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Here at advanced commercial systems, when we install a roof, it can handle the crazy storm that we often have in the Greater Oklahoma area and especially that in commercial roofing, Tulsa and Commercial Roofing Broken Arrow. Awhile back we said the words our systems, our genius, and that’s exactly what we mean. Our systems are complex roofing systems with a highest level of technology and installation practices. You know there’s a big difference when you install a ruth or highway. They actually don’t leak is pretty cool. Here at advanced commercial systems and Commercial Roofing Broken Arrow, you can check out our facebook page and see all about a roof. Nerds are roof nerves have solved the problem of leaking roofs because we have established a system for continual communication. We’ve established a system where our clients can turn, continually know what the present condition of the roof is while we’re doing the roofing job for them, provide photos and videos and tons of systematic details about the documented performance in the workmanship of the roof that we install.

For them, it might be a steep slope. It might be a flat roof. It might be a low slope, it doesn’t matter. We have a single minded expert called a roof nerd in the technical field of commercial roofing that is ready to assist you. Just give us a call at nine, one, eight, nine, seven, three, one zero, one zero. We’re commercial roofing, torso and Commercial Roofing Broken Arrow, and we would love to serve you. You might have a low slope roof. It doesn’t matter. Our roof nerds are ready to help you. Remember, it’s not rocket science for commercial roofing is just roof science and our roofing scientists, ruth nerds are always ready to bring smart solutions and genius systems directly to you for your building envelope issues. We have roof repair experts. Our roof repair expert, number one is for that have commercial roofing. Number two is for specifically repair problems.

See, repair problems are all together different than just roof replacements and reroofing repair problems for commercial roofing in commercial roofing, Tulsa and commercial roofing. Broken Arrow is completely different because the many types of older membranes that are currently installed for many years ago are sometimes different than the roof systems that we deal with today or the new single ply membrane membranes that people oftentimes want today, so we do is we come out and assess your roof repair issue and we spend a large amount of time basically on our hands and knees many times trying to find the specific spot and finding the specific spot for the leaking roof that you have in commercial roofing. Broken Arrow, give us a call at nine, one eight, nine, seven, three, one, zero, one zero or check us out on facebook or on the web at. Okay. Roof [inaudible] dot com and our roofing scientists, our roof nerds will come out and assist you with your roof repair issue.

We will find your leak. It might take a few times, but we always do because our roof nurse are practically based upon high levels of technology and skill and experience and finding roof leaks. Repairing a roof many times brings immediate satisfaction to the building owner. Have you ever owned a commercial building and just had tons of water coming in down a wall or tons of water dripping right over a desk? I remember there’s one building that we currently work on that has water dripping right in front of the copy machine in the lobby. Water’s dripping from the ceiling grid from the roof membrane and the roof decking up above it, dripping right down on the carpet just two feet in front of the printer. For some reason they’ve decided to not move the printer, but when we came out and fixed the leak, the leak went away within just a few days.

By the time the next rain came. Can you imagine being standing and Commercial Roofing Broken Arrow, being standing in front of that printer, trying to make copies for about 10 minutes with a rain outside and water dripping on your head? Well, this is the kind of things that really frustrates building owners and commercial property managers and also really frustrated the staff that works for these businesses. That’s why they call us and we come out with our roof nerds and we solve the problem every single time. Remember, pawning roofs are not good and we have the problems and the solutions all underhand already. It might be faulty or Warren seems are faulty or one membranes. It might be open, seemed on parapet walls. You might be dealing with penetrations around, uh, currently or future installed HVHC units. It doesn’t matter even if it’s wind damage or hail damage.

We’re professionals working with insurance companies and we’re professionals and coming out in assessing you’re leaking issue. Now, I have to say over the last few years, there’s been quite a few commercial roofs that we’ve been unable to find a roof leak in the roofing membrane and almost every time it always leads back to roofing issues in the current h vac units upon the building. Many times these systems have quite a bit of age and the roofs be allow water in the system through the h Vac unit. So please keep in mind that you may need to call an HPAC repair technician to come out and work on your building in commercial roofing toll so and Commercial Roofing Broken Arrow. There’s one thing we know for sure, that’s how to make roof leaks go away over and over again. We’ve created immediate satisfaction for building owners, roof repairs or often times quick for us and sometimes they’re very complex, but that’s okay.

