So you may be wondering here with advanced commercial systems, you may be wondering, uh, what skill do we bring to the table? I mean, we’ve not been in the business for 30 years. I’ve only been in the business for 10 years. Oh, 11 years. Uh, I’ve been in the construction business, uh, since I was a child. My Dad was a builder. I’m here and advanced commercial systems. We’re doing these podcasts so that you can be familiar with what the industry looks like and what we look like. You know, I think it’s important in my opinion, I think it’s really important for people to have a clue and have a concept of what’s actually taking place in the industry or of roofing and especially commercial roofing, you know, overall in commercial roofing broken arrow. When you look at, uh, where people were standing, where you look at what specifically has happened over the years with the storm of we had, I mean, these storm of storms.

Oh, what a great storm we had. It was a 2008. It was April the eighth of 2008 and we had, was it like maybe two or three o’clock four o’clock I don’t remember the exact time we had a hailstorm come through. I lived in south broken Arrow, far south right there at the edge of big speak and I lived there and basically this storm came through total of my roof. I literally sit there and watch it happen. I actually ran outside and tried to protect my minivan. I had a Honda Odyssey 2003 Honda Odyssey minivan. I was trying to protect my minivan to pull it in the garage and I remember some of the hill, you know, getting really close to pounds and no, my head and I remember, you know the challenges that they in commercial roofing broken Arrow, the challenges of, of just a hail of how it just beat everything up and most of it was golf ball size hail, a little bit smaller than golf ball steel, totally in roofs.

Every hail hit could be seen. It was really quite an interesting concept of, of what happened and it was thousands and thousands of roofs that that got hit. Um, I was in construction, uh, I sold over 300 roofs, um, over the next, I dunno, next few months, probably the next 12 to 18 months. I sold 300 roofs and managed a lot of projects and got a lot of good things done in the industry and really learned a lot about the roofing industry as a whole because when it comes to commercial, Ruthie, um, there’s a lot of differences in commercial roofing broken Arrow between commercial roofing and that of residential roofing. But, uh, you know, metal roof, you don’t see a lot of metal roofs on resident own residential home or right now I’m literally sitting in a sitting outside and look outside my office window and I see metal roofs.

Right now I’m looking out the window of my office and I see a one, two, three buildings, four, five, two of them have TPO, a single single ply and I’ll see a shingle roof way on the other side. That’s a large commercial building. And then the three sitting in front of me, uh, there had the four, I’m sorry, no sitting in front of me, have metal roofs them. And so here in commercial roofing, broken Arrow, you know, you go different, different parts of town you might see a little bit and you’ll go, yeah, he goes to this. Some of the older parts of town, you might see a little bit of differences in the top of roofs. Newer buildings are, I mean the majority of the time your standard flat roof is going to have a TPO on it. If I was, so if someone asks me, what, what would you get if you were building a new commercial building right now, what would you get?

That’s a great question. That’s a challenging question. Obviously this is going to fall in the hands of the architect and commercial roofing, broken arrow. It’s gonna fall in the hands of the owners can fall in the hands of budget. But if, if, if, if I wanted to go with a flat roof, which I love, I love flat roofs, they are great roofs. They’re easy to fix. Uh, with a good, I would go with an 80 mil fleets back. A fleece back is a TPO product and also I believe they make an in PVC, but I’ll never see it because it’s just so uncommon. But Fleece back in commercial roofing, broken Arrow is a, uh, a twirly. You know, when you look at Velcro, you had the little sticky side with the little, the prongs stick out, the little hooks, and then you have the little web to curly black curly side.

Fleece back is almost just like that little black curly side, that little Biti, a strangulated fibers poking out of the bottom of the TPO membrane. But normally it’s gray, uh, on the bottom down there, something gray or Tan instead of a black like that. And so fleece back is a great product that allows you to do a very powerful, uh, fully adhered system because all of those fibers dislike. Now I’m just thinking your mind just like that of a, the curly, you know the curly side of a Velcro, all of the fibers of that get stuck in the glue and that roof does not come up. I mean whatever your adhere in that too. You need to make sure that that, that that bottom adhered base sheet is on. Well because of a strong wind comes that TPO is not going to come off that product.

