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If you’re looking for a seamless roofing project for your commercial building, give us a call at advanced commercial systems in commercial roofing, broken Arrow, one of the aspects that we offer our clients is constant owner interaction. The owner of advanced commercial systems is continually acting as project manager of multiple different levels, working with a roof nerds to ensure the highest level of roofing excellence. Another thing that we bring to the table is the highest quality products in the industry Commercial Roofing Broken Arrow.

The small details that often go unnoticed by many roofers is exactly what we look for in every project to take your roof to the next level. Being experts in project management, advanced commercial systems is also super job with quality control. Every process and every system will be checked thoroughly by upper management to make sure everything was installed or repaired correctly. Continual communication between management and the laborers is a large key to this process. Good communication with clear set goals and values is the key to great success with every project our company places a high priority on not just listening to what you’re building says, but listening to your needs and wishes as well. Commercial Roofing Broken Arrow We’ve always said it’s not rocket science, it’s roofing science. With that being said, our building science experts, commonly known as the roof nerds, understand moisture flow and how building envelopes interact with the exterior. Weather outside. Our mechanical systems work well in every occupation with our commercial roofing systems. If you’re looking for superbowl, high end technology interacting and colliding with low cost

to help and fit your buildings budget, give us a call in commercial roofing, Broken Arrow, we install 26 gauge standing seam metal roofs and we install third 60 mil thermoplastic polyolefin, tpo, commercial roofs. We do much reroofing repairs maintenance for commercial buildings in the Greater Tulsa area. The first thing you have to understand about a is that every room has a different set of needs. You might have a shingle roof that has a 12 slash 12 pitch. You might have a flat torch down roof that has a 2:12 pitch. It doesn’t matter the slope and it doesn’t matter to the system. We’re experts with all. It might be a small commercial building that you require reroof services, or it might be a large high rise or mid rise building, or if you might just need cool roof coatings for a structure that has a deteriorating membrane, whatever it is Commercial Roofing Broken Arrow you can give us a call at nine, one eight, nine, seven, three, one zero, one zero at commercial roofing, broken Arrow, and our expert roof nerds will assist you. So what’s the difference between a France slope in a low slope? Basically they’re the same thing. A flat slope is just another terminology used more by the general public to described low slope roofing, steep slope roofing. The majority of the time is metal, like our paddle or raise panel metal roofing or most commonly like most residential homes, shingle roofing.

Modified Bitumen roofs really consists of membranes or composite men. Braids made of a Bitterman, which is modifiers and a layer of fiberglass with polyester. These roofs are very durable because the modifiers are but not just your ability. Also the rubbery durable modifiers also create much flexibility. Commercial Roofing Broken Arrow Oftentimes we install or repair modified bitumen roofing with residential, industrial and commercial roofing systems.

Once again, these are systems are b u r system and they oftentimes require much high traffic, but they are extremely durable so that they can entail such traffic. The good thing about modified bitumen roofs or b, you are roofing is they are very easy to repair and they are also very easy to coat for another restoration process and system. Adding years of life to the roof can areas of very common and very easy to find on built up, modify roofs since the repair area and the League in era is easy to find. It’s normally a quick fix and an easy repair. Staying the low spectrum of the building owner’s budget. There might be just one faulty seem or one corner of a ponding area, or there might be just one hole on a parent parapet wall that is causing water to come inside the building because of how modified bitumen roots extend and begin to attach in, rise up the edges of parapet walls. Commercial Roofing Broken Arrow This is very often a leaking area, which is an easy fix. The seams of modified Bitumen parapet walls oftentimes come attached because they’re only attached with a plastic cement product. We have high fibered silicone products to recoat the scenes to make sure there’s a lasting city and great adhesion to create. Once again, a water tight membrane in commercial roofing, broken Arrow

in speaking or referring to roof coatings. Roof restoration is also a process. Therefore, roof restoration is really a rejuvenation of the entire roof and this cruelly extends the lifespan of your current roofing system. Just imagine the cost of taking off all of your roofing and insulation all the way down to the roof deck. This is very costly and then you would have to re-install a brand new roof system. Well, roof restoration using liquid applied roof membrane coatings. Commercial Roofing Broken Arrow Will take your current roof and just add a thin layer of coating over that roof to ensure, once again a water tight membrane. This is the highest and best on the low end budget for roofing. It will completely create a new roof system just on the upper membrane, keeping all water out. Did you know that you could also do roof restoration to single plies? Single plies are often aging because they’ve been out for now for 15 to 20 years, so now we’re beginning to see a lot of single ply membrane like Edm and tpo that are beginning to come to their end of the lifespan in commercial roofing. Broken Arrow, Commercial Roofing Broken Arrow so roof restoration and codings can completely recover these membranes. Do you create a new watertight seal?

We recently performed this to an epd roof and the greater area in commercial roofing, broken arrow. The one thing that you have to keep in mind is the roof that’s currently on the building. The upper membrane system must be entirely clean and that’s the one trouble that we have the most with Commercial Roofing Broken Arrow roofs because as the UV begins to barrel down and work on deteriorating these membranes, they become very chalky, so just touching one of these roofs with your hand, the deteriorated molecules completely cover your hand, created it to be a black hand, so what we do is use a power washer to wash them and brain. Every square inch is squirted and sprayed with a high pressure hose to ensure that it is clean. Then we use an Edm primer to create a fully hirable surface for our new roof restoration. Coding up on that, the roof must be entirely dry. We can roll on for smaller roofs or spray on for larger roofs. The roof coating to once again create a fully watertight roofing system. All of the parapet walls and penetrations around the roof system will also be coded and checked for any holes or openings or penetrations that water may try to access. If you’re interested in these types of roofing systems that we can offer with advanced commercial systems in Commercial Roofing Broken Arrow give us a call at nine. One, eight, nine, seven, three, one zero, one zero.