This morning we’re going to talk about what roofing science. So what are we talking about when we talk about roofing science with advanced commercial systems? Hom of the roof nerds. We are experts in the field of commercial roofing, broken arrow. So what are we talking about when we talk about roof science? Well, you know, there’s an exact science to commercial roofs. It’s, it’s more complicated quite frankly then just residential routes because you know, there’s um, um, their systems, their roofing systems, and there’s different types of roofing. Um, and if they’re not built correctly according to the correct science that goes into it, you know, it can cause major problems with your commercial roofing broken arrow. So that’s what we’re talking about this morning. So, um, there are different types of systems that we use. There’s built up roofing, they’re single ply roofing, there’s metal roofing, there’s modified bitumen roofing, they’re steep slope roofing and there’s roof coatings.

So, um, why do you need an expert in this field? Well that’s because they’re specific products and it requires years of experience and extensive knowledge to know about the products and the systems that would best work for your commercial roofing broken arrow. So we have technical, technical experts here at roof nerds. We have technical experts and it’s critical to have these experts that really know how to replace, restore. I met or maintain your commercial or industrial roofing system because, um, commercial roofs requires systematic plans and smart solutions, um, in order to, um, create them to design them and to maintain them. So we have guys that are experts in this field of roofing science. So if you don’t know what I’m talking about, you can for sure give us a call or you can go to, okay, roof or give us a call at (918) 973-1010 and ask one of our nerds to come out and give you a free roof inspection.

They’ll come out in 24 hours and you can schedule them and they can answer all your questions and help you understand your specific roofing system. So when we’re talking about roofing science that covers, you know, what type of, um, commercial roofing broken Arrow that you have and it takes, um, it takes a science to come out and, and see, you know, these roofing systems, they have an average lifespan of about 20 to 25 years and they, they will do a free roof evaluation and give you tons of details of your current roofing system and they can help you come up and with a plan and you know, use this roofing science to come up with a plan to make your roof a smart roof and they can basically extend the life of your roof. So, um, what are we talking about when we talk about different types of roofing systems?

Well, there’s, there’s a taper system, um, that can be installed on a current, on your current roofing system or on a new construction, new construction. It’s generally built with a tapered polios Pollio so board to create higher levels on a roofing system. And this is a way to manage the water flow and, and fix ponding issues. Ponding ponding is where there’s puddles or where water builds up or where water collects after a rain and it doesn’t drain properly. So, um, the national roofing contractors association sets many codes and standards, um, and for slopes. And they have a slope minimum of one eighth inch drop per one inch slope. You know, that means that eight lineal feet of roof slow would have a drop of one inch. As you can see, there’s not much slope. So we like to actually do a, a larger slope than that, um, to prevent ponding.

But you know, if you have something like that and your roofing, decking substrate or your building structure, um, it can begin to deteriorate rate over time. If there’s imperfections in your sloping and it can cause your roof membrane to, um, to have, uh, the normal wear and tear can increase and it can cause some real problems and cause your roof to deteriorate. And we’ve repaired many of these areas with great success. Roof coatings can be done or we can, um, you know, we can fix it with a tapered roofing system so we can extend the life of your roof by re re restoring your roof or replacing with a better tapered roof system that will eliminate ponding and those problems with your commercial roofing, broken arrow. So what do you do if you have an emergency call? Well, you know, if you have ponding, if you have problems, you know, eventually you will have an emergency if you have ponding because it is deteriorating your roof more quickly than it should and you will eventually probably get some leak problems.

So if you have that problem, um, give us a call at (918) 973-1010. We do offer 24 hour emergency repair service. We answer our calls, we answer our, our clients phone calls because we are here for you if there’s a problem. Um, typically, um, a larger roof repair may take one to three days, but a smaller roof can be done in, in 24 hours and you know, they can take, it can just take a few hours of time. So it may surprise you that, um, leak detection is, you know, it’s, uh, it’s, it’s takes a scientist, a roof scientists to really be able to find that, um, a leak problem and where it comes from. And that’s because these systems are complicated on your commercial roofing, broken Arrow, and you might see that the leak is coming in in one area of your roof from the inside. Um, but it could be, you know, we’ve seen them 20 feet away where the leaking problem up above on, on the commercial roof up above, it’s actually maybe 20 feet away and it might like run down a pipe and then leak in another spot on the inside of the roof.

So it can be complicated. That’s why you need an expert in the field of commercial roofing, broken Arrow to come out and, and, uh, look at your roof because it’s not rocket science. It’s real science. It really does take a roof scientists, an expert, a roof nerd, an expert in the field to really come in and, and do a, a great, um, evaluation on your roof and find where that leak is happening. This can be the most difficult part of a roof repair. Um, about 8% of roof repairs have an obvious leaking area that’s extremely easy to diagnose, but that other 20%, that’s, those are the ones where you really need an expert to come in and find the actual leaking spot. And that can be difficult. We’ve seen it happen actually through a, um, you know, maybe even through HVHC where that’s connected in it and it could be coming in through there.

So it’s not actually coming in through the, through the roofing air part. It can be where a pipe goes in. There could be just a minimal pinhole can cause a leak within your commercial roofing, broken arrow. So give us a call with the roof nerds. They can walk you through it. They have cameras, they have drones, they have the top of the line equipment to um, to film and show you pictures of exactly what the problem is with your roofing system. They can also show you if the roofing system in general just needs a complete overall overhaul because, um, you know, that’s what they do. And they can also, of course, besides all the technical stuff for your roof, they can work with your roofing insurance company. You know, if there’s extensive storm damage or you know, just problems with ponding or leaking after a rain, they can, you know, um, work with you.

There’s also, you know, there’s something that I don’t know that everyone thinks about, but the products have warranties to them too. And so it’s important to maintain your commercial roof and have, um, you know, you know, sometimes yearly or by yearly evaluations and overall maintenance, um, of your commercial roofing, broken arrow. So it’s important to, um, to give us a call. Um, you might want to have a inspection and evaluation. Um, with our smart roof plan, we, we offer that and it will extend the lifespan of your roofing system, but it can also be the difference of whether your warranty stays in place. And so that’s real important to give us a call and ask us about that for your commercial roofing, broken Arrow, we hope to hear from you soon.