You know, I’d edit advanced commercial systems, home of the roof nerds. A lot of people ask why we’re called roof nerds. Well, you know, we take that name from, from the fact that Webster dictionary defines a roof as a single minded expert in the field, in a, an in, uh, and uh, in a particular technical fields. Well, we have on our team, we have, we have roof nerds, so they are single minded experts in the field of commercial roofing. So why is our slogan, it’s not rocket science. It’s roof science. Well, you know, commercial roofs are complex. They are built of systems, you know, a lot of different types of systems. There’s so many different types of commercial roofs and it takes, um, it takes a roof nerd or a technical expert to be able to put together a system that includes coping, cabs and, and the seams in the right place and the right slope. This is why we’re the experts in commercial roofing Broken Arrow.

I mean, all of these parts, you know, it’s not just slapping a bunch of, um, you know, asphalt shingles on a roof. Not that, you know, not that, you know, it doesn’t take really good guys to do, um, residential roof cause it does it, it takes great guys to do this. But listen, if you’re, I would not call upon a residential roofing company to come and work on your commercial roof because it is a much more complex and that’s why we make sure that we have roof nerds that are experts in the field of commercial roofing. And these guys will create a watertight roofing system for your industrial complex. You know, installing a roof on something like a, you know, let’s say 140,000 square foot flat roof, you know, it has, it’s a completely watertight and it needs to be like a swimming pool. It’s very complex to do that, but we can with commercial roofing Broken Arrow.

Um, you know, commercial roofing’s industrial roots can be very large and it requires technical expert Bertie’s calculation, systematic calculations and, and tried and true experience. You know, leaning on the very best roofing products and the smartest insulation solutions. It requires, you know, a good overseer and management of the team of experts. You know, you can’t just send a bunch of guys and just hope for the best, you know, it’s too expensive of, of a, um, of uh, you know, it’s too important of an investment for you. A commercial roof is an expense that we, you know, we are aware that it can be very expensive. So you need an expert to help you on that. So, so let’s talk about how expensive it can be. Well, of course it can be expensive, but it can also, um, work. We can work within your budget, you know, uh, the emergencies can expensive if there’s problems, you know, if there are leaks within your commercial roofing broken Arrow, if there’s problems, you know, if you don’t take care of them, that can be even more expensive.

So, you know, there are options. There’s roof coatings, there’s restoration options, you know, there’s repairs plus there’s restoration options like a roof coating that can extend the life of your roof without the expense and the extensive, um, uh, time that it takes to do a complete roof replacement. So you know, depending on the age of your roof and you know, if it was built correctly the first time, you know, definitely a roof coating could work for you. So, um, that, that certainly, you know, the fact that roofs are expensive, commercial roofs are expensive is no reason not to give us a call. We will give you a free roof evaluation for your commercial roofing broken arrow. We’ll give you a free evaluation for your commercial roofing broken Arrow and we will, you know, give you detailed photos. We’ll give you videos, we’ll, we’ll give you what you need in order to make the right decision for your business because we, you know, our guys want to make sure there’s no longterm complications.

We want to fix your problem with the best possible products and guarantee that that that your roof, we’ll stay watertight for years to come. That’s what we’re here for. You know, our clients give us great reviews because they’re really happy with our genius guys. You know that our roof nerds with our experts and how they’ve assisted them, they have great customer service. If for some reason we find out a guy doesn’t have great customer service with our customers, um, they’re out of there. We, we only hire, you know, great guys to work with trustworthy guys that they give documented performance and workmanship and we provide system details and photos to our clients so that they feel comfortable and, and knowing that they’re a roof nerd is just a call away if they have any problems, you know, we’re here to make sure that the smart solution and our genius genius systems work best for them for their commercial roofing broken arrow.

So give us a call at (918) 973-1010 and we’d love to send a roof nerd out to you and give you a free roof evaluation and uh, put our smart solutions to work for you. Yes, we work with insurance guests. Um, we have many satisfied customers and we work within any budget, you know, be at a roof, a restoration or roof repair. You know, oftentimes, you know, it really only takes a repair. It only takes, you know, that could be one little spot that’s causing a whole lot of damage in your whole roof. I mean, your roof might look new and be in great shape, but there’s one pin hole. You know, it could be storm damage, it could be a same separated, and it’s causing horrible damage inside your commercial roofing, broken arrow. So give us a call on our gospel, you know, give you a good evaluation.

A roof repair could be, you know, just a couple of hundred dollars or it could be much more extensive if you don’t repair it because the damage inside your roof could be awful. So, so don’t just ignore it. Like that drawer in your kitchen where you shove all your junk. Um, you want to open up the junk drawer and send a guy out and really get an overview of what’s going on, on top of your roof. On the outside, there’s a science behind the systems of commercial roofs and our guys are experts with that, with those systems they work with, built up roofing, single ply roofing, metal roofing, modified bitumen, roofing, steep steps, excuse me, steep slope, roofing and roof coatings. Um, we work on all different kinds of facilities, schools, industrial plants, shopping centers, manufacturing facilities, sports complexes, office buildings, retail outlets, churches, medical facilities. So you can schedule now and we will put our geniuses to work for you.

And we provide warranty on our services. And we also have something called a smart roof plan and a smart roof plan. It’s just basically a way for us to provide maintenance and you know, extended maintenance for your home. And a smart roof plan is something that you can get on that, um, that we will send up our guys and they’ll devise a detailed drawing of your roof and your current roof system and they will highlight any problem areas that you might have, including walkways, uh, drains, roof, rooftop machinery such as h vac units and scuppers and sloped direction and ponding areas. And you know, many other factors. Like I said, you know, these roofing systems are complex, so you need an expert, like one of our roof nerds at advanced commercial systems to come up and really give you an overview. And that’s what they’ll do with this smart roof plan.

And then with the smart roof plan, they will provide regular maintenance, um, that we’ll put our genius systems to work for you on a regular basis. And sometimes that’s, you have to have that in order to maintain the warranty on the products that are being used on your, on your commercial roofing, broken arrows. So, um, we love, we would love to talk to you about our smart roof plan and um, and being proactive on your roof instead of having to be reactive because you didn’t take care of your roof and you didn’t maintain it well and therefore you might have emergency repairs or problems after a storm. It is Oklahoma and we do have storms in Oklahoma. So, um, it’s important to be proactive on your roof and take care of your commercial roofing, broken Arrow, and um, provide a maintenance plan, um, that will extend the life of your roof and, um, past the initial warranty period.

You know, that might be a part of your products. So give us a call at nine one eight, nine seven three one zero one zero. And we can talk to you about our smart roof plan and we can talk to you about other services that we can give to you. Um, you could take advantage of a lot of different services. Just go to okay, roof it, see what we have to offer you with advanced commercial systems, commercial roofing, broken Arrow, home of the roof, nerds with us. It’s not rocket science, it’s roof science. So give us a call today.