Welcome again to another podcast of advanced commercial systems, home with a roof. Nerves here in good old Tulsa, Oklahoma. The most wonderful place to live. If you love the Lord and you love just a good place to live with peace and tranquility, I’ll tell you, this is the place to be. This is the place to live. And here in commercial roofing broken Arrow, we, uh, we had advanced commercial systems, by the way. My name is Marty. I am the owner and founder of advanced commercial systems, you know,

no, I worked with another roofing company and after working with them probably, I don’t know, maybe four years, when you put it all together, I really found there was such a high level of, of just a lack of ethics. There was such a high level of dishonesty, of cheating others that they would lie to their employees, they would lie to, you know, their customers just blatantly lie over and over and over again. And it really hurt me. It really bothered me a lot that they, they chose money over and over. Um, instead of choosing people and I just can’t live that way right here at advanced commercial systems. We’re going to choose, people were going to choose truth and integrity

and we’re going to do what’s right and sometimes we have to do things that were out of our way that costs us money to do. I knew I was doing a commercial roof here in broken arrow. Oh, commercial roofing broken Arrow off of elm and 81st just recently. And uh, when we started building the roof and started doing the roof, um, they want to do an upgraded roof. And so there was about an $1,800 charge for the upgraded roof because insurance paid a set amount for the roof they had. And they were, they were disgruntled, they were a little upset because you know, 15 years before if someone did their roof through insurance and didn’t charge them anything, but they probably have to understand, they’d probably put on the exact same kind of roof. So I was trying to explain to him, you know, this is a roof upgrade.

This is an upgraded roof that we’re doing for you. This is a far better system and we’re putting on three and a half inches of insulation. You currently have no insulation. We’re really taking good care of you and giving you a great system here. And when it came, we were putting it on a TPO roof and when it came to the termination around the edges, I had to make a choice between putting some cheap flashing up there and use them, some TPO tape to tie tidy in or to get some TPO covered, drip edge and tidy in which then I have to paint, which can cause problems. And, but I know the better solution of the

two is the TPO covered drip edge. It is a 1520 year process as opposed to the tape GPO tape. Uh, obviously I’ll look at it all the time. You give that stuff seven or eight, maybe 10 years and it just starts crinkling. It starts allowing leaks. Uh, I get very disappointed that it’s even being used in the industry. Um, eight people are either not installing it correctly or they just don’t know what they’re doing. And so I just, I have never to this day use TPO tape for the termination around the edges because it just doesn’t do that great of a job. And so I went back to those clients and I basically said to him, listen, I’m waving your $1,800. I’m making it go away. You’re actually responsible for that. We’re in contract for this. But the last thing I want to do is make you, you know, where you feel like you have a bad taste in your mouth with what we’re doing here that, listen, I don’t do this on everyone, but these guys, I really wanted to show them a level of, uh, giving back.

You know, they chose us to do their job. They didn’t really talk with other roofers. They really chose us and we were just doing it off of the insurance pricing. And so really it worked out really well. They seem to be extremely happy. The roof turned out really well. And so when we were done with a process, all the payments came in with the insurance company and Liberty Mutual and everything turned out really great. So once again, another job well done. And at the end of the day we went and beyond our way to make sure our clients were happy. Now don’t, don’t think you’re going to read this and one day say, oh they’re going to give us a big break. You know, whatever break we want. No, we still have to make a profit. We’re still in this, uh, because what’s, what happens when you cut back the money to do a job, you actually causes you to cut back the, the quality of the materials.

Material quality is a big, is a big part of what this job is. There’s a lot of shingles for steep slope roofing and commercial roofing that we don’t use anymore here in commercial roofing broken Arrow, the Tamco shingle we don’t use near as much as we used to. Um, I hardly ever use Owen’s corny because when I look at those shingles and I see the longterm effects and the, and the warranties that are being offered, they’re really not doing near as much as what Gaf, uh, atlas in some of the local shingles that we use a lot here. So, so as far as roofing is concerned, we’re going to do what we can to say ethical with you and give you a great deal and keep you happy. Because my idea is if I can keep you happy, you’re going to tell people it’s going to generate me business.

