With advanced commercial systems. We are the home of the roof nerds and I’ve covered this on a quite a few of our podcast in the past and I think it’s continually a need to be, it’s, it’s, it’s good to have it repeated over and over again. Exactly who we are and what we’re, what we’re about with advanced commercial systems now, for one thing, where do we do roofing? We do roofing all throughout the state of Oklahoma. The commercial endorsement, the licensing that we have, the insurance that we have in place. All of this allows us to be, to do commercial or residential roofing anywhere in the state of Oklahoma. And so with that we obviously would probably do more marketing and more roofing in the area that we live. What we live in, the Tulsa Broken Arrow, the northeast area of Oklahoma, that’s where we live. That’s where I’ve lived for 20-21 years. We love what we do in commercial roofing Broken Arrow.

And that’s where we’ve built the business. And we have had a great success in commercial roofing in this area. And so if you’re looking for a commercial roofer anywhere in the state, yes we can travel to where you are. We can do roofs anywhere in this state. We go far away. We go up to two hours away. Even right now doing multiple jobs every year, working on multiple building systems and doing a lot with roofing, uh, at some jobs up to two and a half hours away from where we are stationed here in broken arrow. We are our office over on Elm Avenue in Broken Arrow of between 91st and 101st on elm street or Elm Avenue. So when it comes time for commercial roofing broken Arrow where definitely the ones to call, we are in the very heart of broken arrow. We’re right here off of main street. We are right here in the very center of the northeast area of Oklahoma.

So, so that’s where we are and that’s what we bring to the table with our location. Now next point is what do we do every single day that causes us to stand out above the crowd? That’s a big question and that’s a good question. And the reason why I say it’s a big question is because there are a lot of roofers in the Oklahoma area. There are a lot of roofers that advertise that market that, that endeavor to have themselves stand out. But what I find many times about these guys, there’s nothing really that stands out about them. They all have experienced in roofing. They all can do multiple roofing systems. Um, but here’s a few things that don’t stand out about all. Some of them, a lot of them don’t even have their commercial roofing endorsement. And so if you’re hiring a commercial roofer or Kurt contractor in the state of Oklahoma that is not had their commercial roofing endorsement, you were actually using a roofer that’s breaking the law. We are the best in commercial roofing Broken Arrow.

We do all for commercial roofing Broken Arrow needs. There are laws against those guys doing commercial roofing in the state without having their endorsement. I believe it was 2015 I think it was 2015 the summer of 2015 around July or August, the construction industry board under the heading of our governor at the time, Mary Fallon put into place the requirement for all commercial roofers to have further, uh, of further insurance worker’s comp up to 1 million minimum of general liability insurance, workers’ compensation for everyone that works for them and for them to take a commercial roofing endorsement test. Now, I’ve taken this test, I passed this test, I’ve taken at one time and passes the first time because I do roofing. That’s what I do. But I have to say it was extremely hard and I’ve heard of handfuls of commercial roofers who have gone in to take the test and walked out halfway through the test was so hard. But we’re the nerds at commercial roofing Broken Arrow.

Now I heard this from the ladies who actually give the test. When I, when I passed my test, I was speaking with the ladies out in the out in the main lobby where I took the test at PSI testing centers and while I was speaking with them, they said, congratulations, you’re one of one a few acid, what do you mean? And they said, we have roofers come in every week, every other day who don’t bring books, who are not prepared for the test. And they come in and basically halfway through the tasks, it’s a three hour test. Halfway through they’ll get up and check out and leave. They won’t even finish the test because they know that they’ve already failed it and they haven’t even moved forward with the test yet. And saying, I have only taken just a small portion of the test here with advanced commercial systems. We love what we do with commercial roofing Broken Arrow services.

We’re not just saying we’re good at roofing, we’re actually good at commercial roofing Broken Arrow. It’s what we do. We are professionals in the industry. We have the commercial endorsement, we have the insurances, we have the marketing, everything is in place and we’re doing job after job. I got three jobs that were handed to heart company yesterday, three commercial roofing jobs handed to us yesterday. So I will tell you that every single day jobs are coming in and we are managing our production, our managing ability. Everything we do is staying in line and in sync with what we’re supposed to be accomplishing as a commercial roofing company, contractor, general contractor in the state of Oklahoma as well. This is what we do with commercial roofing broken arrow. So what kind of routes do we do? I’m going through some of the basic questions of that we hear on a daily basis.