Highly complex situations do nothing more than challenge our roofing urge to do their best. Here at advanced commercial systems in Commercial Roofing Broken Arrow, the roof repair strategy that we were bringing to you many times depends on the type of roofing system that you have. Many times. It also depends on the area of your roof. It might be a ponding area, it might be a parapet wall. It might be just a faulty scene that needs to be patched. No problem at all. If it’s a TPO or Ebdm, we can patch it. If it’s a pvc or a metal roof, we can repair it. It doesn’t matter the type of system that you have, it just matters that you give us a call at nine, one, eight, nine, seven, three, one, zero, one zero. Here at advanced commercial systems. Your call to us will be a change in your roof.

You recall to us will allow us to show you the integrity and the genius that we have and our genius will begin to work for you. Remember, this isn’t rocket science. It’s science. There’s tons of science that goes into what we do and there’s tons of science that goes into your roof. One of the things that we may bring to the table for you and for your budget is that of roof restoration. Restoration is generally defined as reconditioning of an entire roof system. Now, some people try to just reconditioned part of a roof system, but that’s not really what roof restoration is. Roof restoration is basically taking the entire roof that you have in your commercial building, whether it be mostly low slope roofing and fully restoring the upper membrane of that roof, not the entire roof system by normally adding a UV radiant reflective coating to the entire roof system, filling in all penetration, whole areas, filling in all areas that could allow any type of water leaking and then coming in and doing a full coating on the roof.

Coating systems are great and can add up to 10 years of life to a roofing system. It’s a great product also because we use polyglass roofing and waterproofing systems. Polyglass is a standard in the industry for us because of their silicone based products and the elasticity that these products and the reflective radiant barrier that they create for the roofing systems that it’s applied to. If you would like to know more about polyglass systems, you can give us a call at nine one eight, two, six, nine, nine, one eight, nine, seven, three, one zero, one zero. Or you can check us out on facebook or you can check us out in Commercial Roofing Broken Arrow at. Okay, Ruth [inaudible] dot com roof repair was specifically work on a detailed area or specific area of a roof while roof restoration normally embraces the entire roof and all the penetration areas of the roof system.

Because of that, our systems and our roof coating systems are only the highest quality products that we can bring to the table. Many times you do understand the amount of rainfall that we often get. An Oklahoma, the rain here is absolutely insane. The rain that we received here on a 24 hour period of time can be multiple inches and many, many times throughout the year. We have flood warnings because of the torrential rain that we receive in Oklahoma, so just imagine a low slope flat roof system that has to hold all of that water over a 24 hour period of time. That’s why a flat roof systems are so complex and that’s why we lean on our roof nerds and the highest level of expertise and experience to make sure your commercial building property in Commercial Roofing Broken Arrow is a completely watertight system. Watertight system basically means that water will not impenetrable into the roofing system or the building through the roof membrane.

The upper level exterior roof membrane will be watertight and successfully holding back ponding water or other types of water. Now, keep in mind concerning ponding water in commercial roof in broken Arrow, ponding water is not really meant to stay on a roof. According to the National Roofing Contractors Association, ponding water should not stay on the roof more than 24 to 48 hours. They’re water areas should all exit the water out the roof system through drainage and scuppers and the water’s should leave the roofing system within that period of time. If this doesn’t happen on your roof, and we have major issues and ponding areas, there are things that we can do with a dance commercial systems and Commercial Roofing Broken Arrow to create a water tight membrane and a coating area in your ponding areas, so the whole roof does not need to be replaced. We could create a ponding area.

It is fully watertight for a long period of time. Just give us a call at advanced commercial systems at nine. One, eight, nine, seven, three, one zero, one zero. Give us a call. We would love to assist you in any way. Also, you can check us out on facebook, go to the roof nurse or advanced commercial systems. Own facebook and you’ll see our main logo and our main slogan of it’s not rocket science, it’s real science. You can learn more about the current projects that we’ve been working on and things that we’ve done in the industry.