Thanks for visiting our website here at advanced commercial systems on the roof and ours here in commercial roofing Broken Arrow. We plan to exceed your expectations in commercial roofing. Let’s go through your list real quickly of the things that we take care of when we go through and do an initial inspection of your roof. Here are some things that we look at every time. Debris on the roof drains, appearance, water stains, standing water, physical damage, structural damage, general exterior areas such as wall conditions, cracks, stains, uneven surfaces such as a finish and also discoloration. We also look in the roofing features of drains, vent pipes, chimneys, skylights, gutters and drain systems, flashing areas, sofic condition face, you condition for the roofing features and what about the flat roof membrane area? We look at the condition of the coating granule, low condition punctures, allegating blisters, cracks, ponding and other areas for the slope.

Roofing air. We look for a roof material, the condition of the surface, curled era’s, buckling, missing tabs, metal, corrosion and granular condition. These are some of the things that we look at here at verse Advanced Commercial Systems home with a roof nerds in commercial roofing, broken arrow. When we come out to do the initial inspection of your roof, that initial inspection may be for us to put together a detailed smart plan for you or a maintenance plan for you as well for built a roofing systems. There are four ply cold plied and nullable deck situations that we can talk about. A roof slope limitations, uh, like minimum slope for new construction is one quarter to 12. Now also keep in mind that [inaudible] slope for roof replacement must have positive drainage. Now there’s nullable deck types. Uh, if you go to the National Hardwood Lumber and National Association in Memphis, Tennessee, you will see that there’s different state standards and grades of hardwood lumber that can be used for the perimeter Naylor.

Now that allows for there to be a nailer on the outside of the building, but also keep in mind that their air and vapor retarder types that need to be taken into consideration as well. With the roof membrane built up. Roof membranes are also for detailed information such as primer, asphalt primer, adhesive types. Now two types of adhesive types are cold applied asphalt adhesive and cold applied polymer modified asphalt adhesive. So what about interplay sheets? Well these can consist of asphalt coded polyester and fiberglass mat sheets and these can also consist of polymer modified asphalt coated polymer and fiberglass mat base sheets. That’s also bringing us to our next point of the types of flashing and then also sheet applied flashing. We have back layer, we have cap sheet, SBS Polymer Modified Bitumen fiberglass mat sheet is very common in commercial roofing to crap and we’re talking about this just a bucket

roof slope limitations with air and vapor retarder types and rigid board insulation roof, Membrane’s flashings and also many types of sheet applied flashings liquid applied flashings which calls much surfacing with cap sheet, asphalt coated fiberglass mat cap sheet, acrylic roof coatings, aluminum pigmented asphalt emulsion coatings, aluminum pigmented asphalt roof coatings and most popular that we’ve used in the past. Asphalt emulsion roof coatings. We recently used an asphalt roof coating, a emulsion roof coating made by Karnak and we filled in a large area that needed to be filled in so that the roof membrane or the roof outer surface could be flattened. So then then a different and more high end coding could be applied for a cap sheet. We are experts in commercial roofing broken arrow.

Here at advanced commercial systems we’ve solved lots of problems and one of which is I establishing a system for communication in which we call continuum. Any communication with our commercial roofing broken arrow clients we build with poor rapport with them and our clients concerning the president does present condition performance, documented performance working shift with all types of details and photos of the systematic work orders. If you have a steep slope roof, uh, you should have a advanced commercial systems in advanced commercial systems, home of the roof, nerds in commercial roofing, broken Arrow technician come out and check out your roof. Our roof nerds, they’re not really scientists but they are roof scientists, roof scientists to the place of where they have smart solutions and they bring genuis systematic systems to you to take care of you and your commercial roof. Here at advanced commercial systems in commercial roofing, broken Arrow, we offer complete roof replacement here at advanced commercial systems were home with a roof nerves.

We also offer reroofing options for commercial buildings. If you have a commercial building and would like to have a free evaluation, we do that within 24 hours with video pictures and a fool establishment of all types of issues that you may have on your roof. Just give us a call, we’ll come out and help you. So one question that we often get is what’s the difference between roof replacement and that of commercial reroofing? Reroofing is just doing a cover roof, a cover membrane or layer over the roof system that’s already there. So obviously this could be much, much less expensive or inexpensive because there is no roofing being taken off the roof. You’re basically just adding a new layer on the top. Now with roof replacement, this is where you take all of the roofing system off all the way down to the decking. This will allow you to be able to do decking repairs if possible or if needed within these decking repairs.

You can then build a system with different types of layers of isolation board insulation board I board fiberboard waterproofing sheets. You can add dens deck. You can add multiple different layers of roofing systems to cause a great r value for the building and this is a full roof replacement job here at advanced commercial systems home with the roof and ours here in commercial roofing. Broken Arrow concerning roof replacements are technicians called roof nerds would interact with you directly. They will work with you directly, whether you’re a building owner or whether you’re part of the maintenance staff of a building. You might be a property management company, which we work a lot with. We will work with you continually to develop the best system that your roof needs called the best possible system. We bring our smart solutions to you with multiple budget options so that your roofing Iq is continually increased.

We offer multiple systems to choose from day and night. Just give us a call at advanced commercial systems at (918) 973-1010 check us out on Facebook or you can go see our website at www. Okay. Roof give us a call. There are many factors in the building owner’s life that would make him consider choosing us and make him consider what would be the best roofing system or the the best repair for his building as a specific time. That’s exactly why we give smart solutions. Smart solutions is multiple things or plans that we can bring to your roofing system that would one of which could easily meet your budget. In doing so, it is still our plan and to factor in continuing the lifespan and prolonging the lifespan of your roof. The one that we have installed or repaired. Within this, we will put in the amount of desired installation that is needed.

Now the energy savings of your building will be dramatically changed and that is amazing major determining factor oftentimes with building owners and property managers and the decisions they make for their commercial roofing. Now there are different types of single ply membranes like Tpo, epds, PVC, and a lot of these, uh, maybe not the epds, but a lot of these do reflect UV light ultraviolet light. Within doing so these reflective properties, they caused her to be a great reduction in energy cost, especially along that of the summer months. You can just give us a call in commercial roofing, broken Arrow, advanced commercial systems. The reason why we named our company advanced commercial systems is because we are professionals. We are technical professionals in the industry of commercial roofing.

Since there are many factors or building owner might consider in determining the overall budget for a roofing system, we like to sit down with a building owner in share all of the pros and cons of every type of roof system that we can offer. In doing so. Roof replacement oftentimes through our roof nourish incorporates a systematic process in which we have to work with the building staff. We have to work with a business, we have to work with a certain days. We have to work around rainy times. If there’s going to be rain for a long period of time, we will make sure that we’re not doing the roof replacement areas during that time. It’s a little different with with roof.


Recovering and it’s a little different. Also with roof repairs, just remember one thing it rue science is not hard. It’s just complex.


so give us a call day or night. You do know we’re open 24 hours and you can give us a call anytime at (918) 973-1010 here in advanced commercial systems in commercial roofing, broken Arrow, we guarantee you it will come out and give you the best work and the best expertise that we can. We are professionals in this industry. Just keep one thing in mind. We did not name our company advanced roofing and construction. No, we are not a residential roofing company. We can do residential roofs and sometimes we do, but for the most part, we really wanted everyone to know that we are a professional commercial roofing company. So we named our company advanced commercial systems in commercial roofing, broken Arrow home with a roof nerds. Just give us a call. We would love to give you the best roofing deal in town.