You know, sometimes people will, will, will, you know, because I don’t put tons of information on our website, I want you to understand, I don’t like websites that have so much information. You can get lost in it. And if 20 minutes later you’re done reading and I put enough information on there for you to see, uh, that were someone that you need to call, we’re someone that can take care of repairs, roof replacement, roof maintenance, roof restoration. Just made it simple. Uh, so what kind of routes do we do? We do every kind of and low slope, so that’s steep slope and low slope roofing for commercial buildings. All of the commercial buildings that you can find in the state of Oklahoma. Now I’ll say on occasion, on rare occasion there will be a roofing system that we do not do. Um, black derby, derby gum.

We have not done a derby gum roof. And you’re probably thinking what in the heck is derby gum? Well, this is what we do. We do roofing, we know Derby Gum. We’re familiar with their rhythm. We are knowledgable in commercial roofing Broken Arrow. I’ve done repairs, the Derby Gum, but I’ve not done a derby gum full roof replacement. But I have a crew and I have staff that have done that. And so if it comes down to you having a derby gum roof that you want to put a new one on, we’re the guys that can come in and, and, and take care of that for you. Now, the Derby gum roof, I’ve studied them and looked into and know a lot about their system. They have a really, really good roofing system and their roofing system. Uh, but the challenges with the roofing system is their application and the installation procedures are technical. They’re, they’re, they’re extra, they’re labor intensive, extra labor anticipate. Call us for commercial roofing Broken Arrow services.

I think that’s how I would describe Derby Gun. And then you get over into where the product comes from. The product has made a only in Europe is it Scotland or Finland or Holland? I don’t remember which, which uh, or Scandinavia, somewhere over there. Uh, I can’t remember exactly the location, but that’s where the, the product and the plant and the only plant exists there. So any product that you get has to have shipping costs. It has to come here, you know, internationally through boat or whatever. So you’re immediately adding on extra costs for product and materials that you would not have otherwise. So with Derby Gum, great product, it can last 30 years. It’s a great product for longterm roofing systems, but it’s really outdated. I would much rather come in with an 80 mil TPO, that’s 80 meal, that’s 80 thousands of an inch. That’s the thickness of the product and expertise from commercial roofing Broken Arrow experts.

I would rather come in with an 80 mil TPO and put that on a roof to to subsidize instead of using Derby Gha 80 mil TPO with a fleece back, which means there is a almost like a black velcro that the little curly side of the Velcro we, we have, we’ll have that glued and installed on the bottom side of an 80 mil TPO, which is your thicker TPO. This will create 130 meal product. You put this on the roof, this guy is so durable, it can take two, two and a half inch. Hell, I’m telling you, if the roof is not old, if the roof is in good shape, if it’s installed correctly, that roof can handle two to two and a half inch hail according to the Engineering Company that we’re certified with. And, and this has been tested. That’s literally what is capable of doing in commercial roofing broken arrow.

So here with advanced commercial systems, we’re going to step up to the challenge in any commercial roofing Broken Arrow need. We’re going to do everything that we can to take care of you and to make sure that your, uh, your process, what you go through when you’re working with us is seamless. It’s timeless, it’s problemless and we’re going to, we’re going to really prove to you that you should be telling all of your friends, all of your building, owner friends, all even your residential homeowners. You’re going to be telling everyone about us because we’re going to be bringing in such a level of expertise to you that you’ll be really pleased with what we do. Now, there are always new systems that we’re putting together and we are still working on some of updating our smart roof plan that is a, our annual or biannual roof maintenance checkup. And so that’s where we come in and do a full roof evaluation for you. And so we’re, we’re always updating, we’re always becoming better. We’re always evolving into the best that we can be for you here in commercial roofing broken arrow. So if you need help, if you’ve got a roof that needs assistance here in commercial roofing broken Arrow, we are the ones that call, hey, thanks for looking at us and checking us out again on another podcast. We hope you guys have a wonderful day.