In Oklahoma. One thing that we all know about is storm season. Swarm season often times comes in the spring and in this brain you think about warmer days, you think about, um, doing things with the family outside, beginning to bicycle again, beginning to jog more. But the one thing we think about is the torrential rains that oftentimes cones in the greater broken area. And Tulsa area, we’re roofing seven days a week, we’re roofing 52 weeks a year. We’re roofs in 12 months a year, we’ll roof, we’re roofing every year. So we’re always thinking about these range and we’re always thinking about the torrential problems that are caused by the range that we have here in broken Arrow and Tulsa in the greater Tulsa area. Do you know that less than 25% of roofs need to be replaced? Actually preventive maintenance plans and great repair systems that had proven the test of time or what’s needed for the majority of the commercial roofs in commercial roofing broken Arrow, we want to extend the life of your current roof.

It will save you time and it will save you money. And in the long run it will save you a lot of heartache. Not to mention the headache. We love to inspect your drains, inspect your downspouts. We love to clear any blockages that many times causes downspouts than how to do their job. It’s because of that improper drainage issues that many times punting roofs cause greater problems than ever. We checked for penetrations and flashings all the time to make sure there are no tears. There are no big gaps or cracks. This is a very common problem also with parapet walls. Now let’s talk about inspecting your rooftop. Vince inspecting. Those events are really a large part of roofing. Those are penetrations completely allowing water in whenever they’re not sealed correctly. The H vac equipment and other types of mechanical equipment should also be checked out by your roofer and by mechanical and plumbing contractors.

So often we just spend a lot of time on our hands and knees looking for signs of damage, looking for reasons why the roof needs the proper roofing solutions to stop the leaking and create a new watertight system in commercial roofing, broken Arrow, it’s time to be proactive. It’s time to not just always be re reactive concerning your commercial roof. A proactive building manager is someone who allows us to create our smart roofing systems are smart plan system. Our smart roof system are all part of what we would bring to the table for a proactive client or a proactive building owner. Do you know the National Roofing Contractors Association? Many times regulates a lot of the work that we do and a lot of the different task types of mechanical repair issues that we perform. Just give us a, and we can explain to you how the NRCA regulates and does a great job working with advanced commercial systems in commercial roofing.

Broken Arrow commercial roofing is very complex. That’s why you need to choose a roofing company that has the highest level of expertise and workmanship and that’s what we do here at advanced commercial systems and commercial roofing Broken Arrow, give us a call at (918) 973-1010 or check us out on Facebook at advanced commercial systems, roof nerves or shoot us an email or a call. You can email us at advanced. Okay. At you may just want to have your roof inspected to see the current condition of your roof. We have a full plan and system put together to do just that for you. We will evaluate your roof with the highest level of expertise and bring you a diagram and pictures and video of your current roofing system and its current condition. This is invaluable to property managers who are taking care of commercial buildings for building owners to show the building owner that you’re bringing the best quality of service to his building here at advanced commercial systems. Commercial roofing isn’t just our job, it’s our passion. It’s been our passion for many years. We use the highest level of products and the highest legend level of suppliers to offer you the best products available when it comes to flat roofs. We’re professionals and we’re rocket scientists.

Jess, recently, we were called by a top property management company and the Greater Tulsa area. We had been doing repairs to Walgreens roof at 51st and Sheridan for some time with no avail because the entire roofing membrane was beginning to fail. They had a one ply or three ply asphalt roof on top of the building that truly was 15 to 20 years old and was beginning to deteriorate. The first call that we had for this roof was just a few days before Christmas two years ago and the roof was leaking inside the building right near the cash registers and commercial roofing broken arrow. When the property management company called us out, we took care of the leak nine o’clock at night with ice on the roof. While it was sleeting. We did this because we understand the importance of having your retail store dry from ice and rain so that you can continue to conduct business.

After a few attempts in different areas to make the leaking go away with success for that specific leaking, we still began to have leaks and other areas that had never been repaired because the entire roof was beginning to fail. The property manager asked us to give a price for a 45 mil TPO installation to the roof. We chose going with a fan fold insulation product to merely act as a membrane barrier between the asphalt and the TPO. This was a good product to be put down as a membrane barrier, adding very little our value to the roof, but it was given our client exactly what they needed as a the most cost effective product possible. We chose to go with mechanically adhering the 45 Mil TPO membrane down and mechanically adhering the fan fold product down as well in commercial roofing, broken Arrow up on completion of the roof.

Our contractors and I personally probed the entire roof and any low spot areas where water gathers to drain and we found a perfectly installed roof with no issues at all. This is a good tenure roof product that will uphold the test of time and it was installed correctly with the highest level of expertise. Our roofers are roof nerves and our contractors all give the highest level of expertise after being in this business for many years. There’s one important factor that a lot of people do not understand in commercial roofing, broken Arrow because they’ve not done what I’ve done period. What we’ve come to find is managing the job

with micro management skills is one of the most important aspects of doing the job right. It’s much easier to do the job right when it’s being done than it is to come back later and repair areas that are not done correctly. The biggest part of this aspect is that of the welding of the TPO laps. We use 10 foot wide rolls. They are 100 foot long. These roles have 10 squares, tin roofing squares in each role. These roofing squares and these 10 foot wide labs must be welded together in every area except the exterior perimeter of the roof. Unless we’re using TPO covered metal drip edge in which that also would need to be metal drip edge welded to the membrane in roofing, broken arrow up on the installation of this roof. We found immediate waterproofing given to the building’s perimeter and the client was extremely happy. We used the 45 mil because the client asked us to not use a 60 male because they were only looking for 10 to 15 years of waterproofing until they sell the building.


It’s been two years since we installed the roof and we have no problems at all. The TPO roof is flexible and elastic and does his job very well. It is creating a UV reflective barrier on the roof that it had never had before. We’re getting immediate results and reports from the business that they’re heating and cooling and the summertime is much better in price. Helping them meet their budgets for their yearly fiscal reviews. Give us a call and advanced commercial systems. We would love to share with you the different types of mills and the different types of reinforced membrane, single ply products like thermoplastics and third of sets that we are capable of installing for you. We guarantee you will love the roof that we give you because it’s not rocket science. It’s roof science and we are roof nerds.