Advanced commercial systems is setting the standards for other roofing companies in the Greater Tulsa, broken Arrow, northeast Oklahoma region at bats. Commercial Systems is going to stand out when it comes time to communicate. When it comes time to actually show up on time for an appointment. I say this all the time and I don’t think people really understand what I’m saying. Roofing companies are notorious to not showing up to their appointments now their whole marketing, their whole plan, everything is based around sales. Sales has to take place or a company is going to fall very, very quickly. Oh, has to take place for the bills to be paid. A sale has to be, has to take place, um, for there to be any money to pay the bills. And the number one thing that a sale needs is a lead. So there has to be leads and showing up for the lead own time, talking to the clients, interacting with them, showing a high level of expertise in commercial roofing Broken Arrow.

This is what we’re bringing to the table for you in your commercial roofing Broken Arrow needs. And this is what so many other commercial roofing companies are lacking. They are lacking that, that really catered to effect a, of showing the expertise, showing the professionalism, the professionalism, the quality of a, of a really great roofing company. And so that’s where we’re continually judging ourselves. We’re continually stepping up and endeavoring to do everything that we can to show that advanced commercial systems is the commercial roofing company for you. Many times in our day we have people talk to us about metal roofs, metal roofs. They are not just the fad. They have been uh, the fad for, for really a long time. There have been tons of metal roof request come in every month with us. And the reason why is because everyone looks at a metal roof all when they just love it. They just said think, oh it’s, it’s going to last 50 years. Well, maybe ask the experts in commercial roofing Broken Arrow.

Hail and wind can’t hurt it wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong. I am literally showing up in about 15 minutes. We’ll actually, I got to leave here, leave my office and about 15 minutes to go to a metal roof that is leaking, that has been worked on for the last 10 years continually. And I tell you, metal roofs, they leak. Uh, when you get a TPO roof, you get a TPO roof on a hundred square building, you’re probably going to have about 15 HVHC units on that building, maybe 20 okay. So let’s say you have 20 h vac units. And so each Svac unit is going to have a pitch pocket. So you have 40 and then is going to have some extra ones. So let’s say you have 50 penetration points and that’s really just about all the penetration points. You’re going to get another 20 pipes. So you have 70 penetration points on a hundred squared TPO roof between the pitch pockets between the pipe sticking up, cause it’s about 20 pipes and the 2025 HVHC units. So let’s say you have

20 spots. Now this is, this is where it is an air conditioned building to where there’s a lot of different office space. If this is a lot of warehouse space, you’re going to have a lot less because there’s going to be a lot less h VAC units. Well let’s say you got about 70 can attraction points. And what I mean by penetration point is it isn’t specific spot that you can point to that literally is breaking through the membrane or the membrane can not go all the way across in commercial roofing Broken Arrow can not go all the way across to the entire roof because uh, something has has to stick of from the roof, from the decking stick up through the membrane. And so whether it’s an h vac unit that has curving or whatever it is, a pipe Jack, a furnace that

it doesn’t matter what it is. Let’s say there’s about 70, if that would be 100 squares of a metal roof, you probably have about 80,000 penetration points. So listen to me, 80,000 penetration points versus 70 and you think the metal roof is the most wonderful roof. Now I do metal roofs, I’ve got some great metal roof projects, I’ve got some good metal roof contractors and we do a lot with metal roofing because it’s so popular. But if I had a roof, I would put a 60 or 80 mil TPO and that roof every single time because of the capability of putting it on quickly. The, the easy maintenance of that building. Um, now obviously one’s a flat roof and one’s going to be a steep slope roof or have some low slope, a steep slope quantities around the three square, or I’m sorry, around the three 12 where the four 12 in commercial roofing,

