Welcome to the podcast or the advanced commercial systems home or the roof nerds here in northeast Oklahoma. There is one commercial roofing company that stands out, stands the test of time stands for what’s your, I’d stands for justice and does what’s right each and every time. And that is of commercial roofing company that has been built on character and ethics and morality and that is of the name advanced commercial systems here at a dance commercial systems home with a roof nerds in commercial roofing broken arrow. It doesn’t matter the size of the job that you have. We are capable of having uh, providing, uh, whatever it needs to be for any size roofing projects that you have. So it could be a single ply roofing, it could be eco friendly roofing solutions. It doesn’t matter any size project. We will have solutions for you that will help you.

Now we are the flat and low slope roofing experts in the Greater Tulsa area. We are the flat and low roof, a low slope roofing experts in the broken Arrow area of commercial roofing broken arrow. And we’re also the flat and low slope roofing experts of that, of the northeast Oklahoma now, but not just for low sloped roofing. We also do steep slope roofing. We’d done, you know the, the last three jobs that we’ve done, commercial steep slope roofing was over 500 squares. That’s a lot of shingles. I’m talking that 60 to $80,000 of shingles and we did them in record time. We were doing these huge jobs in one day, one job that we had 21 of our crews, 21 of our guys in the crew on the job taking care of business because we knew that the day we started it was the day we had to finish it, no exceptions.

So we jump in, we focused, we worked on that. We started right at daylight and we worked all the way through and finished up all the way about one hour before dark, totally kicking it in the butt, getting the job done. The cleanup crew was excellent. And then my crew chiefs, my three crew chiefs of that crew came out the next day, which was on a Sunday. They came out and walk the entire area to walk and make sure that there was no, uh, extra trash for any other nails or any other products of problems around the area. So there we were here at advanced commercial systems providing the best skill, the best labor, the best cleanup on every single roofing job here with advanced commercial systems. Well, like I said, we are the flat roof and the low slope roof and the steep slope roof roofing experts in the commercial roofing Broken Arrow industry.

Now let’s talk about industrial and commercial buildings in commercial roofing Broken Arrow. A lot of times we always refer to industrial buildings. I’m sorry, commercial buildings, commercial buildings, commercial buildings. But when it comes down to it, we do tons of industrial buildings. I just don’t always use the terminology the same. But at the end of the day, whether you have a warehouse, whether you have an industrial plant, whether you have a manufacturing plant, it doesn’t matter. Industrial buildings and commercial buildings, they’re going to be the same with us here at advanced commercial systems because it’s not rocket science. It’s roof science. And no matter what style of roof, what type of roof, no matter how high the roof, we’re going to bring in the code of the International Building Code. We’re going to bring in what’s required to get the roof done. Right? So let’s talk about this real quickly. You know that roofing systems, um, they can really deliver high solar reflectance, high solar reflectance.

They can truly have an r value, uh, of a reflectivity, not just the r value of not allowing hot or cold to pass through an object. So our values basically, let’s just refer to installation, the hot and cold, the thermal or cold activity trying to pass from one point to another point through an object. That’s how you study our value. That’s how you measure our value. Well, when we do roofs with a high energy efficiency, what we’re doing in commercial roofing broken Arrow is we’re putting on a product that has reflectivity of UV rays. You don’t know how bad UV rays are until you really are in construction. Are you? You look at, you ever seen an old bass boat that’s 20 years old that’s been sitting out in the sun. It’s not even the same color. It used to be red. Now it’s some kind of weird light colored pink.

That’s because of UV rays beating down on that product tearing and disintegrating and degrading in deteriorating that product over a long period of time. It can break paint down, it can break almost anything down. And that’s what is, that’s what happens a lot of times with people who are in the sun. Your skin always isn’t meant to have tons and tons of of sunlight, tons and tons of UV rays. And so that’s why when you put on some tanning oil, I’m sorry, reflected Suntan Lotion. It’s literally talking about how much UV rays will be reflected because that’s what you’re trying to stop is the UV rays. Well we are at advanced towards well systems. We use roofing products like TPO and PVC and others that actually reflect UV rays reflect some back up into the air and keep some from uh, increasing the heating and cooling and the issues with the commercial roofing building or the industrial roofing building.

And this, my friend is what we call a cool roof. It can uh, radiate, absorbed or non reflected solar energy. This is what we call a cool roof. High solar reflectance is what we’re talking about. That’s what we work with every single day. And you can see visibly how it does a great job. Now I’ve been on, I’ve said this up just a few podcasts ago, I’ve been on multiple commercial roofs that would have a TPO roof on one side and it would come right up to a metal roof and they, we would have them tie in or some other roof or from the past have had them tied in and terminated and was, I know there’s specifically a, a $200,000 roof that we did a office Sheridan in, in Tulsa and commercial roofing broken Arrow that basically has that as well. So that commercial roof, you put your hand on the metal, it will almost scald you.

It’s extremely hot. You move your hand over, you’ve put your hand on the TPO, extremely cool, extremely radiant. Literally it feels like it’s 75 degrees. You move your hand on the other, it feels like it’s 125 degrees. Huge difference. If that right there doesn’t show you the reflectivity, the cool roof that we’re helping install for you, then you don’t really have a clue of really how important this is for you. It was a great, great service. You know, there are many companies, uh, they wait well really until it’s too late or a lot or they wait until it’s too long to get the roof work done. And I’m not talking about

sure. Roofing contractors, commercial roofing contractor or commercial roofing company. I’m talking about businesses, industrial buildings, property managers, owners of businesses, owners of buildings. Many times they just wait too long before they get their roof looked at. That’s why I love the no brainer that we offer every single day, seven days a week. It’s called the smart roof plan. Our smart roof plan is where we come out and we measure your roof. We measure, oh you think can just measure the size? No, we measure the thickness. We measure the life that’s left in your roof. There’s so many that we measure the installation, we measure the r value. We are gathering data for you so that we can serve. You see, we know the data that needs to be gathered. We know what’s important to you and you don’t even know it. That’s why we sit down with you.

We share with you the INS and outs. The lesson writes all of the good and bad aspects of what your roof looks like. And then when we’re done with that, we can then advise you because once we’re done with that, we have given you an increase your commercial roofing Iq in commercial roofing broken Arrow, and once we’ve increased your commercial roofing Iq, then suddenly suddenly just like the Lord stepped in and suddenly a preacher would say, suddenly you have the capability of knowing what needs to be done to your, if you did not know the current condition of your roof, you may not know. Really, really know the best thing to do for your room

at this time. Hey here, the vast commercial systems, this is what we do. We are so passionate about helping you. We’re so passionate about getting jobs done. We’re so passionate about what can we do to make your life better, to make your day better. With advanced commercial systems, we are the best in the roofing industry. We’re the a best we, we are the Turner of all roofing companies. We turn your roof around and make it wonderful. So with advanced commercial systems here in commercial roofing broken Arrow, all you have to do is give us a call. Our numbers really simple, (918) 973-1010. You know, if you ever need anything in commercial roofing, please give us a call. We would love to help you. Okay?

I would love to help you in every way possible. So if you need anything, you just reach out to us another way. Also by email, you can email us at advanced, okay, at cox.net or you can go to, okay, roof nerds.com and see the schedule now button. Click that, fill out the information we will be calling you very soon in setting up a very informative data gathering meeting with you so we can assist you and make your roof better every single day in every single way here in commercial roofing broken arrow. Thanks for joining and another day with us. We hope you guys are blessed today. Hope the Lord shines upon you and smiles upon you. And it’s not rocket science. It’s roof science.