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Here at Advance commercial systems there’s one thing we know and that’s Commercial Roofing Broken Arrow. You may be in need of roof repair or roof restoration or roof maintenance, it doesn’t matter because we are experts in the technical field of Commercial Roofing Broken Arrow. We specialize in roof coatings, metal roofing, single-ply Roofing, built-up Roofing, modified bitumen Roofing, and steep slope Roofing. Steep slope Roofing is the normal 3 tab or architectural shingles that you often see in residential homes. You also find the same steep slope Roofing with shingles in Commercial Roofing Broken Arrow. In the past the most popular type of single-ply roofing has been Thermo sets, mostly known as EPDM. But over the last 30 years in the advancement of chemical technology for roof membranes, the most popular type of single ply Roofing has become TPO and or PVC. These two types of single-ply roofing are normally 60 or 80 mil in thickness and very common in Commercial Roofing Broken Arrow.

If you’ve ever seen a flat roof that was white and very shiny, that’s probably what you’ve seen. There is a lot of science behind the system of installing these single-ply Roofing membranes. And that is exactly what we specialize in with Advance commercial systems in Commercial Roofing Broken Arrow. Let’s talk about the specifics of repairing TPO and or PVC roofing membrane. The first thing we must note in Commercial Roofing Broken Arrow is that these two types of membranes are installed two main Waze. The first way is called mechanically fastened. This type of roof installation uses screws and large Roofing membrane plates to screw the fin thermoplastic membrane to the current structural roofing system of the commercial building. Often times we will you screws between 4 and 7 in in length because the screw must reach through the membrane and the substrate and the iso board insulation and then penetrate into the roof decking with at least an inch or more of play.

The second type of installation of thermoplastic membranes is to be adhered. Fully adhered membranes means that the insulation and the roof membrane have all been glued down and it here to the decking. This is often much better for wind protection. Speaking of wind protection in Commercial Roofing Broken Arrow, wind damage is a major effect in force to the essence of every commercial roof. The more securely the membrane is fastened to the roof decking and structure, the better it can uphold in high winds, even up to 120 miles per hour. As you can understand and Commercial Roofing Broken Arrow, fully adhered thermoplastic are thermoset membrane can withstand much greater wins. One of the major factors in this is because every square inch of the membrane is adhered to the substrate below. In mechanically adhered membranes, every 10 feet there is a line of screws and plates holding them in bring down.

That’s a big difference between the two types of installation. But there’s one thing for sure, and Commercial Roofing Broken Arrow, Advanced commercial systems knows how to install these membranes with a technical Perfection and mastery that your commercial building would need. In providing repairs for these types of membranes, since the membranes are welded down with a heat welder, that is the optimum type of repair technique used in repairing TPO and PVC. Our repair staff, which are roof nerds will come to your location to weld and repair a leaking area. Often, the leaking area of these membranes are found along the parapet wall because the membrane has not gone up under the coping cap of the parapet wall but has been fastened to the inside of the parapet wall with termination bar, or T Bar. This is a quick fix in commercial Roofing Broken Arrow buy advanced commercial systems, by just running a bead of the long-term exterior roof sealant caulk along the top of the termination bar to seal open areas that have caused or allowed water to enter into the roof system.

Termination bar often needs repair. It is often made of aluminum so that it can be easily flexible and will not rust. Advanced commercial systems are roof nerds no to always inspect and evaluate all of the parapet walls because termination bar is often found there. Also HP AC units and other type of Machinery on the roof may have curbing in which the single-ply membrane will come up the side of the curbing and be ended with termination bar. This area normally does not leak as much because it is shadowed by the size of the unit above it causing it to be free from rainfall. There are some occasions where termination bar is run over the side of a building so that the single-ply membrane can be terminated on the exterior top of the building. We recently performed this on the Walgreens that we removed We recently performed this on the Walgreens that we removed at 51st and Sheridan in Tulsa. The owners of the building wanted to install a cost efficient membrane so they chose a 45 meal. We normally do not recommend that at Commercial Roofing Broken Arrow and advanced commercial systems because it does not have a scrim made of fibers given it extra strength. However the roof turned out great and for over a year now they have been leaked free. I highly advise all building owners to let are roof nerds of advanced commercial systems and Commercial Roofing Broken Arrow to at least evaluate their roof so that they are educated and informed on the Roof System they have and the Life Span left in their current membrane.