Commercial Roofing Broken Arrow | Preparing For Torrential Rainfall

Have you ever thought about the importance of rainfall here at advanced commercial systems? We deal with rainfall every day, but not just the importance of it, but the problems it can cause, but let’s talk about the importance. Our bodies are made up 70 percent of water. We need water. Dehydration is a big problem and everyone must make sure that they’re taking in enough water. Plants and animals all over the world need water as well. It’s very important for them, and water is essential for life on earth, but at the same time, look at a tsunami wave or look at a torrential rainfall and flood that causes much damage in people’s lives, Commercial Roofing Broken Arrow so water has its good sides and has its bad sides here. If with at basf commercial systems, we take care of a lot of the bad problems for buildings that water causes many times in commercial roofing, broken arrow to rental rainfall in the Greater Tulsa area, and the broken air area of Oklahoma causes horrible life changing flooding and leaks through commercial roofs. Do you know a commercial roof supposed to have a slant? It’s not supposed to be completely flat, although we use the terminology flat roofs. It’s not really supposed to be all the way flat. According to the National Roofing Contractors Association, they’re supposed to be a consistent slope with no ponding area in roofs that allows water from 24 to 48 hours to exit the roof system and to go down drainage or scuppers and to leave the roof system. If roofs Commercial Roofing Broken Arrow

did not have proper drainage and ponding occurs, then there is many, many more times a chance for there to be leaks and roof membrane deterioration in the roof based flashing at parapet walls. Often with mettel coping can be applied by hot or cold application flashing systems. Commercial Roofing Broken Arrow


This helps with torrential rainfall.

Are you familiar with SPF roofs in spf roof is a spray foam roof that can be used as a second layer for reroofing in commercial roofs. In commercial roofing, broken Arrow, I’ve inspected many SPF roofs and I found the one main problem I see consistently over and over again, but first let’s go over how an sbf roof is installed. It is a spray foam roof that is sprayed to nominal thicknesses on roof systems that are already installed or roof decking with a upper separation layer. This spray foam expands it sprayed and expands normally causing a fairly rigid or bumpy surface. At this time, the roof is not fully waterproof because the spray foam product itself is still porous. It needs to be coded so at this time we get an install and apply and coat a roof coating acrylic or silicone based roof coating that will create a water tight membrane on the SPF roof system. But here’s what happens over time. Building owners and property managers very seldom know what type of roof systems they have, so when an SPF roof system is installed over a period of time, the roof coating that is protecting the SPF phone begins to wear out just due to basic uv rays and whether do you know there are a lot of sbf roofs that have birds come and pack them and create holes. Commercial Roofing Broken Arrow Every time there’s an worn out area or a bird pexa whole,

it is beginning to allow water into the SPF system. Closed sale SPF system phones are the best because they are waterproof within the system. Open cell are the ones that are the most important to have the greatest level of waterproofing due to liquid applied coatings. I remember about a year ago, I was on an extremely large building on the north side of Tulsa. I won’t say the name of the building, but I’m sure you’ve heard of it many, many times over the years, so a bone climbing up on the roof and beginning to inspect the roof. Commercial Roofing Broken Arrow I’ve found immediately that the entire spf roof system was completely saturated with terminal rainwater. The top coating of the

liquid applied coating that was to protect the SBF roof system had been worn away and was completely deteriorated. Commercial Roofing Broken Arrow As this has happened over the last years, every rainfall allows tons of water in gallons upon gallons of water to enter the roof system. The SPF roof system was completely submerged in water, so just imagine what happens from there. That water will seep down through the two or three inches of foam and suddenly begin to interact with the roof metal decking being a stainless steel decade that was on this very large roof, that rainwater began to rust and corrosion to the roof decking, so now the cost to fix this roof is now instantly doubled because the roof decking needs to be repaired as well.

In commercial roofing, broken Arrow, advanced commercial systems are highly skilled and trained to install SPF spray foam roof systems, but we did not highly recommended because of its ability to become saturated with water and create more problems. Just imagine three inches of foam on a very large roof, Commercial Roofing Broken Arrow all of which is saturated with water. Just imagine the amount of weight that’s being added to that roof system with advanced commercial systems and are highly skilled and trained roof nerds that had been trained and skilled with Hagar. Engineering is certified inspectors out of Dallas. We know exactly how to inspect and diagnose problems with SPF spray foam roofs.

There’s a word used for roof coatings that we put upon spray foam roofs. The word is dry. Now the word dry is not the same as the word cured,

the most popular type of silicone roof coating that we commonly use with advanced commercial systems and the Greater Tulsa area in commercial roofing. Broken Arrow is water cured or moisture cured coatings. We prefer moisture, cured coatings because we have a relatively high humidity level in the Greater Oklahoma area, Commercial Roofing Broken Arrow so as we apply the coating moisture in the air begins to cure and solve the problem. This is obviously different than driving

because a roof can be dry to the touch and still not really be fully cured, so just check out the next things we say here because these are various states of drying. The first one is called tech free in which dust will not stick to the newly applied coating. The next is called dry to touch. We use this often because drive to touch is when we touch it with our finger using just the weight of our hand and it will not leave a fingerprint or stick any of the roof coating to our hand dry to recoat. Commercial Roofing Broken Arrow This is commonly used for curing and drying times because the base coat must be able to be walked upon so that the second code could be applied concerning much of the silicone applied

spray on roof coatings that we have been using recently, they have a great 10 year warranty that comes standard. Do you know that applying a complete second coat could increase that warranty up to 15 or 20 years? That’s not too bad for a roof coating in commercial roofing. Broken Arrow at batch commercial systems would love to assist you in roof coatings and roof restoration possibilities for your commercial building Commercial Roofing Broken Arrow.

But let’s talk about the word cured. A roof coating is considered cured or fully cured when it has achieved the ultimate performance characteristics by becoming a solid film from its original liquid state. Some roof coatings may take up to 30 years to fully cure and some may take up to 30 days. Here’s types of curing. The first is curing by solving a reparation. The next is curing by oxidation or reaction with moisture, commonly known as moisture cured products, Commercial Roofing Broken Arrow and the other type of curing is via to coma to component chemical reaction. In this coding, two components are mixed out of two different tubular modulars

and are mixed together in a hose and spray upon the roof as they do is they mix in the air. It begins to activate a chemical curing process in which they then process Lee cure up on the roof. Most roof coatings that we install are able to be rained upon within four to six hours after immediate installation. If you have any questions concerning the vast commercial systems in commercial roofing, broken Arrow, or our typical roof coatings that we install every day upon commercial buildings, Commercial Roofing Broken Arrow please give us a call at nine. One eight, nine, seven, three, one zero, one zero.