Advanced commercial systems is the leading commercial roofing company in Oklahoma. And we’re here to talk to you today about all the services the we have to offer to you in commercial roofing, broken arrow. We not only do commercial roofing, we also do some residential roofing as well because we are roof nerds, were experts in the field of commercial roofing broken Arrow, and we’re experts in the field of roofing in general. Um, but our guys really do specialize in roof repair, roof restoration and roof maintenance and complete roof replacements. They specialize in commercial roofing and they know all about the different systems that go into making your commercial or industrial roof water tight and, and set for you to have the, the most um, uh, effective, you know, roofing system on your commercial roofing, broken arrow. So it takes an expert in the field when it comes to, um, talking about your commercial roof because there’s so many different types and there’s dope, so many different plans and products.

And so you need smart solutions and you need guys that are really wise in this field that you can trust to really know how to handle your emergency repair or just to make sure that the maintenance on your roof is being upkept in the best possible way for the, for the right price so that you can trust that they are giving you the best deal and the best service possible. And that’s what roof nerds and advanced commercial system, that’s what they do for you. They will put their genius to work for you and you can ask them about warranties for all the following, you know, depending on what type of building you have. They work on schools, industrial plants, churches, medical facilities, sports complexes, manufacturing facilities, office building, shopping centers, retail outlets, you name it. These guys with advanced commercial systems are here to, um, to work for you and give you the best possible service for your commercial roofing broken arrow.

You can also go to Google and look at our reviews. If you put in advanced commercial systems, you will see what our clients are saying about us. And they’ll say things like, I recommend these guys 100% if you need work done, look no further. You know, they also say that you can trust these are awesome. It’s an honest reliable business you can trust. And they specifically mentioned Marty who is the owner of [inaudible] advanced commercial systems and that he um, provided them a leak patch, you know, at a great price when they had an emergency repair that was from Regina. And, and you can read a lot more if you go to our Google reviews, we have, you know, over a hundred great Google reviews and we’re, we’re ranked really high. And that’s because our guys, you know, really provide the best quality service and we really want our clients to be happy with this one when it’s all said and done.

So, um, we, you can call (918) 973-1010 and schedule an appointment and we’ll send a roof nerve right out to you and they will give you a free roof inspection and an estimate that will fit within your budget. They can, you know, go over what it would be to do a repair or maybe a a restoration, which is maybe, you know, depending on the type of roof you had, it would be a nice, uh, roof coating that just basically lays over the top of your existing roof. So it really just depends on what the age of your roof and the current condition of your roof, whether that would work for you. And that’s our roof restoration or you know, they can completely, you know, pull off. We’ve, we’ve had many jobs where we’ve pulled off two layers of Ruth and, and just replaced it with a brand new TPO, you know, nice roof that you know, will last you for years and years to come because this is an important investment to you and advanced commercial systems, um, home with a roof nerds, they realize that and they want to make sure that your investment is in the best possible hands and it’s in the best possible condition.

So for your commercial roofing broken Arrow, give us a call. Our clients include shoeys, Walgreens, farmer’s insurance, Osu medicine, kindercare, Maggio’s, bs in sports. There’s so many more. Um, we’ve, we’ve done full roof replacements on KinderCare’s all over the Tulsa area. We do work in Oklahoma as far as Oklahoma City. And, um, of course we do the Greater Charleston area. We work in big speed, the Waso Jinx, broken Arrow, um, uh, Katusa we’ve done many jobs in sand springs and so papa, you know, you know, we’re here to work with you for your commercial roofing, broken Arrow and the Greater Tulsa area. So give us a call at nine one eight, nine seven three one zero one zero, and see what we can do for you. You know, our guys, they’re experts. They have highest in technical equipment, the best in the technical equipment. You know, there’s infrared cameras, they provide drones to give you good footage so you really know what you’re getting.

When you give us a call, you really know, um, you know, we want to keep you in the loop. We want to inform you, we want to teach you so that you’re not just throwing money away so that you really can trust that, um, that there, that we want to benefit you and give you the best possible experience at a price that you can afford. So let’s, let’s talk about what’s on touch again on a roof restoration. So, so, um, what, how do you know if you need a roof restoration or if you need a full replacement? Well, our guys can do, they do, they’ll take photos, they’ll take, they’ll take you up on the roof if you want to go up there. But I know if it, if you’re like me, I don’t want to go up there. I’d rather see photos and drone footage, but you know, if you want to go up there, our guys will take you up there and um, and, and really just educate you on what’s going on, on your roof.

And they, they’ll take a core sample of your roof and first of all, determine how many layers you have on your roof. And, um, and then they’ll see if there’s a way that maybe a roof restoration will work for you because that’s a much more cost effective way. And it’s a, it’s a roof coating like I mentioned before, and we use the best possible products for you and we’re certified in putting those products down and our guys, you know, we’ll put those on in a way that they stay under warranty and so that your commercial roofing, broken Arrow, um, will to last it, you know, the full amount possible. So if you’re considering a full replacement on your flat roof, we, we encourage you to explore the option of a restoration because, um, that roof coating could really refresh your roof. Um, but with a much less extensive, um, you know, downtime as far as, you know, the repair goes, you know, it doesn’t take as long, but our guys will be in and out and it’s much less expensive than a full roof replacements.

So it really is a great option for many commercial roofing, broken arrows. So, um, you can renew your current roof without the expense and the time and the effort required for a full roof replacement. So basically by, um, using the proper coding system applied over your roof, you can save on cost and you can extend the life of your current roof. So that’s just, you know, a great option. But you know, you give our Gaza call and our team would love to come out cinder roof nerd out to you and give you a full evaluation for your commercial roofing, broken Arrow, and they’ll offer you free estimates and provide you with the results you need at a price you can afford. So we’ve been doing this for many years and again, look at our video reviews. You know, I’ve have testimonials on our website at okay, roof and read what people are saying about us.

See what people are saying about us. There’s video testimonials that you can, you can look at. And um, and uh, those, those are real clients. They’re not made up clients as a real clients that we’ve had in there been gracious enough to, to tell us about their experience and we appreciate them. And, and we appreciate you, uh, reading about this today and reading and reading about all that we have to offer you at advanced commercial systems, home of the roof, nerds the best and the Greater Tulsa area for commercial roofing, broken arrow. Um, so give us a call with us. It’s not rocket science. It’s roof roof science.