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Here at a batch commercial systems, we love energy star and we love being led and led certified. Do you know that preparing the surface of your roof is one of the largest and most important aspects of commercial roofing. Just recently we were applying or laying in some roof coating on a roof that was dirty. We had to stop and completely power Washington cleaning the surface so that we would have good adhesion with the roof product. Well, preparing surface preparation for your membrane of your commercial roof is one of the advantages of the roof coatings that we install. Here are some of the aspects of roof coatings that we often install every week. Class A fire resistance. This was a big deal. Roofs need class, a fire resistance every day to protect the business and the building. Minimal maintenance is something that we find once a roof has had one of our coatings install. We like for our products to fully adhere to the existing substrate without having to add new substrates. This is another great benefit in making your cost low. Our roof coatings often help in the protection of the roof against surface damage. Surface damage hasn’t been hold penetration, cracks or just normal wear and tear in which these areas can be filled in completely and made new again by roof coatings. What about flexibility? Flexibility remains in even extreme temperatures of hot and cold. You should look into

the negative 20 degree tests that had been done for our roof coatings. It’s absolutely remarkable at how these coatings are elastic enough to handle the extremes in temperatures. Extending the lifespan of your existing roof is a really big part of our roof coatings that we install in commercial roofing broken Arrow in the greater tulsa area as well. Energy star in l e e d certified is a large part of our roof coatings as well. Commercial Roofing Broken Arrow You know what happens is we install technically a monolithic membrane that is seamless. Now, think of a roof coating that is not seemed no seems to allow cracks and once a roof coating is installed, it’s really easy to see where a leak may be coming through the membrane because of the coating is fresh and new and it’s easy to inspect. This is causing a greater leap protection in your commercial roof. What about sealing all leaks and protecting against future elements? What about a roof coating that actually helps with hail? When hail and wind damage? Absolutely. Roof coatings are great part are protecting me against the elements of your commercial roof in commercial roofing broken arrow. Now there are cool roofs like I’m the last American roof coatings

and polyglass silicone poly bright roof coatings that can also be used. They reflect the sun’s uv rays. They can reflect up to 80 to 90 percent of the harmful rays that are so used to deteriorating and wearing out the roof. Single ply membrane, reducing the roof temperature is a large part that we bring with up on installation of these roof coatings and the building’s interior temperature is also effective because of this lowering of temperature energy saving, reflective white and other colors are often a part of what we use. Now why is the most common and most products have a good stable white product in which we use in commercial roofing broken arrow.

Now when it comes to weight on your roof, the most white wait alternative possible is that of either repairing just a small holes that can be found on a commercial roof or that approach coding. The roof coating the root is an extremely lightweight in every situation and this keeps from the prevention of a full replacement of your roof. Roof coatings are simple, although the process is complex, we hear it. A bench commercial systems home with a roof nurse and commercial roof in broken arrow. We know the simple publicity because we’ve got many, many jobs that we had done over the years that we have performed for customers in which at many times their businesses did not need to shut down while we did the roof. Coating and installation, normal operating hours can be kept by your business without any hesitation from our roof installation. We we supply or provide repairs for your roof, but also roof coatings for your current roof system at basf commercial systems has a proven method and a proven method for waterproofing your current roof and your existing roof, whether it be providing a monolithic or seamless roof.

Roof coatings are often used by us in commercial roofing and we would love to help you too. In commercial roofing broken Arrow, you can choose a white roof or like the polyglass poly bright product. We for larger roofs, a tint of color added to the product so that your roof could have a specific color that you desire. Never forget about quality materials. That’s something that we always bring to the table. Please never forget about superior workmanship. That’s essential for us to bring to the table. For you every single time and working for property managers and property building owners and commercial roofing, we definitely achieved a long lasting relationship with our customers because we take great care of the building envelope of their building in commercial roofing broken arrow. Let’s talk about the word free. Every time you go out to eat, there’s nothing free. Oh, maybe they’ll give you a free appetizer, but really there’s not that much.

Maybe your kids eat free on Tuesday at some restaurant, but not really that much money. You’re saving. Well. If you were to ask us, do we offer anything free? We would have to say. Sure. We do. We offer free complete roof evaluations and this is offered within 24 hours guaranteed. Let’s talk about that real quick. When you add in the time, spent the time to document the time that we pay our roof nerve, the time and the product experience and the expertise brought to the table. Actually your normal standard sized commercial roof evaluation would be about a $475 project. The time involved in everything else, that would be the average cost, but we here at commercial roofing broken Arrow, and if an advanced commercial systems in Tulsa and broken Arrow, we began to do free roof out evaluations so that we can earn trust and show.

So our passion for commercial roofing, you know you can contact us online. You can call us at nine, one, eight, nine, seven, three, one zero, one zero. Or you can choose an email at advanced. Okay. At, give us a call, shoot us a text even on our website, you can request a quote and send us your information so that we can contact you. You know, there’s never any pressure and pressure and when we talk with our clients or our potential clients, we always show the highest level of respect because we thoroughly want to inspect your roof and give you a great experience. One of the best experiences you can have is a great experience that’s free. I heard a man say one time that the best gift is the gift that was the least unexpected to be given at the most time. That it was given well, when we show up within 24 hours of your roof of your appointment, we’re going to give you a free roof evaluation absolutely free.

We are your Oklahoma roofing expert. We had been a top rated roofing and general contractor and roofing company in the industrial roofing commercial roofing industry for many years. When we started our business years ago after working for other companies, we began to see that there was much lacking in integrity and much lacking and the products and the warranties of commercial roofing. Not only do we guarantee your satisfaction, but we can offer up to a 20 or 25 year renewal warranty with your roof. Just think about it. Twenty years with a roof that we install for you. That is a great warranty. Hardly no one does that. Other companies that I have had great experience working with, we’re offering a three year warranty with a roof that they were installing. We can offer many, many more than that, six to seven times more than that because we know the product, we know the workmanship needed needed, and we know that our clients will return to us because we’ve worked with them through quality and integrity each and every time. If you ever need help, just give us a call, a free roof evaluation. I said it’s free. Just give us a call and let us prove to you who we are and how we can help you. In commercial roofing broken Arrow, see, all you do is call our number at nine, one, eight, nine, seven, three, one zero, one zero and commercial roofing broken Arrow, and our roof nerves will come out and show you exactly what your roof could look like after we have performed our work.