Well. Today’s another wonderful day here in the Greater Tulsa area and in broken Arrow and the northeast region of Oklahoma. I am Marty Grisham. I am the owner and founder of advanced commercial systems and we are the home of the roof nerds and so what does it mean to be a roof nerd? Well, if you join inderal, our podcast, which we have every week, which now we’ve done, I’m don’t know how many we’ve done somewhere between 160 970 podcast that we have done. If you have joined in with our podcasts over the last year and a half, you would have known or two years you would have known exactly what it means to be a roof nerd. And so basically that is in the Greater Tulsa area and commercial roofing broken Arrow that is experts in the field of commercial roofing, which had been because all of our roof nerves have been specifically trained and instructed in commercial roofing and commercial building, storm repair and commercial buildings, storm damage such as wind and hail.

There’s an engineering company out of Texas that we have joined with and partnered with and we receive all of our instruction and all of our education, uh, from engineers now. So, you know, to be an engineer you just don’t go, you know, um, go out and claim to be one. You have training, you learn whether you’re a structural engineer or electrical, mechanical, whatever type of engineer you are. There’s a lot of training, there’s a lot of math, there’s a lot of science behind what you do. And so here at advanced commercial systems, we have been certified. Each and every one of our instructors ever, each and every one of our roof nerds have been certified with this engineering company concerning specifically commercial roof, storm damage. And so if there’s anything that you ever need for your commercial roof, if you just need an evaluation, if you would like to just see the superb, elite, satisfactory, um, workmanship that we offer, then you just give us a call.

Uh, you can go to our website to do that. Or you can just call (918) 973-1010. But on our website specifically you can see@okayroofnerds.com and then many of the aspects of who we are as commercial roofing and many of the aspects of what we can do for you with product knowledge, a systematic plans and systems, roofing systems that will serve you that we’re bring the highest level of quality of commercial roofing to you and now you might have a residential roof and you might be thinking to yourself, how can I get the same kind of quality? How can I get the same kind of satisfaction from a residential roofing company? While I’ve got a good answer for you, just give us a call. We are not opposed to taking care of residential roofing situations. We are the same way experienced and storm damage we have done over 300 have experienced in working with over 300 residential roofing jobs.

And so having that experience behind our belt and probably being on the roofs over 200 times with with insurance adjusters, we have gained such a knowledge of what insurance companies are looking for for commercial roof replacement and residential roof replacement. So basically this is how it works with the majority of policies. Um, you know, in the United States sometimes each state would differ and this is how it works definitely here in commercial roofing broken Arrow, um, your insurance adjuster can be called and he’ll come out, they’re not looking for damage to your roof. They’re looking for storm damage that was made by a specific storm if they have data already on and if that storm can actually be qualified to make the type of damage that you have. So I found

damage on a building one time and the adjuster said, well, we’ve not had, you know, their policy only in the gates allowing a storm damage in the last 12 months per the insurance policy we have with them. And they obviously did not call us when this damage happened because this damage you can tell is years and years old. And so we’re not going to replace or repair this roof because this was damaged from some previous storm. It could have been before we had a policy with the policy holder or it could have been, as we see oftentimes here, uh, in commercial roofing broken arrow. It could have been basically a storm that is out of their scope that they’re claiming they’re responsible for and they should have

written. Now in the policy that you have the insurance policy that you have, the, the, the insurance policy holder has with the insurance company. And so those kinds of things are good to know. Those kinds of things are, well we’ll adhere to that. You have full information and knowledge about what’s taking place with those kinds of roofing systems. So you can call a thousand commercial roofing contractors, you can call 10,000 commercial roofing companies. I truly believe you’re not going to get as the, the level of expertise of quality is that you would by calling advanced commercial systems home with a roof nurse. We are here in Tulsa, Claremore Awaso sand springs, Jenks Bixby, Glenpool. Uh, we are in the Greater Tulsa area. We’re in commercial roofing, broken Arrow, and we endeavored to bring the highest quality of commercial roofing processes and systems to you. And so not only to just bring you great work and great products and great systems, but we truly do endeavor to educate you if you are the owner of the building, it is our mandate to you to be the smartest and the most wise that you can for your commercial roofing system.

And so we call that your roofing Iq, increasing your roofing Iq. And so I remember years ago, Robert Kiyosaki wrote a book, you know, increase your financial Iq. I’ve read the book, I love the book, I understand exactly what he’s saying. I’ve read all of his books. I don’t understand exactly what he’s saying. And that’s the same thing that if you can increase, if we can increase your commercial roofing Iq, if we can increase that, then suddenly you are wiser to make the best decisions for your business. You know, you might just need for the next six years to just have us do repairs and do an annual maintenance on your roof. That might be the best thing for you. We’ll come in and we’ll advise that and then after six years, you’ve just had six years of budgeting so you could get the money in place and then we’ll need to do a full roof replacement.

So those are the kinds of things we bring to you because it’s our job to really just get you to a place where the best decisions are being made by you. We really want you to have the wisdom and the insight concerning your current commercial roof here in commercial roofing, broken Arrow so that you can make the best decisions for your budgeting. We know running a business, I mean we run up, this is our business, this is my business. I had vast commercial systems understand having cashflow. I understand that having the money in place that’s needed. I understand budgeting for future projects. Right now we are in need of another vehicle here at the company, so we’re doing the budgeting or we’re looking at what it, what it needs to hire another roofing vehicle for our roof nerds. As we’re growing and as we’re expanding, I understand that.

While the same way we understand your needs, we’re not just wanting to come out and get a job, we’re wanting to come out and serve you and show you a level of expertise that says there are four budgeting aspects of what we can do for you. There’s a very light repair, there is a more extensive repair followed up with preventative maintenance over the next five years or there’s just basically doing a roof recover if that’s possible or a full roof replacement. If you desire to increase your installation, which is going to help you with your value. And then in six years we can come in, uh, or we could just do a complete new layover, recover. And so with that we could take off a TPO that’s there and we could just put down a new TPO,

what’s already sitting there. If we’ve had no major leagues, if we hadn’t have had no problems as to where the, there’s been no compromising of the installation, no compromising of the lower system, we’ll lower the upper membrane India

or sub straits. If there’s been no issues, issues with that in commercial roofing, broken Arrow, then we could absolutely come in and take care of just the very top membrane and do a replacement that I’ve just been a building. Um, near, uh, C is near 46th and Mingo in Tulsa. I’ve just did some estimates and gave over some estimates, uh, to the building owners. They’re out of Dallas and one of the, there were four buildings that we bid a that we did estimates on evaluations as well. And in doing so, um, one of those was basically just take off an old epds, lay down some fan fold on top of an older roof that’s sitting there because it’s only one layer left there. She screwed out some fan phone and then come back with a Tpo, uh, single ply thermoplastic own top of the fan fold.

So basically the fan fold installation is just a very thin, very inexpensive installation that we would install in commercial roofing, broken Arrow that would just calls a cover or a divider divider, um, substrate between the old roofing system and this TPO roofing system. Because we do need to keep the two separate. They’re chemically unable to be working together. And so with that, uh, we ask for you to just give us a call. If you need anything here at advanced commercial systems, we would love to help you and love to assist you in any way. So you can give us a call here, (918) 973-1010 and I assure you will come out and give you the best evaluation possible offering you multiple versions of for your budgeting, uh, solutions. We appreciate you here. Once again, thanks for, for joining in with us here in commercial roofing, broken arrow. We appreciate all of our listeners and all of their requests and comments that we continually getting. Once again, stay dry.