Well, another wonderful day here with advanced commercial systems home with a roof nerds here at advanced commercial systems. We cover commercial roofing and all aspects of commercial roofing here in commercial roofing broken Arrow so that you get a full spectrum of what it means to have a top notch commercial roofing experience. Now, when it comes to commercial roofing contractors, uh, we, although we are a commercial roofing contractor and a commercial roofing company, we highly suggest for our clients and future customers and just the community in this area, we highly suggest for them to be pretty skeptical and to be pretty picky about the commercial roofing contractor or even the residential roofing contractor that they pick. I know personally, many, many commercial roofing contractors that are not illegally doing commercial roofing. Now what I mean by that specifically is in commercial roofing in the state of Oklahoma, uh, the construction industry board has put together a plan and a requirement that every commercial roofer needs to have a commercial roof endorsement. And this endorsement is a series of testing. There’s two very large extensive tests that needs to be taken and there’s uh, fees to pay, a lot of paperwork to fill out. There’s a lot of things to do to ensure, um, in commercial roofing that the contractor is legitimate. And you know, a good contractor in good standing with the state of Oklahoma.

So many times when you’re looking for a commercial roofer and the greater tools area, uh, and you’re fine, your cell phone line, you find yourself looking for a commercial roofer website, you know, just type in commercial roofing broken Arrow, and you’ll see really quickly we have here to advanced commercial systems home with a roof nerves. We have well over 105 star reviews. Now you don’t get that by paying someone to get it. You don’t get that by just going around and asking people. You literally get that by when a good job and working on hundreds of roofs, inspecting hundreds of rooms and really for a longterm period of time showing excellence in all aspects of commercial roofing. And so the systems that we put in place here with how we manage our company, how we move forward, when the things that we do. That’s a really a large part of how we become one of the top commercial roofing contractors and commercial roofing companies in the Greater Tulsa area.

So if you’re looking for a Tulsa Roofer, if you’re looking for a commercial roofing Tulsa company, you just give us a call at (918) 973-1010 or you can send us a, you literally email, you could send us an email too. Okay. I’m sorry. That would be advanced. Okay. At cox.net that’s our email that goes directly to our business and our company. Our staff are, our big crew of were groof nerves will get their hands on that and start forward with how we can take care of you. And if you want the most, the easiest and most simple way to to contact us. You just go to the website at, okay. Roof nerds.com and you look about four or five on that front page, four or five different buttons that literally says schedule now or contact now. And when you hit that schedule now button, you literally will be brought up to another page that you just type in your information, hit send.

And that will be sent directly to us here with advanced commercial systems home with a roof nerds in commercial roofing, broken arrow. And so just even today, I’ve been on the phone with multiple property managers who are needing a good roofer, her needing someone that would do what they say. And that’s what we pride ourselves in here at advanced commercial systems. You know, years ago we were working with other companies and we were doing things and I’ll tell ya, I learned a lot about commercial roofing, but the thing I learned more than anything else is what not to do. The unethical, ungodly lack of character and ethics that I continually seen, just a con, a complete depravity of morality and the lives of people just completely sick and to me. And so that’s why when I joined, uh, with a commercial marketing company here in Tulsa and jinx a thrive fifteen.com when I joined with them to begin to market and begin to build and develop the systems for our company, I was extremely, extremely impressed when we all came to the same terms of understanding of what we’re looking for when we hire someone with advanced commercial systems is character.

Character is the number one thing that we look for. And we make a demand before we even hire someone. So we have ways of hiring and testing character and making sure people are who they say they are. They do what they say they do. And if we see a lack of character, you know, two times or more and one of our staff, we let them go because it’s, we’re, we’re unable to the trust. Someone who doesn’t stand up and do what’s right consistently. And so within that, here at advanced commercial systems of give us a call, we would love to help you and we’d love to show you a, you know, let’s you meet some of our staff. Really just give you a good idea of what commercial roofing, broken Arrow should really be all about.

