Welcome to advanced commercial systems, the podcast where commercial roofing is the expertise of our jobs, expertise of our business. It is exactly what we do here in commercial roofing. Broken Arrow here at commercial roofing, a broken Arrow in advanced commercial systems. We, we work with commercial roofs every single day. And today I want to go a little bit over, uh, some of the testimonies and the testimonials that we have with our company. If you go to our website, you’ll see, uh, we have one testimonial from kindercare. Uh, the gentleman owned there is a good friend of ours. We’ve been working with him for three to four years now. Uh, we do a lot of work with these guys. We just did three large full roof replacements for them just just a few months ago. Um, now we do have a little separate, uh, aspect of our company where we do commercial remodeling.

We don’t talk about it much, we don’t really advertise it much. It’s just something that we do to some of our clients and for some of our clients in commercial roofing broken Arrow when they just need help and they just need a good estimate, we can come in and offer commercial roofing and also commercial remodeling services. Um, but once again, we’re not looking for those services. We just take care of clients that we have been already, you know, working with for years concerning that. And so, um, kindercare is a great company. Uh, they are the largest, uh, owned an operating a childcare facility in the United States. They have over 1400 buildings. We take care of all of the buildings in the Greater Oklahoma area.

And so they give us a and continue to give us a great, uh, great praise and great testimonials for the work that we’ve done and for things that we’ve done with them. They’re a great company to work with. We have enjoyed working with them, but right now I want to go to our website, not our website, but I want to go to our Google listing. You can go to advanced commercial systems on Google in commercial roofing. Broken Arrow and you can see that right now we currently have 103 reviews. Um, within these reviews. Uh, you’ll see people from all walks of life because that’s really who we’ve worked with. It was people from all walks of life and you’ll see some residential roofing, a commercial roofing and residential roofing class in there. But you know, the deal is we, we’ve, we started off years ago doing residential roofing and we, we did a lot of it.

We did 250 to 300 roofs. And because of that, um, in time we really saw that our heart was with commercial remodeling and commercial roofing. And so we move forward to go ahead and become a general contractor. And so that within time, uh, we moved over to being a strictly commercial roofing. Uh, it is not always the most profitable, but it is our passion. It’s what we focus on the most. And so I’m looking at some of these reviews we have here. We have a review here from a guy named frank. Uh, frank gave us a good review. We did his roof. Um, I don’t know, just a while back and basically we, we found damaging, contacted his insurance company. Within doing so we met with the insurance company. Um, sometimes insurance companies show up a little early or sometimes they show up a little late.

I’ve had times where they’ve showed up of 30 minutes to an hour early, did not tell me completely replaced the roof with uh, with their policy and then moved on to the next one. And I show up in there the homeowner or the building owner is standing there, um, you know, holding a, the paperwork in their hand saying, what do I do with this now? And so here in commercial roofing, broken air, we greatly regrettably appreciate, um, many times. And like sometimes we talk now non commercial, you know, insurance companies, sometimes we talked down and we say share some of the bad aspects of them, you know, some of the, you know, insurance companies. But I tell Ya, we’ve had really an overall great rapport and great success working with insurance companies. So never would I want to seem like Debbie Downer and not be appreciative to insurance companies. Because many times they do pay out, they do their job, they’ll take care of the policy holder. But here’s the one that catches my mind. Um, this, or this lady’s name is Nicole. She is one of the reviews we have.

Ah, she and her family went out of town and went, oh, and they one year trip, they, they’re missionaries or they were at the time and they went on a one year trip around the world. And in doing so, they took the three kids, husband, wife, um, they rented out their home to some renters, uh, for that one year period of time. Now, while this took place, we had a storm and, and it came through, you know, broken air, which they live a few miles from me in broken arrow. I live in broken arrow. And the storm came through. This was what, maybe five years ago. The storm came through and blew a huge tree, ripped it in half, and blew it on top of the house. It limbs went through the ceiling. Um, water begin to leak everywhere. So they gave me a call, they were overseas, they had heard of advanced commercial systems.

