Another podcast with advanced commercial systems. Another great opportunity for you to learn about what we do and learn about are really just basically our complete a system of how we run our business. What we’re all about. You know, if you had a commercial roofing company in you came it just basically sit down with us and listen to our podcast. Uh, you would find tons and tons of advantages that would help you in the commercial roofing industry. Um, so basically today we want to talk a little bit about single ply roofing. We want to talk a little bit about seamless roofing, uh, sustainable, uh, more waterproofing and then also basically, uh, really at better weathering system as well. Um, we look for in Singleplus systems in commercial roofing broken Arrow, we look for seamless systems, redundant system who look for sustainable. We’ll look for a great warranty. What for strength, we look for last, disagree, a better weathering.

We’re really looking for the best. And so TPO system, Singleplus systems, preferably TPO because it’s, you know, more cost effective than PVC. The TPO roofing system here in commercial roofing Broken Arrow really is a top notch system for being able to, you know, increase your knowledge of what they’re about. And so many buildings are getting these roofs and the potential for this product, this TPO, this thermo, thermo a polyolefin products to grow and grow and expand is absolutely phenomenal. It taking up now I’m thinking probably close to 70 to 80% of the market, which is huge. I mean, you know, 20 years ago it had maybe 10% 15% of the market, but the product and the chemical science behind the manufacturer of these products has increased to such an extent that we don’t have some of the old headaches that we used to. And there’s so much, uh, saving of time and saving of money and the, and the procedures and the process of the installation.

It really is a great product in commercial roofing broken arrow. Now if you’re dealing with frustration of having a costly roof, if you should ask us to do an estimate for you for doing a a TPO cover, we can come in and recover your roof with the TPO. If it meets within code, which we’re going to be honest and ethical with you and make sure things look at look the right way, but we can come in and, and the frustration of having costly repairs and these things can all go away. And I’ll tell you, I’ve had some clients just in the last year, I called them and said, you know, you keep having me do repairs on this roof. This roof is not going to get any better because this roof was installed wrong. It’s only going to get worse. You need us to come in and do a TPO layover on this.

And, and honestly, I mean after phone call and phone call I found, I think they finally began to understand they’ve thrown away, uh, I’m probably $15,000 on this roof. And we kept telling them this, this roofing system is not great. These, these leaks were making these leaks go away, but other ones are starting all around it and it’s just because of us getting on the roof. The roof was so poorly installed. Every time we get on the roof, more problems that are happening just because we’re here. And so here were the advanced commercial systems. Advanced commercial systems is the home of the roof nerds here in commercial roofing, broken air. We’re the best at what we do. We’ll sit down with you and we’ll share with you really what needs to be done. Uh, bringing what we call budget predictability into your roofing repairs, your roofing maintenance, your roof smart plan, your roofing restoration. This is why you contact us for commercial roofing Broken Arrow.

We’ll bring that, that budget predictability to you. And so laying down in front of you multiple budgets so you’ll know exactly what works for you now. So we are experts at roof assessment, roof evaluations, and really just roof inspection of coming out to say, hey, you know, this is the, this is the current condition of your roof. You have some commercial storm damage, you know, this is what we do. So one thing that we bring to the table is we bring a comprehensive inventory of what’s actually on your roof. So we come up with drawings. Uh, they have a roofing portfolio that really puts together all the mechanical equipment on your roof. What kind of a hit walls you have, what kind of coping cat, you know, all the pipes we put together, this fool drawing this week basically say it is, you know, a portfolio of what’s going on with your routines, your current roofing system.

And then at the same time we do a core sample. We can let you know how many layers, how much insulation, what kind of current our value are you achieving with your current system. That is huge. You know, roofers do not do that in this industry. Advanced commercial systems, home with a roof, nerves and commercial roofing, broken arrow. This is what we do every single day. We do core samples and we come to you and say, hey, the west slope on the west side, you know, it’s got a divider between his two different roofs up there. That slope has about a six our value. And you’ll be like, what does that mean and we’ll break down for you what that radiant potential in that barrier means and really what it means to you in energy efficiency. Because honestly code right now is requiring you to have a 21 our value.

