With advanced commercial systems, you guaranteed to get the best roofing experience possible. So what does it mean to be the a best in roofing and Tulsa? Well, to be the a best roofing in Tulsa, you have to have experience. You have to have um, lots of product knowledge. You have to have some of the best warranties around in commercial roofing broken Arrow, see a lot of roofers in toll. So, uh, they say that they have warranties, but I see over and over and over again when their clients and their past customers call them well they’re, their warranties don’t really do much. Uh, I know a metal roof that was just put on that I’m actually doing repairs to right now our roof nerds are out working on it this week. And this metal roof was put on just two or three years ago. Brand new new construction metal roof. There was a full warranty from the general contractor that built a building. There was a whole

warranty from the, you know, like a 10 year warranty from the, the guys that the roofing company in town that put the commercial roof on and they put on a standing seam metal roof with some our panel around the edges. Some different aspects of the roof was, you know, this is a nice roof but it’s leaking. And after two and a half or three years of coming out to stop the leaking, the leaks just wouldn’t go away. Now I came out about a month and a half, two months ago and inspected what they’d been doing for three years. How literally the amount of work that I’ve saw, um, was probably about 30 minutes worth of work. Uh, what they had been doing to try to make the leaks go away. It really is very interesting when you have someone put together a warranty for you and you agree with it and you let them put a new roof phone for you or a roof recovering or even a repair or even a maintenance plan. And when they get done well they don’t really back up what they said. Now, these are the things I see happen all the time and this is what happens with, well who I call the other guys. Get commercial roofing Broken Arrow services with us. We go above and beyond in commercial roofing Broken Arrow.

Now. Like I say, I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. I’m not ever here to put down the other guys. I’m here to talk about how we’re the good guys. We’re the guys that are going to do the best job for you. We’re the guys in commercial roofing broken arrow. They just going to give you the expertise and the experience to know before we do the job exactly what to share with you. See, we don’t hide our costs. I will sit down with you and even share my profit on the job. I don’t mind sharing my calls. I don’t mind sharing the, the products. I don’t mind sharing. Uh, you know, because generally in the commercial roofing industry, uh, roofing, uh, profitability normally lies between 22 and 30%. That’s the normal where commercial roofing jobs, we’ll have their profitability. And so it’s no big secret.

That’s just how it is in construction. And that’s how it is. Now when I do a commercial roofing repair, many times my commercial roofing repairs in commercial roofing broken Arrow will have higher profitability own up to a 45 or 55% profitability because of the small numbers that we’re working with. Because of the extensive work that we’re doing to a specific area and with the warranty that we’re adding to that, we like to have a little more money in in the get go just because if there is a leaking problem, we do come back out. We do address a situation again and in doing so we caused the leak to go away and we don’t charge for the second time out if we’re not doing new work, if we’re seeing that there’s a faulty area that we worked on, we take care of that for free because it was part of our original bid.

Now here at advanced commercial systems, there are many different things that you can talk about when you’re looking for the best roofer in down the best roofer in town is someone that doesn’t just drive around in big trucks. You know, I, I know the guys, I used to be working with a company that had just the big trucks. That’s what they did. They drove around and everyone thought they were really cool and they were really great because they had big trucks. Let me tell you something that’s, that’s like, it’s, it’s just absolutely ignorance to think someone is an amazing roofer and really good at what they do just because of what they drive. No, that just means the guys, whoever by in the trucks is probably spending a whole lot more money. What they should. Now I’ll say specifically concerning that roofing company and what happened to them. Trust us with your commercial roofing Broken Arrow needs.

They spend all their money. They struggled continually with being broke because they were by trucks. They just put $80,000 into trucks. They would just blow their money on completely idiotic, stupid things that no one would ever blow their money on. They did a building remodel over $300,000 that made it look so bad, so gaudy, so pathetic. It was just a complete chain. Now I’m not telling you who this roofing company is. I’m telling you though, we don’t blow our money on junk now. So see, this is what happens. If I was to have really, really crazy expensive taste and just blow my money on whatever, you know what would happen? I would have to raise my prices because I have to be able to buy that stuff. Well, here to avast commercial systems were very moderate and we’re very conservative in what we do. We conservative when we come to you.