And at the same time, at the same time, uh, everything will work out well for you in the, in the, in the end of the deal when everything’s done. So here with advanced commercial systems, let’s talk real quickly about two different types of single ply roofing. Now there are two main categories. One is called thermal plastics and one is called thermoset now. So is going to really let you know exactly that they have a plastic fuel of plastic look of plastic touch. Um, and they are basically basically have plastic Alasta sizers in the composition and the chemical makeup of those products. And so those plastic Alasta sizers allows the product to be elastic and to be durable and stretchable. And so you can have a good size hail hit, a single ply roof. And if you have the right substrate below it, it actually will have quite a bit of endurance here in commercial roofing, broken arrow.

And so one thing you want to look for with commercial single ply roof as you want to look at that, they have a scrim that they have a mash, a fiberglass mesh backing to them that is extremely important with durability. Now if you, now I’ve had to install a 45 mil TPO, single ply that did not have a measure scrim and I don’t have any problem doing that, but I would highly recommend anyone that does that, that they do a glue down, a fully adhered process. And here’s the reason why, when roofs are put on a, and they have a 10 foot distance between the seams, so all your screws are only going to be when you’re mechanically adhering it mechanically fascinated with screws in place. You’re only going to have a screws every 10 lineal feet. And so every 10 feet you have a run of screws.

Well, as the roof stretches and contracts with hot and cold and Goodwin’s come, you can have a little bit of a lift automatically, um, happens between the scenes of a TPO roof just because of the stretch material on the stretch membrane. And so there’s, that happens if you don’t have a scram and you don’t have, uh, I would say 60 mil or more for your TPO membrane, you in my mind, if a good enough we incomes, it could definitely tear that membrane and really rip off into multiple sections of that roof. You know, just when you have the up updraft coming over a corner of a building, you know, from us straight on when rod into the building, that’s a very strong uplift force. I’ve seen it move ’em ballast before. I’ve seen it move 150, 200 pounds of gravel ballast, just move it to the side and make a clear, completely clear response.

So, so it’s really important to, in my mind that wind is one thing that you can stand up against him having a 60 mil TPO in thickness is really one of the most important parts. Uh, I’d never see anything below that 50 or 55 or 40, 45 it ever has a fiber, uh, the mesh fiber backing that causes it to be much stronger. So here at advanced commercial systems, we’re going to bring you all the information that all the knowledge it causes you to create, increase your commercial roofing Iq. You remember how Robert Kiyosaki said about financial, uh, increasing your financial Iq? Well, that’s exactly one of our main purposes. You know, every business should have a plan. They should have a purpose, they should have a way that they pursue those two. And so here at advanced course was systems. One of our purposes is helping educate our clients so they have a better understanding of what commercial roofing.

So if I walk up to a client and say, hey, you’ve got a bird roof bur rough, well they’re like, okay, so what is that? And that’s a built up roof. That’s a buildup process where uh, asphalt and fiberglass sheets are laid down in a cold process or hot tar process, you know? And then many times has gravel ballast put on the top. Well I would like for our class to be able to know that because it’s their money, it’s their decision. My job is to make them as wise and as knowledgeable as possible. And now there are some times where I have quite a few property companies that basically say to me, do whatever you have to do whatever you want. And so within that, I don’t understand. They want me to take the route that is potentially the least expensive but still getting a good product and still basically making the elite go away or really just doing a full replacement or, or reroofing projects that will give us a good 15 to 25 year depending on what they want project.

So here at advanced commercial systems, we will tailor the roof to fit your budget. So many times sitting down with a client, I remember I sat down with a medical facility about three years ago and they basically shared with me, we have a budget for around 60, 60 to 70,000 and I think we came in around 62,000 we put down some fiber board, we put down some installation for them because we were doing a roofing project and then we came in and put a TPO 60 mil on top of that, we terminated around the edge with the TPO covered coating a drip edge. And so once we did that, uh, you know, to this day we’ve not got a call back, there’s been no leaking, has been a great process. And so that’s the kind of jobs we’d like to give you, something that meets your budget, something that works well for you here in commercial roofing, broken arrow. So hearing commercial roofing, broken Arrow, uh, there’s a lot of roofers, but there’s only one to choose. And that’s advanced commercial systems. So give us a call at (918) 973-1010 we guarantee you it will give you the best quality and the best price in commercial roofing, broken arrow.