Good morning. And this morning we’re going to talk about what to do when you have storm damage. So we’re living in Oklahoma, in northeast Oklahoma. The roof nerds are the number one roofer in the northeast Oklahoma area. So we are coming to you today from our offices and giving you a, just an overall view and a new perspective of how you can look at your commercial roofing broken Arrow with advanced commercial systems. So, um, storm damage. What do you do if you have a storm come through? Um, well you will have a storm come through. I mean, unless you’re building is indoors, which of course it isn’t the external part of your roof. We’ll have a storm come through and hit it because it’s Oklahoma and we have storms come through, um, um, monthly, weekly, and sometimes of the year. It’s daily that we have storms come through, especially in spring and we’re getting close to spring.

So, um, we’re going to talk about what to do with your commercial roofing broken Arrow, um, and if a storm and when a storm comes through. So first thing I just would have you do this morning is give us a look on the web, go to, okay roof nerds, um, dot com and check out our website for advanced commercial systems. Or you can give us a call at (918) 973-1010 and we will take care of all your commercial roofing broken Arrow needs and you can schedule your free roof evaluation and estimate with us. And you’ll notice when you first go on it says it’s not rocket science, it’s roof science. And with us at advanced commercial systems, we say that because um, w our roof nerds are genius and it takes us, it takes experts in the field of commercial roofing, broken Arrow to work on the roofs in this area because we have extreme storms, we have extreme temperatures and extreme weather and all of those combined makes it important that your roofing system have someone, an expert that can work on it and maintain it and make sure that it can handle the extremes that we have here in northeast Oklahoma.

So you can of course give us a call, but go and check out our website and see what people are saying about us, about our quality and experience and that we’re trustworthy and our guys have integrity. And if they recommend us, our clients call us back for their different roofs. We, we work on different types of roofs and we are happy to work on yours and we would love to work on yours. So give us a call at (918) 973-1010 and so what, what do you do if you see a leak in your car, in your commercial property? Well, if a storm comes through or let’s say there’s a giant snow storm that comes through and it dumps a large amount and it starts melting and you get a leak in your roof, what do you do? Well, first thing we want you to do, put a bucket under your drip and give us a call and we will schedule um, a Ruffner to come out and give you a free roof inspection in 24 hours.

We have emergency service services where they can come out even faster than that and give you a roof inspection. So call us for any emergency repair you might have and they will come and give you an estimate and, and get on your roof and look and see what needs to be done. If there’s ponding that’s happening, that’s causing it. If there’s some seems that have split open, you know it, it really just depends on the type of roof system that you have. And we work on all those different types of roofing systems for your commercial roofing, broken Arrow, including built up roofing, single ply roofing, metal roofing, modified bitumen roofing, steep slope, roofing, roof coatings, and, and even shingle roofs. So, cause you know, many commercial buildings are shingle roofs similar to what you have like on a home here in Oklahoma. So give us a call.

You don’t have to know what type of roof you have. Um, we will send out an expert with years of an, of extensive product knowledge and years of experience with all types of commercial roofing, broken arrow. So for your commercial or industrial roofing system, we will send out a guy who’s an expert, um, to help you understand whether you need to replace, restore, maintain, or just repair your commercial roof. So schedule, schedule us to come out and look at your medical facility, your office, building, your school, your, your industrial plant, your auto shop, your retail outlet, your manufacturing facility. We, we’ve also worked on churches and sports complexes and shopping centers, you name it, we’ve worked on it in the Greater Tulsa area. We have worked on all types of commercial roofs and our guys are experts and they’re knowledgeable and they’re also just great to work with.

They’re nice guys and they’re smart guys. And both those things make us, um, great toe, a great company to work with because they will come out when, when we schedule it, they will actually do what they say they’re gonna do and they will help you on your commercial roofing, broken arrow. So how do you know you have a problem with your roof? Well, an obvious thing to look at after a storm comes through is if you do have a leak. So elite could, could, it could be a problem with your air conditioning unit. There could be, you know, pitting in your roof or there’s a just a scene that came loose. There could be a problem with the parapet walls. You know, it could be a very simple fix, you know, that just, you know, that could take our guys and afternoon to fix or it could be something way more extensive.

So that’s why it’s so important that you have an expert, um, get up on your roof and give you an overall view of what’s going on. They use cameras and they use, um, uh, like thermal imaging cameras, like the best, you know, the best technology today to, um, look, they even have a new drone that they’re using to get up on those really high roofs that you might not want to climb on. And they will give you a, a, you know, a view. So, so if you’re not wanting to climb up on the ladders, they’ll do it for you and they will give you a video and photos of exactly what’s going wrong with your commercial roofing, broken arrow. And they will give you a, uh, an evaluation and an estimate for repairs or replacement that will give you recommendations, you know, within your budget.

Let’s say. Um, you know, they, they could take a core sample. Let’s say you don’t know the age of your roof. They can take a core sample and let you know how much roof life you have. And they can extend that with maybe a roof coating, extend the life of your roof. Or they can say, you know, it’s only going to get worse. So you just need to know whether, um, you know, it needs to go ahead and be replaced. Or if you can extend the life review with just a small repair, you know, you don’t know until you have someone come out and give you a free roof inspection for your commercial roof in broken arrow. And there’s no pressure to buy. But it is a good idea to, to keep on top of your roof. And if you have leaks, you definitely want them to come and check that out or it could get worse.

And it’s important to stay on top of this important investment. This supporting and um, business investment that you have, which is your actual building. So, um, give us a call and yes, they will do, um, 24 hour emergency service. We will do that. And our systems, our genius, our roof repairs are our specialty and they want repair a roof, um, that needs to be replaced and they will not replace a roof that only needs a repair. So you don’t need to be worried that they’re going to try to upsell you with a complete replacement. All you need is a repair or restoration, which would be something like a roof coating that can extend the life of your roof. Um, our job is, you know, what our desire is to, um, you know, have clients for life and if there’s water that’s intruding into your place, we will a roof repair.

And if that’s all you need, you know, we’ve had plenty of those happen that all they need is a small roof repair. And because the roof was in great shape, but there are times when maybe a roof was installed improperly and there may need to be some more extensive fixes. So a repair could be just a small seem or it could be something like a pair of pit wall needs to be rebuilt or something like that. But if there are penetrations around an h vac unit or wind damage that could be caused from a storm coming through in Oklahoma, um, then we’ll find that our, our guys will find those real leaks there. They’re experts at finding leaks and they will develop a repair strategy that depends on the extent of the roof membrane damage and they will help determine the tools needed for the repair and the specific products that will work best on your current roofing system. So for your commercial roofing broken Arrow, give us a call at (918) 973-1010.