As the owner and operator of a commercial roofing company here in northeast Oklahoma, you know, right here in Tulsa, broken Arrow, uh, this northeast part of a Oklahoma. I get the questions pretty often. Uh, mis storm chaser. Well, actually I haven’t gotten that question a while, but um, it’s been a while since I’ve heard that, but I’ve definitely gotten quite a few times, 10 or 15 times a few years ago over the years. And No, I’m not a storm chaser. And one of the main ways to tell whether someone’s a storm chaser is to look at their residents and I can say I’ve lived in broken arrow. Uh, I actually lived in Tulsa for eight months at 61st and Yale, uh, because I had sold a house and I was running a home there for eight months before I got my next house. And that was, that was 12, 15 years ago. We go above and beyond in commercial roofing Broken Arrow services for our community.

But basically I’ll say I’ve been in this area, broken era, uh, for every bit of 20 years. I moved here in September of 1998 and so I’m in my 21st year right now and have been in construction and been in the industry of roofing and construction, a lot of commercial, uh, level, uh, for probably the 17 of those 20 years. So if I’m asked am I a storm Chaser, really at the end of the day, that’s the best way to find out where someone’s coming from. What they’re about here in commercial roofing broken Arrow, there are a lot of storm chasers. There’s a lot of roof residential roofing companies. You normally don’t see commercial roofing companies that really are truly commercial roofing companies. You really don’t see them being a storm chaser very often. Uh, sometimes, you know, I’ve seen a few commercial companies that’s come up from Texas and they’ll start a branch in Oklahoma City and then they’ll start a branch over here until stuff and literally nine times out of 10, the branch and tools and lasts about six months and they find that they’re just wasting money. Don’t let that happen in your commercial roofing Broken Arrow needs.

For one thing. There’s not as much commercial business in Tulsa is there is in Oklahoma City. And another thing is the commercial roofers we have here, like advanced commercial systems, home of the roof, nerves. We do a really good job with marketing. We do a really good job with letting people know who we are, what we do. And uh, on this podcast right now, I’m letting a lot of people know with this very specific podcast that we are here for 20, 21 years. We do commercial roofing professionally, we have gotten licensed endorsed with the actual, under the governor of the state of Oklahoma. We have workers’ compensation insurance. We have a, uh, the million requirement for general liability. We have absolutely some of the best subcontractors in the state. These guys have their worker’s comp, they have their general liability, their legal in everything they do.

So there’s many facets to what creates us to be substantially powerful force in the commercial roofing industry. And, and these are the things that I wanna list them off to you. So you just kind of know where we’re coming from, who we are, what we’re about. One of the top things that we do, uh, which, uh, isn’t found continually in the industry is we show up for our appointments. Now you can say to yourself, that makes no sense. You’re just talking crazy talk. Yeah, I’m talking some crazy talk. Roofers many times did not show up for their appointments on a daily basis. We roof nerves, we run appointments, we meet with new potential clients. We meet with a continual customers that have been with us for years and years and we meet with building owners, property managers, you know, maintenance departments that are trying to get some leak stopped.

There’s a maintenance department over an I, Lola, I nola. We’re fixing to go over there and finish up some roofs for those guys. I know the public schools. And so here in commercial roofing broken Arrow, day after day we see roofing, uh, complaints from all of these people. I just named enlisted. We see complaints from them because they can’t get the roofers to come out. I just finished a job for a metal roof, uh, here in town. Just finished up a really nice job. It’s a big job. We just finished it up. I’m fixing to go collect money in the next few days. And, and basically her word to me was the roofer that we’d been using for a long time. We’ll just will not answer his phone and we think he’s down in Texas. Uh, cause there was a storm down there and I’m thinking, well they come from Texas to here for storms and they’d run back, run back to Texas for storms. Call us for commercial roofing Broken Arrow needs.

It’s really an interesting profession when this is your competition. Your competition really shows no stability, uh, very, very little credibility. And then you have all the stories of these commercial roofers, mostly residential roofers. It’s mostly residential that go off, collect insurance checks and then just go away. It’s the easiest thing in the world for these guys to do, especially here in commercial roofing broken Arrow, you know, you can come into town, get a hotel room, rent a home for six months. If there was a storm that came, you can get a nine one eight phone number in a matter of 30 minutes just googling how to do it and paying $16 a month. And it’s a month or a month. You’re not even doing a year or two year contract. You get a nine one eight phone number that will bleed and and phone. We’ll write into your already cell phone no matter what state or were in the world you’re from.

