Thanks for joining in to another podcast today. I tell you, I’m always so appreciative of when I hear the feedback of the amount of people that’s been listening to our podcast. And we want to jump right in today. We want to jump right in. A lot of times I’ve talk a little bit about the company and different things, but today I really want to jump needed into a thermoplastic poly or thermo polyolefin roofing. Um, this oftentimes referred to is TPO and it’s a great product. It’s, it’s really, it’s changing so much of the, the roofing industry and commercial roofing Broken Arrow way, everybody’s making TPO roof. Uh, they are really great and they really stand out. Um, because of all that they bring to you, they bring a reflective, uh, characteristic of where they’re reflecting UV rays. And so now if you’re in the middle of the country or down to the southern part of the country, you have more heat. We are the best in commercial roofing Broken Arrow needs.

I mean, definitely, you know, you’re going to have more heat. And so it’s good to understand that these rules have been around for 30 years. You know, these years has been around a long time. And this, this is, it’s a cost effective membrane. I mean it’s suitable for all types of systems and it’s cost effective. And Gaf, Carlisle, John Mansfield, a mule hide. These are all versicle one of my favorites. I’ve loved versicle for a long time. Carlisle, these are the roof manufacturers that make these, we get smooth, uh, semis, smooth fleece back. Um, you can get your roof in a roofing color, you can get TPO in a roofing, Keller, there’s penetration accessories. Um, they make corners in curbing details, um, that works for the roofing system flashing. Uh, many different types of other things. Drains and vents. These are all the different things that you can find with the TPO roofing system because that’s everything that’s needed. We specialize in commercial roofing Broken Arrow services.

You can get it in a 45 mil, 50 meals, 60 meals, 70 mil, 80 meal. Um, and then that’s for one type. And then for fleets backs, you can get a 45 mill fleece back, which is actually a 100 mil police back. And then you get a 60 mil fleets back and an 80 mil please, please back. Which these two are referred to as 115 meal in commercial roofing broken Arrow, and then the hundred and 35 mil. So think of 135 mill. You’ve got the fleets backing, then you got to, you got an 80 meal. TPO mean that roof can last 30 years if it’s installed correctly, it can last an extremely long time. And so here in avast commercial systems, we pride ourselves in just being on top of the game. On top of the ball. I was with another roofing contractor yesterday. I was actually working on the Bank of, uh, Bank of America.

Uh, the roof has some problems and they called us out of the property manager, called me out for the second time. I made the other leagues go away just a few weeks ago and they called me out in commercial roofing broken Arrow and asked me could I take care of, uh, uh, a new roofing leak this in the drive through area. Now this is the Bank of America that’s located at the corner of 91st in elm here in broken arrow. Cause, I mean it’s literally three miles from my house. It’s right next door. And so I run over to care of that. And when I was there, there was another commercial roofer or residential and commercial roofer that was basically just doing some sheet rock repair. And I got to talk with him. I said, well, what have you been doing in the industry with Ruthie Nisa? I’m basically, I’m kind of stepping out of it.

Uh, it’s gotten a where I’m getting a little older and don’t like to climb the ladders and stuff. So I kinda got the quiz name a little bit about what’s going on in the industry with, with his, you know, from his perspective and he doesn’t have his commercial endorsement. Um, I never went to look to see if he has, uh, his residential license. Uh, so you have to understand he’s been doing flat roofs for, he told me 30 years and for the last three and a half to four years, it has been a legal requirement to have a commercial roofing endorsement. He doesn’t have one. He, he would never, he told me, he said he would never do something like that. Well, so you’re talking about someone that would not do what’s required by the state. So let me ask you this. When you go to lawsuit, because you have a problem with your roof and the lawyer who’s against you, looks at you and says, did you not know about the commercial roofing endorsement?

And then you’re going to say, well, yeah, I knew of that. And he’s gonna say, well, why did you, why did you hire someone that didn’t have it? And your only answer is going to be you want it to be cheap. Well, guess how the judge and jury, he’s going to judge that. Guess how that’s gonna turn out. You wanted to cheat proof and you’ve got a cheap roof. It costs us a lot of money in commercial roofing broken Arrow to have the commercial endorsement. Uh, it costs us a lot of time. I filled out more paperwork for that. Then I have almost anything else. It costs time, money. The test that I had to take and pass. Um, I took it one time, it was extraordinary, was actually two tests. There’s a business law of test and there is a commercial roofing test. And let me tell you something, it was so hard, I was blown away at how challenging this test was.

