Today, uh, is another podcast in commercial roofing Broken Arrow.

here with advanced commercial systems. Once again, I’m here in my office here off of the ailment broken Arrow and we’re just doing another podcast, another, another podcast broadcast this morning online. So if you’re listening to this live, uh, we appreciate you for joining in with us. We are experimenting more and more with our capability of being live and, and having the live calls come in and, and live, uh, emails come in during our podcast periods and so that we can continually develop, um, you know, just all the different aspects of who we are as a commercial roofing company continually endeavoring to set the standard in the industry here. And so today I want to cover the top three things that I as a commercial roofer did in commercial roofing Broken Arrow. I want to be only share with you in my world because you, you in commercial roofing broken Arrow, you probably never think from

the perspective that I live in. And so the top three things that I look for every day, now, I’m not doing the top three things that I would think of if I was you, because you probably wouldn’t think of those things the same way I would because I’m the guy that’s doing this commercial roofing stuff everyday. So, but I want to cover the top three things that I deal with. The three problems and challenges. I just started making interesting podcasts for you, uh, here in commercial roofing broken Arrow to see what I do with on a daily basis. And one of the top things that, that most, uh, most, you know, I’m the owner, I’m the manager, I’m the productions chief of the production staff, uh, lead guy in, in, in all different aspects of our business. One of the things that we’re challenged with on a daily basis is, uh, keeping all of our guys, uh, perfectly managed with their time. And so I believe in extreme micromanagement. Now that should be a good thing with you. I’ll, years ago I’ve learned what not to do by seeing what other people were doing. I worked for a company years ago and when I was praying one day I said, God, why did you bring me to this company? Why here, why, why, you know, why, why? And then at the time we were managing a lot of commercial property and I was the head over about $40 million of commercial development and commercial, uh, rehabbing. We were rehabbing, um, apartments, condos and, and living space

or a co for multifamily residences. And so I was managing at any given time, 40 million from 20 to $40 million of property. And so, but it had a really poor experience. They’re not because of the job, but because of some of the bosses and some of the people I worked with. And when I got done after being there about a year, I went on and got my real estate license and begin to do some other things, commercial real estate. And as I begin to do that, yeah, I was still living here in commercial roofing broken arrow. I asked the Lord one day in prayer, Lord, and what was this all about? Why was I here? And he said, I brought you here to learn what to not do. And that was really staggering to me because I found out about a year later, two years later, that they had not paid $11 million in taxes to the federal government and they were being sued and they were in trouble with all of their investors.

And so they were so much that was being done wrong with that company. And I had no clue that those major things were taking place. And really there was a lot of fraud and there was a lot of corruption. And so one of the things that I deal with on a daily basis is, is keeping up with my guys to make sure that there’s not fraud and corruption in just their daily activities. See, when they punch in on the clock, they belonged to me. I don’t care what anyone says. If they say anything otherwise then you’ve got a new job because then they can not belong to me and they can do whatever they want to. But when they punch him and I start paying them, I, I’m buying their time on paying for their time and as I’m paying for their time, that time belongs to me. That’s how it works in commercial roofing Broken Arrow.

You know, it belongs to me. And what they do in that time, it belongs to me. It’s mine, you know? And so at the end of the day, uh, I want for them in I to be in agreement that what they’ve done was a good job in commercial roofing broken Arrow, that they’ve taken care of all their tasks for the day, that they’re, uh, manage their time well, that they didn’t go home and take a loan poop rank. Now I said that because it’s true. I know people who will go home and take a 30 minute poof break because they think they can’t poop anywhere else.

Now you might be thinking to yourself, that’s kind of extreme rise. If people are actually doing that, I’m telling you people do it. Do you know that a survey I wanted to really get this is going to get you a survey came out that shared that that people just being honest, over 80% of people at the workplace steal from their boss and I don’t mean just steal time, they actually steal a product. They still paper. They still, I don’t know, I don’t know what they steal. They steal something. 80% of people steal from the boss. Well, if it’s, if it’s that challenging to put something in your hand and take it, imagine just literally in commercial roofing broken Arrow and any kind of business you’re in. Imagine how easy it is for someone to steal time. So what is still in timing was stealing time is basically when you punch in your time is my time.

It belongs to me. I just bought it. I just paid for it. It belongs to me. Time is literally one of the easiest things for an employee to take the steel. So once again I’ll say it when they punch in, the time belongs to me. And so before the day starts, it’s my job to set everything in place. Then I’m able to micromanage every hour of their day. It’s so important to us here at advanced commercial systems because our objective is to stay productive. Productivity is completely based upon everyone doing their job when they supposed to do it and not slacking. And so when we hire people, we specifically hire people for character. Our roof nerds are office staff. Everyone we hire here in commercial roofing broken Arrow is specifically designed to be of character, more character and more character. I don’t care that much about their religion.

I don’t care that much about their sex. I don’t care much about anything at all except that they are people of honest word and I will fire someone if they do not a show that there’s someone of their word. If they do not show that there’s someone that’s trustworthy, if they did not show, there’s someone that you can stand behind because see, at the end of the day there’s going to be an issue. There’s going to be a problem somewhere with a roof or somewhere with an appointment and someone is going to call and they’re going to complain about our roof nerds. It happens. It’s just life. And so when that happens, I have to be able to say, listen, my new roof nerds there, they’re the best at what they do. They’re top notch. And if they tell me they did the right thing, then I’m telling you, I’m going to have to stand behind what they say. commercial roofing Broken Arrow is our job.

And that’s the angle and the, the, the avenue that we’re gonna have to come down 10 times out of 10, a hundred times out of 100, because I’m going to believe that our roof nerves are doing what’s right. That’s why we hire people in the very beginning, uh, that have already shown us they have some outstanding character here with advanced commercial systems. You’re not going to have someone coming up and, and twisting their tongue and just to create, uh, scenarios of why they’re laid and, and just lying to you and creating this false deception. We’re not going to have that. Uh, we’re going to be accountable with each other in my office. We’re going to be accountable with our time and when they punch out, if they want to go drink a beer, if they want to go, you know, do something differently of something other than the way I live my life.

I can’t say that they can’t do that. But I will say if their influence in the community in a, in a negative fashion, they’re going to lose their job. I will not have them working with us then. And they’re going to be a negative role model to the community and to all the people that we try to stand up and be ethical and moralistic and full of character too. So with advanced commercial systems, you’re not just hiring a company, you’re hiring a group of people that have spin spin, specifically train is specifically designed to work together in a fashion that gets things done in an honest and ethical way. That way in commercial roofing broken Arrow, you can, you can trust what they’re doing. You can trust what they’re saying. So I just want to encourage you, if you’re looking for an honest Roofer, I really do think you found the right guys for commercial roofing Broken Arrow.

That’s why we do this podcast because of transparency, transparency, you know, I mean, let’s define what travel, transparency, I’ll use that word so much in the reason why I use that word is I’m endeavoring to let everybody understand that the transparency that we show you that allows you to build trust with us and understand that we’re not just here just trying to make a dollar. We’re here to serve you. We’re here to bring you the best quality products, productivity, the best time management, the best in every way. So with advanced commercial systems, give us a call at (918) 973-1010. We are going to help you, we’re going to serve you, and we’re going to show you over and over again that we’re the best in town at what we do. Hey, thanks for joining in another podcast today. Hey, go online and check us out at, okay. Roof we would love to hear from you. We want to help in commercial roofing Broken Arrow.