They gave me a call or they knew I was a local in broken Arrow and they gave me a call, reached out to me and you know, long distance from, I think they might’ve been in, in Kenya at the time. And when they gave me a call, I went out immediately and begin to assess the problem. Um, I called the insurance company. They, they worked with state farm. I told them the situation at that state farm that they’re basically out of town and there’s nothing they can do. I’m here to work with them. And, and state farm, they know me, they have me on their files. So in doing so they said, all right, well, Marty, well, let’s see, we’ve got to do so we’ve paid for a crane. Uh, you know, I paid for a crane and then insurance company reimbursed me, crane, come out, lift the tree, cut the tree up, haul the tree away.

And then also we had quite a few repairs that due to the roof. Um, one whole section about two to two and a half to three squares of shingle area cause we were, this was a residential building and about two to three squares of area. It needed to be fully replaced. And so we found the right color for the shingles to tie in real well. They have a laminate architectural shingle on the roof. And so really the homeowners were completely gone. We received payment from the insurance company, uh, everything while they were still traveling for a whole year. Everything worked out really well and they were just the, uh, so if I can read their review, uh, we have a tree fall on our house. Marty responded quickly, took wonderful care of us, highly recommend. I tell you, those are my two favorite words from every customer.

Highly recommend. And the reason why I like that is because if you can refer someone to your friends and family, then you trust them. That’s someone that you trust here in commercial roofing broken arrow. We greatly appreciate, uh, Nicole and her family, the trip that they went on. We appreciate them spreading the Gospel to the world. And it was a pleasure to be here and take care of them now that was about an 80 foot tall tree. It was huge. It was, uh, the, the, the diameter of that tree. It was probably two and a half, three feet wide. It was a very large tree. Uh, so it was, it was exciting for us to be able to take care of them while they were gone while they’re spreading the gospel. And the next one, next one I’d like to read here is from our Google listing, our site.

And this is from Regina and Regina is in Wagner. And so if I can just read this, a Marty is absolutely wonderful to work with. Our roof was in bad shape. Uh, they came out, patched all the leaks and the price point was great. And so that’s what I keep talking about it on our podcast, that we don’t just come out and just give you a price. We come out and we say, what’s your budget now? Now this was a flower store. This is Wagner flowers and gifts, really smallest. Or they had a, they had an estimate from the larger companies in town for $64,000 you know, to come in and that’s the only estimate they received from that company. $64,000 well, I mean it’s a flower store. How much money do they have? You can tell you know that they’re not just thriving and making millions.

So it real quickly caught my eye. The valley needed to ask the question, which I always try to ask, what budget are you shooting for? What? What do you want here? And I’ll just start saying, are you wanting to keep it under 10,000 are you wanting to keep it under 30,000 are you wanting to just get the repairs for under 5,000 and or 500 and get the, get the leaks to go away where you can take care of the roof and a future date. When it happened to me, they’d received two roof. I asked him, it’s one of about six or 7,000 from another commercial roofer and then they receive that $4,000 estimate from the other roofer. But those guys never really talk with them. Never really tried to work out the best thing to do. So as I sat down with Regina and her staff, I found out pretty quickly that they were just wanting the leaks to go away, not spend too much money.

So I think our estimate ended up being an under 5,000 and we were up there multiple days of taking care of all the bad areas, you know, the roof does need to be replaced in the next few years. But what we did is what I call a roof prolonging life. And so we prolonged the life of this roof in commercial roofing broken Arrow there over in Wagner for Regina. And we had a great experience working with them. They paid quickly. Uh, and we’ve actually, they had a new spot under an Hva c unit that opened up and began to let water in. Uh, her husband called me, what was it, probably about three months ago. And, uh, I took one of my staff with me and we personally went out there. We found the leaking area, we cleaned it really well. We applied some silicone base coating and they’ll leak has gone away.

So once again, great job with commercial roofing, a broken Arrow, commercial roofing, broken Arrow, and good job. Kudos to advanced commercial systems and I would appreciate you, I’ll let you know how much we appreciate you for tuning in. We have done over 71 72 podcast. Um, and so that’s 72 weeks in a row that we’re doing podcasts that we’re reaching out and just letting our, you know, letting them, letting the community know more about commercial roofing, more about what we can do to serve them here with a dance commercial systems in commercial roofing, broken Arrow, give us a call if you need anything at (918) 973-1010 and always remember, stay dry.