So if you’re sitting there with six you’re probably one yourself. How much money am I paying more to head to heat and cool this building because I don’t have the best roofing system on here and if you’re looking at being longterm, we’re looking at selling your building soon, you really might want to bring the roof up to code and bring the roof up there where you can get the most out of the building or the and the most efficiency out of keeping the building. And so that comprehensive inventory of what your roof looks like. That also involves us telling you the R value of your current system that you have there. Now within the roof analysis and the roof inspection, it’s what we call exhaustive. Now that means we cover everything. There are 34 specifically. We have a 30 point checklist that covers your entire roof in all aspects of your roof and judges and creates a judging system for each aspect of your commercial roofing Broken Arrow needs.

Now the next thing we do, as we talked about while ago, we do insurance, infrared scans, and sometimes even laboratory analysis of what needs to be taken with your roof membrane. Let’s say your roof membrane is not lasting very long. You’ve got to put it on 10 years ago. We can take some samples of that, send it off to elaborate laboratory for testing where they can say, hey, this was a Carlisle Ruth. This is a Carlisle single ply and it’s breaking down. There’s no apparent reason why. Then we’ve got a leg to stand on. We go back to Carlisle. So, Hey, this roof was installed correctly 10 years ago. It’s, it’s fallen apart. Uh, you need to step in and take care of your, uh, you know, your roof warranty on that. So those are the kinds of things that we can do. And also within the infrared scans, we’re looking for hot and cold areas under the roofing system that would show that there’s types of water there.

Now, um, when it comes to potential savings, we want to give you that multiple and a multiple arenas in commercial roofing, broken Arrow, and one is for us to eliminate installation that has, that has taken in moisture. When you have moisture installation, you’re, you’re having multiple issues. One is you’ve got a steel deck, you’re beginning to rust that if you’ve got a TPO roof with screws and plates, the plates are aluminum. They don’t rust the majority of the time. Some of the older ones were steel. Um, but the new ones nowadays, uh, the, all of the screws there, they’re not aluminum. They’re steel. I’ve seen screws and plates, Russ to just dust. Literally there’s a kindercare roof in town 31st and Garnett, the roofing plates and screws. Some of them were, it had literally turned to crumble to dust. They had been wet for so long.

And imagine a strong wind coming along now you don’t have anything holding the roof down. It’s really an interesting situation. Um, we do calculations, um, of what, how much roof lifespan do you have? A specific algorithms that we put together concerning what type of you have that would draw up, how much alive should be left in the roof. And then basically having looked at a thousand roofs, we’re experts of knowing the different ages of roofs and being able to, you know, inform you of what needed, you know, for instance, your normal, same single ply roof. Do you know every year, just because of UV, the normal single ply roof in commercial roofing, broken Arrow will lose 3% of its upper barrier. So that waterproof barrier that’s on the upper side UV connecting with it, doing what it does best, we’ll take away about 3% of that roof every year.

What you do that for 10 years, you’ve got 30% taken away. So you can see it’s pretty important that you get a single ply put up there that above the lower scrim, which is the fiber base of the, of the, of the TPO membrane. Above that, you want a nice thick membrane up there. A lot of the polyolefin on that thermoplastic setting. So that’s what we do. We do calculations for the depletion rate or how much or why have you should have left, and then the real time maintenance of what needs to be done now and what would need to be done in one year from now, two years from now, three years from now. That’s what we do here in commercial roofing, broken Arrow, and we bring all this data to you with pictures, with video. We lay it all in front of you so that you can make the best decisions for your roof. Now here at advanced commercial systems, it’s easy to get hope to us, man. Give us a call at (918) 973-1010 and we love for people to go to our website and see what we’re all about. Okay. Roof we are here in Tulsa, commercial roofing, broken arrow. We’re here in the north east, Oklahoma, and we’re here to serve you. Thanks for joining another podcast today. It’s not rocket science, it’s roof science. And Sandra.