Well, we’re doing another podcast today. Uh, another podcast. I am the owner and founder of advanced commercial systems, home of the roof nerds, experts in commercial roofing Broken Arrow. We love our roof nerds. We love all of our staff, all the people that work with us, our office staff, our roof nerds, our estimators. Uh, even our delivery guys are repair guy. We love all of our roof nerves. And I’ll tell you what, they had been such a great blessing to our company, helping us grow, help us accomplish the many things that we’ve had on our list, our checklist, our bucket list to accomplish with our specific privately owned company, advanced commercial systems. If you are at anytime interested and having a commercial roofing company, uh, just give you a free estimate or give you an evaluation of really the current condition of your roof, whether it be residential or commercial, we can do either one. We’re the experts in commercial roofing Broken Arrow.

All you do is give us a call here at advanced commercial systems. Our number’s nine one eight nine seven three one zero, one zero. But from there, I think I really want to pick up what we’ve been covering a few podcasts ago. We began to cover the differences between commercial and residential roofing and the roof systems and we, there’s some more that will come about that in the future, but then also we’ve got over into the, what’s the top three things that you should look for worship. Pick four should really have your eye out for concerning hiring a commercial roofing company and last week on our podcast and we begin to cover in our opinion the number one thing is that of experience in commercial roofing or a guy will come along say, Oh yeah, I’ve got you know, 15 years experience. Well he wasn’t a commercial roofer for 15 years so that’s one thing you really want to ask specific questions and really work with these guys to try to find out if they really have experience in commercial roofing Broken Arrow.

One of the things to do is to talk with the property owners and the the property managers and all the different people that they may have done roofs with in the past. So here to, that’s commercial systems, home of the roof, nerves here in commercial roofing, broken air. We’re going to give you expert experience because we’ve been doing roofing for a long time. We’ve got a lot of experience in every type of roof system and so here at advanced, give us a call if you need anything or phone number is (918) 973-1010 so let’s get back to our list. Our number one thing that we covered, which we consider our requirement is that of experience. The number of two things that we think is very, very important is to make sure that your commercial roofer is legal in the state of Oklahoma. What does this mean?

This means to be here, Herschel Roofer and the state of Oklahoma. There is a commercial roofing Broken Arrow endorsement that is required in the state. This commercial roofing endorsement is set up by the construction industry board, which is under the governor of the state, so the governor of the state and and the rules and the bylaws of the governing part of the state has put together requirements for commercial Ruthie. Now we see this also is the case with electrical electricians. We see this is also the case with plumbing. We see this is also the case with Hba c. These are the four main areas that the construction industry board monitors and takes care of. So all four of these, there’s testing that needs to be done. There is uh, you know, fines and fees, not fine, but fees and testing and requirements. They’re more stringent requirements for commercial roofing.

Then there is residential Ruthie, and so that’s why we bring this to you today is our second point is specifically make sure your commercial roofer is endorsed with the state of Oklahoma. And that’s the terminology. That’s how you say it. Hey, are you endorsed with the state of Oklahoma? Now this is what you do. You go to your Internet, you go to your phone, you go to the, your Internet in your home, you go to Google, right? You know, Google’s a searching engine on the Internet just in case you’re not familiar with it. You go to Google. When you go to Google, you type in these words to do a search. See, I be the letters CIB. That stands for construction industry board. CIB Are they licensed? When you click that, you’ll see the very first line that comes up. The very first page is the actual construction industry board and it does cover commercial roofing broken Arrow because it’s for the entire state of Oklahoma, Oklahoma.

It will be the construction industry sports page and it says are they licensed in. What this page is about is you can type in the first name or last name or name of the first name or last name of the owner or name of the business or partial name of the business here in Oklahoma for commercial roofing. This isn’t for, this is for residential as well, but this is also for commercial to see if they are endorsed and valid in the state of Oklahoma. So when, let’s say you type in the word advanced, you’ll find is probably about five or six different, um, roofing businesses that are registered that are named advanced. You’ll see some of them might not have occurrence good standing with their normal license. And then you’ll see that there is a in good standing or not in good standing for their normal roofing license. Trust us for commercial roofing Broken Arrow.