It will have a phone calls go directly to you and then you can look like you’re, you can have signs printed in two days showing who your company is and pebble in their local company. You can lie and do all of that stuff and the next thing you know, you’ve collected six or seven insurance checks for 5,000 a piece. You made 35,000 you put it the bank and then you cash out the bank a week later while your contacts are all calling you. Those contracts are all calling you, asking you when you’re going to get started. You cash out your bank, your close your account, and you go back home for three weeks worth of work. You just put $35,000 in your pockets. This is the stuff that happens every single day. That’s why if you want to know who we are, my name is Marty Grisham. You can go and see that I’m a realtor for eight years with Cim within Cohen Realtors.

I’ve done commercial real estate and residential real estate with Timothy going realtors. I’ve had my license with the Greater Tulsa Association of Realtors and now that means I live here. That means my address is here. So all the different things that we do here with advanced commercial systems, uh, we want to let you know that we’re not the crux. We’re not the guys that are going around just trying to collect checks. Now on the other hand, as far as a commercial roofing broken arrows concern, I want you to know that there are a lot of good credible residential and commercial roofing companies in town. I can name some, I mean I can name them. There’s, there’s some that have been doing it for many, many years. They’re really good at what they’re doing. I don’t think there’s some, I think there’s some things they do that are kind of out of line as far as pricing is concerned.

There’s one specific company out of broken Arrow that I compete with every single time and every single time I win in my bidding and commercial roofing broken arrow. Now the main reason why is because their pricing is extremely high and I don’t have a problem with their pricing being high. But as an end of the day, uh, it, it allows me to win jobs and the win estimates and when bidding because their pricing is high and the reason why their price of his highs, because they have a large amount of overhead, that overhead means they have two shops, one warehouse, 25 company trucks, they’ve got 18 employees who all of this stuff and they’re producing for you the level of roofing that owl produce. With my lower, uh, lower income, we have six Ruth nerds. We have four company trucks. And so my overhead of my company and how I choose to run my company is very small now being able to get 5 million of roofing done in a year, that’s not bad at all for this type of skeleton crew and how we have ourselves set up.

But here at advanced commercial systems, I want you to keep in mind that it doesn’t matter, um, what roofing company you choose. I would love for you to just give us a chance. We’re going to show you some transparency and some accountability in roofing that you normally don’t get. Now this is a great company up there. He goes around and does GoPro videos, but that’s about all the offers that go pro video and then they want to sit down with you for two hours and and work you over with sales pitches until you’re just tired and want to sign a line just to make them go away. And that’s literally what they do in commercial roofing broken arrow. And I’ve heard the stories, I’ve seen it too many times and there’s nothing wrong with that if that’s what you like. But if you want a company that’s going to sit down with you 2025 minutes, going to share with you, not trying to get you to sign, our purpose is to educate you.

That’s why our whole maintenance plan is literally called the smart roof plan because we’re trying to bring you and your roof to a smarter place where you’re both doing the best that you can do. Your job is to make great decisions with accumulated data. Your roof’s job is to keep the moisture out, keep the moisture out. That’s the roof’s job. If your roofs now soon as job, we’re the guys that steps in and we encourage the roof to do better. We’re the ones that steps in and causes the problems to be solved here at advanced commercial systems, home of the roof, nerds here in commercial roofing broken arrow. I just want you to know at the end of the day, we are the guys that are going to help you fulfill what you desire to do with your roofing systems. All of the things that you need done.

We’re the guys is going to help you do that. We are professionals in the industry and we’ve got a long line of experience, uh, in the terminology and the productivity and the relationship with suppliers. We bring the whole package to the table just for you. Hey, thanks for doing another podcast with us today and always remember there’s a lot of great roofers in this town and in this region of Oklahoma. We would never want to put any down. It is our job to does sometimes help you see that you need to spend a little time and investigate a little bit before you go off and just hire someone that walks through your door. Hey, we appreciate your hair to vast parcel systems and we hope you have a wonderful, wonderful day. Call us for commercial roofing Broken Arrow needs.