Here at advanced commercial systems, home of the roof, nerds, we love commercial roofing. And today we want to continue talking about of some of the services that we offer to our clients. And honestly we offered to the entire community here in northeast Oklahoma from you know Pawhuska to I know Linda Wagner. Uh, the sky took sand springs all over the area. We do commercial roofing and so commercial roofing you really, you can break it down into two different aspects. Uh, two different types of generalized definition of it could be that of steep slope roofing and that of the low slope roofing, that is the terminology used by the national roofing contractors association to describe the two different types of roofing. So steep slope roofing and low slope roofing. We offer both of those here with advanced commercial systems and we offer a free roof evaluation. We offer roof restoration here in commercial roofing, broken Arrow so someone could ask.

Okay, so I hear all the terminology all the time. I hear you guys talking. What exactly is roof restoration while roof restoration? For the most part, the majority of that, uh, per system is using a coatings. Now in the last 20 years, coatings have really come on the market and have made a strong hedge into the market. Um, coatings are basically a liquid roofing products that can be sprayed, rolled or brushed on two or roofing system and create a new liquid, uh, uh, dried. So it’s air dried or moisture cured either way, but they are dried. And then they basically like, like the best way to describe it as like paint. You put paint on the wall, it’s wet for about an hour. Sometimes within 30 minutes you can touch it, not get it on you. And then about an hour later, and then about a few days after that, it’s all the way cured.

Well, that’s very similar to these type of liquid applied coatings. Um, so that is what roof restoration is. We can come in, we take care of all of the leaking areas, we take care of pawning areas, we laid down cloth, we let out plastics without specific things, uh, to make sure everything is watertight with the roof. And then we’ll come in and roll on or spray a liquid applied coating. And when we do that, we were actually creating a new water tight membrane out of this liquid applied coating. And so roof restorations, they are cheaper than doing full roof, a roof replacement systems. So a question you can come to mind here in commercial roofing, broken Arrow, what exactly? Uh, could the warranty be for roof restoration? Honestly, a minimum of 10 years I would not do a roof restoration system if I could not get eight, 10 more years out of a roof because the roof, the coding, the liquid applied coating itself should be able to get 10 years or it’s just a waste of money.

And so many times you might be, let’s just say you have a 50 square roof and you might be 50 square roof. You might be probably in the neighborhood of $40,000 to put on a three and a half inches of ISO board. And then to come in and put a new layer of, uh, a single ply on top of that to create a new roofing system. Well instead of $40,000 for somewhere in the neighborhood, let’s say around 18 to $22,000 we can come in and do a roof restoration process. And so the roof restoration would be adding. We could, we could probably, if we did it right, I can probably be adding about a 15 year warranty to what we do. So 15 years. So think about it, 15 year warranty added instead of doing a 20 year roofing system for double the price. So roof restoration systems in commercial roofing, broken Arrow really are good and the, and there’s a lot that we can do with them and there’s a lot that we can do to make sure leaking Arizona this, think about it.

Let’s get in the mindset of what we’re dealing with. We’re basically just dealing with water. Our main objective is to stop water from penetrating the building through the roofing system. Our second objective is to not have any airflow, no air flow that is planned. Now I know the Duro last a PVC, single ply thermoplastic systems, my gosh, the Duro last PVC, single ply thermoplastic system. Man that just sounds kind of complicated, doesn’t it? You know, that Dura last roof, basically that company, they’re last in commercial roofing, broken arrow. They literally came from the industry making a swimming pool liners and taking that same PVC product, bringing it over into commercial roofing. And so I’ve worked with a lot of Duro last week. I’m actually certified to install and have gone to their classes down in Texas and have had been, I had a good relationship with their last since the beginning, but dural last here in Oklahoma.

