roofing is involved or roofing is involved.

And then also you need worker’s compensation insurance here in the state for to you to be able to have your commercial endorsement. And then also you go to take some testing. There’s this very challenging, very hard tests that you take. And within that test they asked him a lot about business law, business setting up a lot of the workers compensation questions, a lot of managing your business, the financial side of the business, estimating jobs, making sure the numbers are correctly. There’s quite a few questions concerning bonding within the state, different types of bonds. There are probably 25 to 30 different types of bonds, a contract bonds, a pricing bonds, uh, work to be accomplished by a certain time. Bonds. There are so many different types of bonding practices, um, that a roofer can have. We do not see much bonding a separate, when we get over into public bids, more of a standard billing procedure where we’re going with for government and school systems like that.

And then as we get over into taking the test for the commercial license and you need to also have a, you’re a test over the the co the roofing side where they get into everything from SPF roofs too granule sizes for, for a modified bitumen roof, you know, a, a number to SBS, all the different types of questions they have or pertaining specifically the roofing, uh, with the roofing test. So we are endorsed here in the state of Oklahoma as far as advanced commercial systems is concerned here with commercial roofing, broken arrow. We love to let everybody know that we have done everything required and are fully valid and recognized by the state of Oklahoma. And so there are other differences. So someone asked me a while back, what’s the top three things, which a few podcasts ago we covered that. And we talked about what the top three things are that we suggest someone looks for in a commercial roofer.

And as I shared a while back, my number one would be that of experience. Experience is key to being able to bring you multiple estimates, multiple systems, because the, at the end of the day, our objective, every roofers objective is not to just give you an estimate, it is to sell your roof that meets and matches budget, but also is a good longterm system that’s going to do its job, which is basically creating an a watertight membrane for a commercial building. So here with advanced commercial systems home with a roof, nerds were specifically trained for doing that. Estimating roofing is a very large part of what we do and that is derived from our great experience in the commercial roofing industry here in commercial roofing, broken arrow. And so number one would be that of having tons of experience. Number two would be, as I’ve shared before, I’m making sure that the Roofer is endorsed and set up with the uh, with a valid commercial endorsement with the state of Oklahoma.

That’s going to make sure they have the million insurance of general liability that’s going to make sure they have workers compensation insurance. That’s going to make sure that they’d done the testing and that they’re in good standing with the state for not just roofing but also commercial roofing. It is an actual a crime in the state of Oklahoma to do commercial roofing, um, is, uh, according to the construction industry board. So you want to make sure that’s taken care of. Now the third thing that we’ve covered to there were covering the three top things today. Once again, just doing a review of the three, three thought things we would suggest someone look into for commercial roofing to make sure a roofer. And I think the third one that I covered a few weeks ago is making sure they have amazing references. You know, if you were to hire a nanny for your children, do you think you would just talk to the nanny for 30 minutes and have them share what they’ve done in the past and higher that nanny?

I mean, seriously, wouldn’t you want to have references? Well, as important as your children are to you, your roof can be almost as important when it starts leaking and causing major issues. I’ve got a client right now, I’m fixing to do a root, some roof repairs too. They had a brand new $80,000 roof put on three years ago. It’s been leaking ever since. It’s put on and they’re hiring us to come in right now and try to make the leaks go away. And of course we’re going to make the links go away. They can’t get the roof or that they paid $80,000 to make the leaks go away. $80,000 and the leaks are still there. So you want to make sure you have a roof for this. Got Tons of references that is not just a onetime freak experience with this roofer. This roofer, if he’s done these roofs before, has had a continual issue along that line unless he by some strange reason used a different contractor, but he still should have all of the same um, project management tools in place, everything in, in, in line to make sure that there’s not a problematic areas in their construction process.

And so that’s what we do. We basically, we advise everyone made sure they got ton of experience, number one. Number two, make sure they’re in valid with the commercial endorsement in the state of Oklahoma, which covers commercial roofing broken Arrow, and number three, make sure that they had good reviews. Now the where do you see reviews? Where do you get those? Well you basically say, Hey, I want five people you’ve worked for your last five roofs. Don’t ask them any fibers cause it might be their mom, their aunt, their uncle and their first cousin bill. No, go and ask them for the last five jobs because you’re going to call them and you’re going to say to those people, Hey, this company you just worked for you. What did they do and when did they do the job? Now if it was three years ago, then you don’t even Howard because they didn’t give you the latest jobs or they don’t do many jobs in the last job was three years ago.

No you won’t. The last five people they worked for, you want to ask, when did you pay them in full? You want to ask, have you been contacted about the shingles or the materials, making sure that it was paid for. These are the things you want to do because your business needs to be protected and there’s no one more interested in commercial roofing, broken Arrow, then protecting your business than you and the, I’m the second most interested cause I’m sitting here sharing with you all the stupid things that roofers do, all the evil thinking in the just the silly things they do, which could put you in your business and your finances in jeopardy here at advanced commercial systems. We appreciate you here in commercial roofing, broken arrow. Come join us anytime continually on our website and our podcast. It’s not rocket science, it’s roof science and stay dry.