Hey from roof nerds. So this morning we’re going to talk about um, roof repairs and we get phone calls all the time for just quick re roof repairs or referrals from people who just need us to come check out and see if a roof repair, we’ll fix the problem of a leak in their home. They may have an emergency repair call. And so, um, let’s talk about this, that this morning and what you can do if you have a leak and you need an emergency repair. Well first of all, give us a call at (918) 973-1010 and you can give advanced commercial systems a call for your commercial roofing broken Arrow and we would love to hear from you and we’ll make this easy for you. We will come out and give you a free roof evaluation and an estimate and we’ll send one of our roof nerds to come and just kind of walk you through the process.

If there’s for some reason, um, you need something further, something bigger than a roof repair, they’ll explain to you what a roof restoration would do for you and what, um, a complete roof a replacement would do for you. They’ll give you different estimates for those different options. And so give us a call. We make it easy for you because our systems are genius. Our guys are genius who do the work there, their roof nerds, they’re experts in this field of commercial roofing, broken Arrow, but they make it easy for you. And that’s our goal is to make it easy, an easy, great, smooth process for our customers. And we want them to leave this experience knowing that their roof has been well taken care of. They, um, that the roof nerds had given them a systematic plan and smart solutions, the best solutions for them and that they can know that the years of expertise and product knowledge that is backing advanced commercial systems, home of the roof nodes is working for them, giving them the best possible result for their commercial roofing broken arrow.

So we just want you to put our genius to work for you and you can give us a call at nine one eight, nine seven three one zero one zero or anytime you can go to, okay. Roof nerds.com and um, you can read all the different types of products we can use, what the different types of roof that we are experts in that we can apply to your, um, commercial roof. A lot of times, uh, building owners may not even know exactly the type of roof they have. They may think that they have an asphalt roof and um, it might end up being a roof coating or a modified bitumen roofing. So, you know,

give us a call on, our guys will walk it through you. They’ll take photos, they have, we have the most advanced, um, photos and we have drones to take videos so that we can really give you a good overall abashed valuation of your yeah.

Commercial roofing, broken Arrow, and we can help you to understand whether there’s ponding on your roof that could cause problems. Um, we’ll just, you know, give you a good overall evaluation and um, look at your roof so that you can really know, um, how much, uh, how much of a future you have left in your roof. We can actually extend the life of that roof, um, through our roof restoration and our roof maintenance program. We have a smart roof plan that will extend the life of your roof if you still have quite a few years left in your roof. Um, so give us a call and that will, and it’s so important that you have regular roof maintenance and review of your roof because it, it, you need that in order for the warranty of your product to stay, um, to stay in tact. And so our guys will help walk you through all of that and they make it very easy for you.

We have clients that have, we have worked with that are so happy with our product that we’ve worked with in commercial roofing, broken arrow. Some of those are chewies Walgreens farmers, mozzies pizza kindercare, Osu medicine and many more you can on our website and okay. Roof nerdist.com. You can look and see what people are saying about us. You can see what our clients are saying. You can also always go to Google and put, um, and look up advanced commercial systems and you can see that we get great reviews from our customers. Um, and they come back for their different buildings and they come back and they use us and they refer us to their friends and to their, um, to their business associates because they loved the experience that they have with roof nerds and advanced commercial systems. So give us a call today at (918) 973-1010 for your commercial roofing, broken arrow.

Um, so here’s one thing that we talk about. Um, whenever we give people give us a call, they have questions. They want to know whether we are insured. Um, what other questions do they ask? They ask whether, um, we are licensed, we are licensed. We have a commercial, our commercial endorsement in Oklahoma, you’re required to have a commercial endorsement to, um, put on a flat roof to install a flat roof. And so for, with our business, we do have the commercial endorsement. We’re, we’re fully insured. Um, we have the, um, what is that called? We have general liability insurance and worker’s compensation. So we get those phone calls that asked those questions because often that’s needed and that’s required by maybe a franchise or the head over a over a, a large company. And we work on very, we work on buildings, large companies, we work with them and we work great with them and they again call us and have us do multiple buildings within their franchise.

So give us a call and you won’t be disappointed. Um, I’m trying to think of some of the other questions that people ask. Oh, we have people ask, well, do you work on, you know, what are the products to use? We have quite a few different products and we will come and inspect your roof. Um, our guys will maybe take a core sample and see how many layers of roof that you have. And they will give you an evaluation of whether, um, the life of this left in your roof. And so you can decide whether you just need a little bit of maintenance and repair or if you need a complete, um, uh, restoration or if you need a complete rest, uh, a complete replacement and they will work with your roof, with your roofing insurance company, they will call and, and, and work with them.

They’ll meet your adjuster and they really will make it easy for you. Our roof nerds are the best in the business and they’re the best in the Tulsa area. And again, go and look at our Google reviews and you’ll see that what I’m saying is accurate and that our clients agree that these are the best in the business. And you co they are a, we are a roofer that you can trust. We are, um, we work in the Tulsa area. We work in Bixby, broken Arrow, awaso. Um, let’s see. So paupa sand springs, just the Greater Tulsa area. Even Northeast Oklahoma, we’ve worked as far out as, um, some of the outlying cities. We’ve done work and we bring in an exceptional level of experience and skill to your commercial roofing, broken arrow. We have expertise in all types of roofing systems and roofing system designs including TPO spray coating, modified bitumen EPD em, um, PBC.

And we’re recognized as one of the, the top commercial roofers in the Tulsa area. And this is what makes us great and this is what makes us a company that brings people back to us again and again. We have hundreds of satisfied client testimonies, so be sure and check those out, read those or give us a call. And I think we’ll make a believer out of you when you give us a call and you’ll see what it’s like to work with one of our experts and put one of our roof nurse to work for you, but our genius to work for you and you won’t be disappointed when you have one of our experts in this, in the field of commercial roofing, broken Arrow, give you a call and come out and work with you and assist you with your commercial roof. So whether you have a low sloped roof or, um, or even like a shingle roof. Um, we’ve worked with all types of roofing systems in the Greater Tulsa area, and we would love to work with you. So give us a call today, nine one eight, nine seven three one zero one zero. And we would love to hear from you for your commercial roofing broken arrow.