Like literally when I come to him, I got a client right now that has over 60 roofs. That client, I’ve sit down with them, I’m working with them, I’ve talking to him about getting the roof’s taken care of. They were wanting us to replace all of these roofs. I’m going to sit down with him tomorrow and share with them. You know what it here in commercial roofing broken Arrow, there’s always more to the smart solutions that we offer. And what I mean by that is these routes to not need to be replaced. If you want to throw away a few hundred thousand dollars, uh, that’s exactly what we can do. We can take care of these routes for you, but I’m just telling you, whoever’s been trying to stop these leaks, whoever’s been doing maintenance on these roofs, literally don’t know what they’re doing. They’re completely crazy. And let me explain why I got up there just recently and they had gotten a can of white spray paint and she tried to spray paint the scene of a TPO roof to make the roof stop leaking.

That’s absolutely insane. You know, paint is not waterproof and paint is not a ceiling agent that will ever stop commercial roofing broken Arrow leaks. So we at advanced commercial systems, if you want to see what we’re doing, if you want to see what we’re about, hey, we’ll take used as some of the last roofs that we did. We’ll throw a ladder up, will allow you to climb up there with us. Honestly, we really wouldn’t mind if you get up on the roof with us and checked out what we’ve done, we can explain the roofing system that was there. We can explain, uh, the length of time. We can explain how we worked with the in and interacted with a building owner. We can actually go inside and talk to the building owner or the building manager and ask them what their experience was like while they were working with the roof nerds of advanced commercial systems here in advanced commercial systems. There’s one thing that you’ll find out really quickly. We love to be honest with you and transparent in what we do and how we do it. We don’t just try to hide things from you. We don’t try to hide numbers and hide systems and we don’t put on less insulation than what we’re supposed to. We don’t use a thicker or thinner, um, type of product that wouldn’t have as long of a life span is what we’re supposed to. We specifically round things up and that’s what we like to say. Yes,

we round things up. You know like when you have a number and it’s a knock a 5.6 and someone says we’ll round it up to six. Well. That’s what we do when we do insulation, when we do products with which if it calls for an half inch of fiber board, we might round it up to a five eighths inch. We’re a three quarter inch. We’re going to do what we need to do

above and beyond because honestly, at the end of the day in commercial roofing broken Arrow, when we’re doing other profitability for a roof replacement jobs, there’s always a little extra room. There’s always a little extra money so that you can get some upgrades and some things that you wouldn’t normally get. Now, the last large term commercial roof that we just did, we just finished. Literally, we upgraded the entire roof. They had a built up roof and we upgraded. The insurance came out and only paid for built up. We upgraded it with three and a half inches of insulation and then we came in with a 60 mil TPO ride on top of that installation, a g, a f, TPO. Now think about it, you’re getting an entire roof upgrade and we were capable of doing that for close to the exact same project. That’s what we do here at advanced course or systems here in commercial roofing broken arrow.

We always give you the best product and the best service. We are the best of commercial roofing. You give us a call and we’ll you why people continue to look, call us and say, Hey, I’ve used you once before. I’ve need to use you again. Or I see people and say, Hey, I’ve used you once before and they’ll say this, I’ve just referred you to my dad who’s got some commercial buildings. I’ve just referred you to some family. I just referred you to some friends and a networking group. Women has an a networking group of commercial building owners and adjust referred you to some of those guys because you did such a great job for us. This is what we hear every day at advanced commercial systems in commercial roofing broken arrow. Now this is what you need to do. You need to go to our website at, okay roof nerds.com and you need to give us a call.

Our phone number is on the website. It’s (918) 973-1010 okay. Roof nerds.com that is www dot. Okay. Roof nerds.com when you click on that website, you will find all of the information that we do about roof restoration, roof repairs, roof replacement, roof maintenance. Everything that we do is right on that website and let me explain. We kept our website extremely simple. We didn’t want you to get lost in a whole bunch of things in our website of reading for hours and hours. We just basically wanted you to have a great point of contact to see who we are and what we’re about. Hey, thanks for joining in another podcast today with us here at advanced commercial systems in commercial roofing broken Arrow, you have a good day.