an error commercial roofing broken arrow, advanced commercial systems, home with a roof, nerves. We’re going to be bringing you the best that we can now. So back to the metal roofs. 80,000 penetration points on a commercial roof. That’s pretty crazy. Now you’re thinking, well, each crew has a washer. Okay, so everyone tells you, Oh yeah, you, you’re getting a 40 to 50 year roof when you install this metal roof. This is our panel metal roof. Well, that’s wonderful. But the problem with that is those washers, all those screws, they don’t last that long. I’ve seen them last 15 years now. I’ve been working in just finish the job where we’re doing some extensive repairs to a brand new metal roof. And when I say metal roof, I mean a good metal roof. This metal roof was uh, uh, was, I taught quality, very expensive. I’m standing seam metal roof, one of the best metal roofs you can hands down. And they have had leaking, they had it installed three years ago and they have had leaking in commercial roofing broken Arrow, just often 61st street in broken arrow. They’ve had leaking for three years straight. Well, I show up and they asked me to take care of it. So I show up and start saying, well, there’s so many things,

things that were not done correctly, there’s so many things that were done inadvertently wrong that we’ve got to start at the basics. And basically this whole area, we need to cock it up and we need to make sure that it’s taken care of the right way. And so with advanced commercial systems, uh, we spent, what, two days, uh, doing a lot of work, a lot of Legwork, a lot of, uh, hands laid on our side working on this roof. And, and over and over, I saw screws screwed in at an angle that we’re not screwed in, flushed with the panel. They were screwed in at an angle of just creating a hole in the roof. It doesn’t get sealed by the Washer. I’ve got pictures of it. Yeah. Just text me or email me and I’ll send you pictures of exactly what I’m talking about.

It’s staggering that you have a roofing company that has a roofing crew that basically does metal roofs every single day. And they did such a poor job of screwing these screws in and they didn’t even screw them in straight here in commercial roofing broken arrow. It’s not acceptable. It is the very first thing that I saw. And so honestly, the lady that, that manages the building that manages the building envelope of the building, I went down and talked with her, shared with her what I found. She was pretty staggered that we, uh, we’re finding such a crazy problem. Advanced commercial systems recognizes all of the issues with your roof and we’re going to bring those down. We’re going to show those to you. We’re going to inform you of what needs to be done. See, our job

just did not just do roofs because if I don’t do the roof the right way, if I don’t do the roof where you’re pleased, well then suddenly I’ve got a roof done. I’ve got to check in my hand. But I’ve got an unhappy camper of an, of a client. It’s not going to refer me to friends and family. It’s not going to refer me and not going to call me back the next time they need me. Literally the lady that manages this building, uh, she has a good yeah,

relationship with the Roofer. They installed this building, the, the roof on this building going up the metal roof I was just talking about. But literally she will not call him anymore. The last time she called him, they’re in another state working on roofs there. Well what kind of sense does that make? Well, I mean, what, what, what’s the problem with that as to where is your roof or doesn’t even, she’s not even in town. How is that going to help you at all with advanced commercial systems? We are, okay. I’ll say this. I used to work with a roofing company many, many years ago. A storm would come in a little city in Oklahoma and we would low, there were 10 of us. They would load us all up in the trucks. And by the way, this was not my choice. I felt this was the stupidest thing we’d ever done.

We’d all load up in, in, in eight and 10 of us would ride to that town and ride all through that town and our big pretty trucks and, and inspect roofs and all this stuff. And we did it for about two hours, did not get a lead, turned around and drove an hour and a half back home. What a complete waste of money. Complete waste of time. And that’s what we’re dealing with. We’re dealing with complete idiotic duping people who are trying to be storm chasers who are so starving for a job. Because they overspend all of their money on big trucks and their overhead is way out of control and they basically are running a very, very poor business model. Their business model is living hand to hand and that sucks, you know, with, with paychecks coming in, that’s exactly what, we’re not going to be here with advanced commercial systems.

Give us a call at (918) 973-1010 we’re going to help you. Your legs will go away. Your w roof. We’ll get a really great multiple budget leveling of different types of budgets for your roof replacement job. We’re going to take care of you and you’re going to like what we do for you here in commercial roofing broken arrow.

So give us a call and advanced course where systems our roof nerves are trained with an engineering company for, for commercial roof evaluations and assessment here in commercial roofing Broken Arrow, there’s no one better than us at (918) 973-1010.