Well. You’re here with us today for another podcast with advanced commercial systems home with a roof nerds. This is podcast number 73 73 weeks in a row. We’ve been doing podcast to share with you basically our community, who we are, what we’re about, what we offer you, and the high level of expertise that we can bring for your commercial roofing broken arrow. So if you’d like to get ahold to us today, we would love to hear from you if you have any questions, comments, concerns, anything at all, if we’ve worked on your roof and you’d love to come in with a, with a problem or with a solution or just a good rapport and a good report of how well we’ve done. We welcome every call here at (918) 973-1010 now keep in mind you can also check us out on our website at okay. Roof nerds.com and you can also email us anytime at advanced.

Okay. At cox.net so once again, number two to 73 podcasts. I’m Marty here receiving calls and looking online and discussing commercial roofing today. What’s commercial roofing all about? You know, I remember years ago when we began a marketing plan for our company, we really wanted to, you know, needed to make up our mind in commercial roofing, broken Arrow, who our clients were, who we wanted them to be, how we wanted to represent ourselves. And did we want to do any residential roofing? Now we do residential roofing, but we don’t really market it. We have a, lots of residents have jobs come our way all the time and we love to take care of our clients and, and, and build new relationships. But really our passion, our passion really is that of commercial roofing, whether it’s a single ply EPD, DM, PVC, Tpo, uh, it might be a, a coding or foam spray, flat roofing, metal roofing, built up the composition, shingles, all types of other sloped roofing systems and shingles.

Um, it might be for any kind of building like office building, hospital, industrial building. I know we’ve, we work with Walgreens, we work with chilies, we work with dollar general. Um, we work with a lot of different buildings and a lot of different building owners that you probably wouldn’t, wouldn’t imagine like Osu medical, we work with them. Farmers Insurance Maggio’s pizza. We have worked on Maggio’s roofs for years now and had great success and another is that of kindercare learning centers. Uh, we just finished sand port auto. We just finished a job for those guys and we have done a lot of roofing in the commercial roofing market here in the Greater Tulsa area with commercial roofing, broken arrow. It really has been our passion to show the four aspects of what we’re about. And that’s what we’re talking about today. We have roof repair, roof restoration, roof replacement and roof maintenance in commercial roofing.

These four cover the majority of what is being done or what needs to be offered and you know in in roof repair the numbers can go from low to high really easily. It can go from high to low just depending on the product you want to use. Just depending on the size of the area. I had, oh, it was a modified bitumen roof off of 51st and Mingo in Tulsa that was leaking four or five different spots down an exterior wall in Saudi. The building, the water was coming in, hitting and electrical panel and some computer relay switches that were used for their, their systems. They’re in that building. We came in and found basically that there is a termination bar and a flashing that needed to be repaired about 80 to a hundred lineal feet along that wall. It wasn’t installed, installed poorly years ago. It just reached about 10 to 15 years.

And the caulking on the top, which we call watertight or, or water water, no water bond, uh, the water bond cocking and water tight membrane caulking on the top of that flashing had wore out, has shrunken. And that’s because they’re using more of acrylic based type of caulking. They’re not using caulking. That’s really long term. Like you should have a 25 year caulking, a siliconized rubber, a UV protective, uh, is coughing on there, um, to really fill in the gaps, make a watertight with greater adhesion. That should be done and should have been done. So that’s what we did. We came in with a gay patch also. There’s some larger areas that as a silicone, a siliconized fiber based product that is absolutely astounding at how well it adheres and how well it use. It’s used on almost every type of commercial roofing possible. So when we finished that roof and we made that repair all, you know, all the leads immediately went away in commercial roofing, broken arrow.

We could tell from that moment on that we were going to have a great business. We were going to have a lot of business to do and roofing problems. There are problems. If you have a roof problem, you give us a call because we’ll bring to you one of our four systems, the roof repair, roof restoration, roof replacement, roof maintenance. Now in the heading of roof replacement we also put in a recover or reroofing. So there are three aspects of the roof replacement. And I say that that way, you know, the national, um, national reefer contractors association, they don’t necessarily define it that way. The same way they, they divide them up more. But for us, what we’re actually meaning is that we’re either replacing the current membrane by recovering or we’re replacing the current membrane by removing and then recovering. So in that, I think the heading works pretty well.

So just say roof replacement because either way we’re still replacing to some extent that upper membrane that is meant to be the water tight penetration point. And so with that here in commercial roofing broken Arrow with our roof nerds, uh, we’re highly trained and highly skilled to take care of you. So all you do is give us a call here at nine one eight, nine seven three one zero one zero. Now let’s move on to roof repairs, roof repairs. Uh, we, we tried to make roof repairs, simple and roof repairs or tricky. Also because our roof repairs or many times needed during storm season. I mean, no, no one thinks their roof needs to be repaired until it’s leaking, right? They, no one’s getting up and inspecting the roofs and saying, oh no, you know, the parapet wall has a problem. Or Oh no, you know, we see some problem areas around these pipes and penetration points around the HVHC unit.

No one’s doing that until a leak happens. And they still don’t do that. Property [inaudible] owners, property managers know. And even their maintenance staff, they still give us a call. They don’t like ladders. Most people don’t like climbing 2025 foot up on a roof and, and climbing over a six foot parapet wall. I remember off of 71st and Lewis a few years ago, there was a medical facility there that have a parapet wall that you hit. It was literally six foot high. I don’t, I did not understand why they built the wall that high to make the building look that much better I guess. But it was, we had to literally take a ladder up the ladder to be able to scale that parapet wall to get off of the roof back on the ladder to exit the building, the routine system. So, uh, so roof repairs are a big part of what we do.

And then also roof restoration. Also refresh rates is a large part of what we do. And you know, roof restoration is normally is referring to an entire roof. There are times where I’ve specifically seen where just a segment of the roof, just a portion or a part of the roof needs restoration services. And so we come out, now this isn’t your normal restoration. Sheriff says, when you say that you think, you know, you had a flood in the building, you call a company, there’s some like, um, I can’t remember their names right now, but they’ll come out and they’ll suck up the water and they’ll, they’ll get everything dry with fans. That’s not the type of restoration. We’re literally talking about restoring the roof that is now has become a UV blocking potentially and water tight membrane roof. Again, without having to do any replacement reroofing or, or I’m recovering.

But here with advanced commercial systems, a home of the roof nerds, we do a lot of roof restoration in segments in commercial roofing broken Arrow and commercial roofing. Tulsa, Jenks, Awaso, broken Arrow, SAPULPA sand springs, Coweta, all the areas you know Katusa, Claremore, sand springs, Sapulpa a lot of different areas. We do a lot of segmenting or segmented areas of roof restoration because just that area may have had a faulty warranty issue, but the building owner doesn’t want to fork up the $40,000 to do a full roof replacement. So we can come in normally two to three to $4,000 and just take care of that bad area and make it look brand new again and calls it to the last for the same full lifespan of the rest of the roofing system that hasn’t had any issues. So give us a call here. Today is our 73rd podcast and I just want to tell you, we appreciate all the times you, you, you log in with this, you read our podcasts, you listen to us live here and we appreciate all the Times that you do. We appreciate, you know, your time is money just the way saying a way that our time is money. So you just logging in to learn about commercial roofing, logging in to see what we are about, what we do.

And that’s why here with a commercial roofing in broken Arrow, we do roof maintenance and roof restoration in commercial roofing. Broken Arrow. Hope you have a good day and always remember, stay dry.