I literally, it was a two and a half hour test and I just literally put every single bit of energy I had like as fast as I could turning pages because it’s a lot of questions and they’re everywhere in these books and I just put everything I had into it and obviously I passed it and we have our commercial roofing endorsement. But when I came outside from taking the test, you know, they’re at psi where you take the test. When I came out and shared with the ladies, Hey, I passed and like, oh my gosh, congratulations. We’re so happy for you. And she and the lady that, uh, the testing lady said, uh, you would, you would never believe the number of people who come in here who stopped halfway through the test and just leave and don’t even finish the test. They know they failed it. Not us with our ability to excel in commercial roofing Broken Arrow services.

2030 questions in. They know there’s not a chance. And so I can understand why, but listen, let me, let me tell you about these guys. They’re not doing their best. They’re not given diligence there. Does that someone, is that someone you want working on your roof, that one roof leak and one issue, one warranty mishap could cost you hundreds of thousands of dollars. I, there’s a reason why the commercial roofing endorsement exist in the state of Oklahoma and there’s a reason why there’s not one put in place for residential roofing. This, it’s two different entities. It’s two different, uh, subjects all together. And that’s why a lot of our podcast here and commercial roofing broken Arrow, we spend a lot of time talking about the difference between residential roofing and I, I know I’ve done probably three or four podcasts in the last three months or so on maybe the last six months on the differences between residential roofing and commercial roofing.

We’re always talking about and exploring all of these differences because there’s so much different. Even I would it the last podcast with the two podcasts ago I shared, you know, just a little while ago on this podcast, how shared the names of Gef Carlisle, John Mansfield, verse Sicko, you know, um, you know, all of these different manufacturers of TPO and, and you’ll hide these guys. Every one of them give no warranty for a flat roof. And the products being used on a flat roof for a residential home. So you have to ask yourself, what’s the difference? There’s huge differences in the warranties. There’s huge differences in the liabilities. There’s huge differences in so many different aspects of it. A residential roofs, many times they, it’s just, it’s different now. It’s just, it can be the same system. It can be the same process, but at the end of the day, you’ll find out pretty quickly what the better a TPO producer and the product manager, you’ll see who puts on the best roof. That us with commercial roofing Broken Arrow services.

And so here with the advanced commercial systems, we love to hear feedback from you. If you have any questions or comments about what we do on our website, what we do with our business, um, you know, you’re free, free and welcome to give us reviews. We have over 110 reviews right now, um, through our Google listing with Google maps and these reviews, I’ll tell you, they, uh, they really speak highly of who we are, who we’ve endeavored to become and change in form into every day. And just the service that we provide for our clients. Uh, we’re thrilled to have the, I mean, just, uh, just today I had two people say, yeah, we’re going to give you a review. We’re working with people every single day, every single day. We were working with people and where we’re doing the best that we can to be ethical, to be transparent, to be accountable and to show people that we’re not just here to take your money, we’re here to assist you.

We want to make you smarter. Your, your, your commercial roofing Iq must increase for you to be a better property manager. So it’s our job to just the freely educate you. What if you’re a prophet, this, think about this. If you’re a property manager and every six months you email this extremely wellmade commercial roofing document to the owner of the building for them to look at. And basically the document is just a full free, completely de tailed, a document, a roof analysis of what the roof condition is at this very moment in time. What great documentation, what great documentation when it comes time to sell the building with. These are the things that we offer and we offer for free here with advanced commercial systems. Hey, we appreciate you joining the mess with another podcast today. Just remember it’s not roof science, it’s rocket science. Well, I think I got that backwards. It’s not rocket science. It’s roof science. That’s what happens when you talk for a long time on a podcast. But Hey, we appreciate you guys. We have got some of the greatest clients in the world and we appreciate you guys so much here in commercial roofing broken arrow. We are the company to call.