And so many times people ask me a question along this line, which roof is the best? And really there is no one answer for that. There’s for every type of roof system there is, there’s a different answer. Um, EPBM is, is good for some areas, some roofs. And what part of the nation are you in, you know, are, are you, do you have a lot of cloud cover? You know, are you up in Seattle where it rains a lot? Are you in London, England, in England, Great Britain where it rains a lot? Or are you down in the deep south of Louisiana where I’m from? Down in the swamps. Are you down? If really far south is the, where the heat is just barreling down on roof systems and, and creating problems just because of the longterm continual, um, and just the sun itself barreling down causing lots of problems.

So with that in mind, we want to say to you the, the best roof system is the one that we advise you to get. I know that sounds a little prideful, a little crazy, but we’re technically skilled and trained as a roof nerds is where we come in. Uh, here in advanced commercial systems, home with a roof nerds and commercial roofing broken arrow. We come in and advise you on where your current roof system is, what needs to be done, how it needs to be done, the pricing and the different budget avenues in which we are capable of getting it done, the price structure to get it done. Uh, everything that needs to be understood from you so that you make the best decision. Because I’ll tell you when you drive down the road here in broken Arrow, Tulsa gene SAPULPA Claremore sand springs, Coweta sky took Jenks Bixby. Glenpool when you drive down the road here and I know la or Wagner, when you drive down the road and you like on a highway walk, when you’re driving down highway 51, you can really see how many commercial buildings there are just sitting there. Um, you know, needing, needing maintenance, Neven preventative maintenance, needing our smart roof plan, our by annual maintenance plan.

You can just see how many roof systems and just sitting there needing a good roofing company to come in and give us some good Tinder loving care. And that’s exactly what we do here at advanced commercial systems. We bring in lots of love and so many times we find roofs that just have had a tree fall on them or roofs that uh, you know, whether it be in Tulsa or, um, commercial roofing, broken Arrow limbs scraping on the side of the roof. Uh, would damage singles would damage a membrane. I Wa I was on a roof, I got a call from one of my number one property managers just the other day and it was a church here in town. And so went out to the church and basically two of the gutters were completely filled full of leaves. Now this was a huge flat roof that we replaced about four, about four years ago, a $200,000 roof that we, we replaced about four years ago.

But what we found pretty quickly was it wasn’t really an issue of the roof, uh, causing leaking or cause an issue. It was the gutters that were backed up and it was causing the water to drain to the edge of the building where the water should never get into because the, of how the gutters were full of water and it’s a very large roof. So it was a lot of water coming down to this gutter system. And so those are the things that we let you know about. Those are the things that we will investigate in our free 24 hour, no brainer roof evaluation. We do that as specifically just for you. We call it the no brainer. I mean no brainer is you don’t even have to think about this. Just say yes is to just say yes issue that when you are being offered a free walkthrough video, three problematic pictures of any areas that need help, uh, and a fool roofing, uh, either photo shoot from a Jerome, our roof drone or whether it’s from our nerd drone we call it, or whether it’s just a diagram of the drawing of your roof, no matter what it is, it’s a no brainer that you should even wonder about whether you should get something like that.

There’s no strings attached. There’s just basically a free roof evaluation. They just get you to let you know exactly what you have and exactly what direction you’re going without or without help. And that’s where we step in to check us out at. Okay. Ruth nerds.com www. Okay. Ruth nerds.com and when you check us out online, you can just basically give us a call, give us an email or click schedule. Now just remember though, it’s not rocket science, this roof science. So really when it comes down to it here in Tulsa, commercial roofing, broken era, no matter the era you’re in, basically we’re one call away from helping you. Uh, Mecca, elite, go away having a full roof replacement and giving you a 20, 25 year roofing system or roofing assembly that will ask them a really long time. So we appreciate you listening to her podcast today. Once again, it stay dry.