Um, you know, being real close to Texas where one of their main or the main plants are. I’ve been down with the plant, I’ve seen them, uh, create and put together the Dura last systems. Uh, it’s overall is it really got a nice long lifespan. One of my minimum, uh, issues with their last is a lot of times they do a 45 or 50 meal and I like to see the meal get a little bit more. I like to see, get up to 60 in every single membrane that we use. The deal with the PVC roof is it’s literally, I love the smell of it, but it literally is just such a great system of handling water. So when it’s put on a roof, that PVC, single ply man, that thing can just handle water all day long. It’s the same product that the white pipes and your plumbing in your house have.

That’s what PVC is. And so here are the advanced commercial systems in commercial roofing. Broken Arrow. We’re going to help you choose the roof that’s best for you. At the end of the day, you know we have 220 230 podcasts. You don’t have to listen to all those podcasts to figure out what to do with a roof. If you could have a metal roof, you could have a metal roof replacement issues. Doesn’t matter what you’re dealing with, but we could do a retro fit on your roof. Now our retrofit for a metal roof is where we come in and put, um, what’s called filler pieces, pieces of filler in the metal roof above deck, above the roofing system we feel in the, make the roof flat. And then we come in and add a cover board to that to make a continuous flat surface. And then we’ll come in with a TPO or a Thermostat, some, some type of thermoplastic.

And we’ll add that to the top of that system. That will create a really great watertight system in commercial roofing, broken arrow. And you won’t have any problems with that. So back to our list, we do steep slope roofing, we do low slope roofing, we are certified with Hank Haig engineering as certified inspectors with Hague. They are an engineering company that specializes in commercial roof, a storm damage, uh, assessment. And so that’s the aspect that we bring to the table for you. Uh, just like engineers were capable of assessing your roofing situation on their behalf. And then we have what we call the smart roof plan of you may have never heard of the smart roof plan and I’ll tell you it’s one of the smartest things that we have because the whole purpose behind the smart roof plan is we’re not trying to say the roof.

We’re smart, we’re trying to make you smart. We want to increase your commercial roofing Iq so that you can choose the best system that works for you and fits in your budget. You know, budgeting is everything. I mean, I’d run a business, I run this business of advanced commercial systems home with a roof nerds. I run it every day. Uh, today, before the day’s over, I will be in our pricing performa. I will be in our job list Performa, I will be in our financial performance and I’ll be laying out all of the details of where we are and our finances, what money we needed to collect, where we are on different aspects of the job. And so all of this, all of this is something we do every single day to make sure that we’re staying profitable, make sure we’re in budget and we’re in line to get jobs done.

We’re going to have money available to get jobs done. We’re getting our creditors and we’re getting our suppliers paid off quickly and on time. These are all the things I do on a daily by daily, weekly basis. And so here to vast commercial systems in commercial roofing, broken Arrow, you want to make sure you stay in budget. I mean, why go off and spend 30 40,000 more for a roof system that you don’t have to have? I’ll never forget there was a restaurant in town. Uh, they called us out because they had some leaks. I put together a 34 or $3,500 estimate to add 10 years of life to this roof. This roof had a lot of life left. We would have added 10 years of life left to this roof. It would have been a great thing of just doing some really high level repairs.

And basically what happened was they said, well, we want a full roof replacement estimate. And I said, well, you don’t want to do it for a roof replacement assessment. How about we do a recover estimates? We just do a cover on top of what you have here. And they said, are you though? That sounds fine too. Now they were literally, because they had a lot of money at the time, they were just thinking, Hey, let’s just replace the entire roof. Well, you’re thrown away a great roof that’s just sitting here with the insulation already built in because the building was only a few years old. It’s a restaurant and everybody goes to all the time. And so we came in and we’d buys them. Instead of doing this $80,000 tear, everything off, basically shut the business down for two days potentially. Let’s come in and just put a recovering system.

So we did that and the business state open, everything worked out really well. And here in commercial roofing, broken Arrow, that’s the level of expertise and goodness that we can bring to you so that you can make the right decisions. And so our smart roof plans and our smart roof solutions are smart solutions. They are strictly designed to benefit you and to help you become the best that you can at helping your building envelope. So if you have a commercial building, give us a call, (918) 973-1010 we’d love to hear from you here in commercial roofing, broken arrow.