It’s going to rip that product off of the next one but yeah that that, that the glue is so powerful. The fully adhered glue is so powerful for TPO and when you mix it with those fibers have a fleece back product now. So the hundred and 35 meal in commercial roofing, broken Arrow, the hundred and 35 mill fleece back is literally what it, it is for an 80 mil with a fleece back and so, but it is 55 meals a fleece put on top of 80 meal of TPO with a base. Now this is regular TPO with a fiber of strangulated base. And so it’s got a base mat in there with, with synthetic fibers, it holds it strong, right? And so you’re getting the strength of an 80 meal. You’re getting listened to me 25 years of this roof. I mean this roof is going to sit up.

There are really, really long time and this thing can be pushed on out to 30 years. So you’re talking about potential with the right system being put in of having a 30 year product. I mean, this is absolutely amazing and the price difference is, is still considerably better than putting on a 30 to 40 year metal roof. And you’re not going to have problems with the shrinkage. You’re not going to have problems in commercial roofing, broken error with, uh, with, uh, the moving around and all the challenges that you do with so many times here with advanced commercial systems. We’re going to give you the product, we’re going to give you the experience that you really do need. And that’s why you give us a call. If you’re looking for the best roofer in town, Hey, congratulations. You just found us. We’re the ones, there’s going to be honest with you.

We’re going to be ethical with you. I guarantee you we’re not going to be lying to you. Uh, someone wanted to get a job with me a while back and they worked with me on the phone for six months and I’d known this guy. We used to work together in the industry, in the roofing industry. Uh, he’s done some, we’ve done commercial roofs together back years and years and years ago. We’ve done commercial roofs together where there’s a lot of things we’ve done and we’ve grown as, as, uh, as, as friends. And basically he was looking for a job for me. I started to advanced commercial systems years and years ago, and he was really saw all the unethical play and all the craziness, uh, in commercial roofing, broken Arrow that he was dealing with, with the company he was at. So he wanted to leave. And I told him, I said the Vietnam and listen to me the very last time I talked to him, I said, well, I said I have a little bit of a problem at next.

I know you used drugs occasionally. I know you smoked some marijuana. And I know the last person, uh, that we interacted with, you lied to. And they specifically told me on the phone that you were lying to him. I said, so that’s not going to work with me. We’re going to have to have a come to Jesus meeting and you’re going to get off drugs. And uh, I’ve called him three or four times since then and I get no response. He doesn’t even answer the phone. He doesn’t even shoot me a text back. I know he’s gone on to work with another roofing company and I still considered him a good friend, but you know, he’s not that good. And that’s the problem. You’re not that good if you can’t stop doing drugs so that you can better your life with a great company and become a roof nerd and advanced commercial systems.

And I’ll tell you, it’s heartbreaking. And it’s a shame. People just want to live a life that’s lacking character. They want to live a life that’s lacking the moralistic, uh, dynamic, which is needed for building business, for building trust here with advanced commercial systems, home of the roof, nerves here and the wonderful commercial roofing, broken arrow. We are going to tell you the truth. We’re going to look in the eyes. Uh, you know, there are times you understand how challenging the construction industry is for people who are not in it all the time. They have no idea the shenanigans and the challenges and, and the deceiving way that even quotes can be put together. There’s one company I know specifically that does commercial roofing. They’ll do an estimate and they’ll do it 10 to $20,000 low every single time and they’ll win a bid and then they leave a little, a little ash, a little dialogue in there.

They leave a little contract dialogue because they purposely left some things out. And then when it comes time to start the roof and they redo the numbers and they shack on another $20,000 well, they do that when it’s time to start, the roof materials are being ordered. They left this open spot for the roof to price to go up if needed. And so they, they do that deceivingly knowing that they’re leaving out the numbers in the beginning so that they can win the job in the beginning with a low price. And here in commercial roofing, broken Arrow, they’re bidding jobs all the time and then they raise their price and then they’re just winning jobs. And that’s how they, let me tell you something. You cannot build a business off of deception. You can not build a business being unethical and our roof nerds are not going to act that way. Or I’m going to fire him on the spot. We’re going to live lives that are right before God and that build business and character in the local community. Hey, we appreciate you for joining us again today with commercial roofing, broken arrow.