And then there’s also that says commercial endorsement. You can see whether it’s valid or none. If you see none, that means they are not legally doing commercial roofing in the state of Oklahoma. Those are the guys that you don’t want to use. The reason why, I’ll tell you the reason why and when I tell you this, you’re going to be shocked that people are doing roofing and not doing the things that they should do. For one thing, they are required to have the $1 million of insurance in the state of Oklahoma general liability insurance. Let me tell you what general liability insurance is. That is not insurance. It’s going to cover you if if, if a shingle falls on your head and gives you a crack in your skull, it’s not covering you physically bodily harm. It is covering your property. Commercial roofers shows up, crane shows up cranes putting stuff up on your building.

The chain breaks or the cable breaks to the crane and 2000 pounds of TPO rolled product falls on your boss’s car and crushes his Mercedes. General liability insurance covers that. The crane swings and bust out some windows and cracks the side of your wall of your building or a commercial roofing truck is pooling close to your building and literally runs into the side of the building or the crane is so heavy it cracks your crunch, your concrete around your building. I’m naming things that happen every single day and I’m naming the things here in commercial roofing broken Arrow that we see. Not only happen but general liability insurance covers. You’ve got a six story high rise building that you manage, that you own, that you’re a property manager of and suddenly the roof or shows up does some work on it, leaves and then water pours into the building the roof or showed up to do an estimate nearly only to do an estimate. This is why you want the experts for commercial roofing Broken Arrow.

He does a core sample. He gets a call from his wife cause there’s son’s sick in school. He leaves the job and doesn’t feel it in a two inch square hole that he made the roof and the next time it rains it’s just like a two inch pipe pouring water and you’re building. This stuff happens every single day and so this pores in it hits $100,000 of computer software or equipment that you had installed last year to run your phone systems and to run all of your computer systems. You just lost $100,000 of computer equipment and your building in commercial roofing broken Arrow because some roofer came out and did not feel in a core sample, literally with $2 of clear silicone or a patch for $2 you would have had this problem, but they got distracted and they made a mistake and people make mistakes and this mistake costs you a ton of money. This mistake is causing a big problem. What do you do? You go to the Roofer and you say, Hey, Huh, we’re calling your insurance company. We need to file a claim right now. This needs to get taken care of. Well, do they have insurance? Do they have general liability insurance? These are the things you needed to ask before you ever even ask the guy to give you a, to give you an estimate.

So you’re thinking to yourself, man, all I’ve done was asked three roofing companies to give me an estimate for my roof and now I’ve lost $100,000 of equipment. I’ve got two rooms filled full of two inches of water and I’ve done nothing but try to get an estimate and now I’m liable for all of this. There’s no way I can even fix this. So this is the stuff you with every single day. You’re going to soon the Roofer, the Roofer’s, not that experienced, the roofers doesn’t have that much money. You Suing for $120,000 to take care of everything. Guess what? He doesn’t have that money. This is the stuff you’ll do with every single day. This is the stuff that you need to make sure that you’re not going to fall into the trick of the trap of the trick and the trap of a,

of just getting someone out to give you an estimate. When you call it advanced commercial systems, we will set up a, uh, send you a certificate of insurance made out directly to you for us to even come to your property. So that we show that we have 1 million general liability insurance that will cover any incident that happens with your building that we do. And so that’s amazing. We’ll do that even before we come out and look at your building if you request it. And also the May have mentioned that we have full, uh, worker’s compensation insurance for our employees. We are fully taken care of, of,

on the insurance side. And so these are the things in commercial roofing broken Arrow that we’re always endeavoring people to understand about the commercial roofing industry, about commercial roofing companies, about commercial roofing contractors in commercial roofing, broken out once again here in commercial roofing, broken air. Thanks for joining in with us. We had another good podcast today.