Advanced commercial systems is the home of the roof nerds. And we are a company that specifically targets commercial roofing because that’s the expertise that we live in today. We to cover just some of the very basis, uh, the basic services that we offer to our local community of northeast Oklahoma. So let’s just start on our list a of hearing, commercial roofing broken arrow. What we do and what we’re about here. Uh, as a commercial roofing company, um, we offer a 24 hour free roof evaluation in this evaluation. Uh, it consists of three major things, one of which is a not always cad level drawing, but it is a blueprint drawn out of your RF, a photo of your roof that shows the mechanical and all of the different aspects of your roof. We’re piping and our parapet walls, the heights of walls, uh, any mechanical equipment on the roof.

It shows the diagram, the slope direction that your roof is sloping, the amount of slope that comes in that. So that’s the number one thing, a drawing, a full drawing of your roof. The next thing we offer in this 24 hour free roof about evaluation is live or live video footage with 10 80 HD footage of when we get on your roof, a video of the initial walkthrough. And so many times roofers were getting on your roof and commercial roofing grove an era and you don’t really know what’s taking place and there’s no accountability with, with what’s happening up there. And so what what we do is we offer the highest level of expertise in the field of video to show you the walk through with an audio of what’s taken place so that when you watch this, you haven’t, you’re having a great increase in your commercial roofing Iq of what your roof is all about.

Um, it doesn’t matter if it’s a metal roof mod bit thermoplastic thermoset, Tpo, PVC, it doesn’t matter if it’s clay shingle, tile, whatever it is. We are here to serve you a, and then the next thing of part of this 24 hour free roof evaluation. The next thing we offer specifically is pictures of problematic areas. Sometimes the video doesn’t, uh, doesn’t show the clarity and we don’t spend the amount of time where you can really focus on the video, a specific screenshot. And so here at advanced course with systems in commercial roofing broken Arrow, we’re going to take pictures of the problematic areas where you have a great understanding, uh, while we described to you what’s what’s taking place and what’s going on. Okay, so that is our 24 hour free roof evaluation. The next thing we offer is this service of roof repairs, roof repairs. The next thing is a roof restorations. The next thing is roof replacements. Now understand roof replacements that isn’t just full roof replacements. We love to be able to come in and offer you the same amount of warranty and lifespan of the roof. What by doing it a less expensive

with Alexa

expensive system by not having to take off the entire current roof that’s there. Let’s say you’re a building owner and you don’t really care much about the, the building efficiency of energy cost. It’s not that big of a deal. You would rather just save money and get the roof done. Well, what you do is you work with us, we do a core sample of your roof and in doing the core sample we come up with what’s your roof is currently composed of and from there we’re capable of determining pretty quickly if your current roofing system can use,

can use a reroofing or an entire roof replacement. So here at advanced course or systems, it’s not just about fully replacing your roof, it might be just as much about taking care of your roof by doing a reroofing system. Okay. The next thing we will talk about is that we offer all of the things we offer. Yes. Or roof maintenance. Our roof maintenance is second to none. It is a very systematically built system that’s called the smart roof plan. The smart roof plan is how we increase the life of your roof while we in the lifespan of your roof, while we also increase your knowledge of the roof. We love what we do in commercial roofing Broken Arrow.

And so your commercial Iq will increase while the lifespan of your roof increases. And we do that starting off with our 24 hour free roof evaluation and then we put together the money that’s needed for right now to take care of bad problematic areas. And then we put together by monthly inspection, which you know, the majority of the time in the first two years or three years after the repair of that we’ve already done your roof doesn’t need anything done in the next two or three years or four years. So you’re just saving money there. And then the next thing, the overall is a reroofing, which we’ve just discussed. And then what about new roof construction? When there was a new building construction, we just hooked up a job the other day and just sold a job, what was it two weeks ago? A new roof construction for a flat roof.

So it’s, it’s, you know, with a new building. We went out and inspected, did some measurements and we’ll put together the plan for getting that roof taken care of. Now the free by annual roof inspection is our roof maintenance plan. And then the smart roof plan is also the same thing. Now Hague storm inspection. So basically heg engineering has certified us as storm certified inspectors to be a certain way, five inspector with an engineering company like cake, you have to go through training, you have to go through classes, you have to go through testing in a lot of instruction time. And I still look through the manuals that we had to study and do testing on. I steal, I mean, well just last week I opened one of the manuals and was going through some specific items that needed to be looked at just because we want to stay on top of our education.

We want to stay on top of the, the level of expertise that we bring into the business. And so now what about low slope roofing? Low slope roofing according to the National Roofing Contractors Association is anything that is three twelves and lower. So three twelfths and lower is low slope roof and steep slope roofing is anything that is through 12th in higher or higher than three twelves. And so as far as roofing is concerned, low sloped roofing and steep slope roofing for commercial roofing broken Arrow, that general, his eyes generalized, a division of two different types, really covers all of the different types of roofing that there is. Everything’s going to fall in either low slope or steep slope roofing. Now according to the international building code and according to the National Roofing Contractors Association, which we here in Oklahoma, we adhered to the majority of what these to say about the industry.

According to these guys, a low slope roofing has to have a minimum of one eighth of an inch of slope for every lineal running foot of slow. And so when you have eight lineal feet of roofing going the direction of the slope going down, then you would have a minimum of one inch drop. And that is the minimum that’s required in commercial roofing, broken Arrow and toll. So sad springs Sapulpa Gene Awaso, Claremore Bixby Glenpool I know Wagner, oh Huska Catusa Coweta. This is the type of, this is the minimum slope that is allowed. And so these are some of the services that we offer. And some of the stuff,

oh civics that we bring to the table every single day here at avast carceral systems. So if you have a roof right now, if you have something that needs to be looked at, it’s the easiest thing in the world to contact us. Our phone number is, is on our website, our website’s for commercial roofing Broken Arrow needs.

So if you ever need anything, give us a call here at advanced commercial systems. We would love to help you. You can reach us at (918) 973-1010. Um, we have put together all the systems needed to not only evaluate your roof, but also concerning your commercial roofing needs. To really meet all of those needs and make sure that you are a satisfied client. We can guarantee you that when you’re done, you’ll be going and given us a review and giving us a video testimonial because no all of our clients do. And they’ve been very pleased with the service. And, uh, it’s really just the communication and the product and the warranties. The mdls we offer, you know, for TPO, for PVC, all the different specific types of warranties, the workmanship warranty, the lifetime warranties, the different things, you know, for a steep slope roofing with g GAF, shingles. So here in commercial roofing, broken Arrow, you just give us a call at (918) 973-1010 and we can absolutely help you give us a call. If you need a commercial roofing company, give us a call. If you need a commercial roofing contractor, if you just need basic a Roofer near you are roofing near me or broken Arrow, commercial roofing, commercial roofing, broken Arrow, just give us a call and we would love to help you. It’s not rocket science, it’s roof science.