Let’s talk today about what’s important to you when talking about your commercial roofing broken arrow. So we are here today with advanced commercial systems, home of the roof nerds, we serve the Tulsa area. We serve Bixby, broken Arrow, Coweta, Allosso, Sapulpa, sand springs, and anywhere in the Greater Tulsa area. We’re here to serve you. And so let’s get right in to talking about what’s the most important thing you want in a good commercial roof or your industrial roofing system. Probably it’s that it maintains a watertight seal because um, whether we’re getting snow or heavy rains, it’s, that’s the point of our roof is to protect our business and to maintain a good watertight seal. And if it’s not properly maintained, it won’t do that. And it can cause some pretty great damage inside your business and can cause your business to slow down and even pause or cause a problem.

I’m with you. Maintaining your productivity and your normal business hours. We don’t want that for you. We want you to have a watertight and well functioning roof. That’s why advanced commercial systems, hum of the roof. Nerds are here to serve you with your commercial roofing broken arrow. So give us a call today at (918) 973-1010 or visit us at our website at [inaudible] dot com so we have um, great roof nerves ready to come out with the latest technology in digital estimating. They bring cameras, thermal imaging cameras, and we have drones that will do footage of your roof and show you photos and images so that you really understand what needs to be either repaired, restored, replaced, or you know, we can give you estimates for all of those different scenarios to make sure that you’re prepared for whatever storms may come. Our guys are cutting edge in the industry.

They utilize the latest technology and they use state of the art equipment for their roof repairs. And we use the best product and we have great product knowledge because if it’s not done well, if the products are not used correctly, it can cause real problems. So you’ve got to make sure that when you choose a roofer that they really know what they’re doing. That’s why it’s so important to have experts in the field of roofing. And that’s what we have for you with our roof nerds. So give us a call at nine one eight, nine seven three one zero one zero and call our roof nerves to come out and give you a free roof inspection in 24 hours. Um, they will come and kind of work within your budget and give you an overall view of what, let’s say you just want to do a repair right now.

If that’s possible and you can fix your liquid, just a repair. Sometimes we can do that and absolutely we want to do that. And then sometimes we’ll do that, but then we’ll let you know, hey, this roof may not last more than maybe two more years. So you may want to look into getting a replacement real soon and oftentimes insurance will cover that. Or, um, there was a problem with the product that was used by maybe a different route for, or it wasn’t installed correctly. So we can see, you know, if there’s any, just even a whole, a scene that wasn’t put together properly or has worn away or has shifted and that just needs to be repaired and we can work with you and work within your budget because there is a science behind roofing systems and it’s so critical when you’re looking at a roofing system that you have technical experts to come and look at it because, um, they, these roofs are put together with systematic plans and if they’re not done well, it can cause some major damage within your business.

So give us a call. We also do great with emergency repairs and will come out within 24 hours and take a look at your roof. We’ve worked on medical facilities, sports complex is manufacturing facilities, office buildings, shopping centers, retail outlet schools, industrial plants, churches, all types of commercial roofing broken arrow. So give us a call. You can also go and look at our Google reviews. We’ve got great reviews, people, um, our clients are very satisfied with the work we’ve done for them. We take care of them and we help to maintain. And do preventative care on their roofs. After we’ve done repairs, we make sure that we, we go and we make sure that they are, their roosts are maintained and that there’s no problems that could form in the future. That’s super important, especially in Oklahoma with the weather that we have. We’ve had deep snows, I remember a few years ago, um, the church that we go to, there was some heavy, heavy snow we had.

It was a blizzard, you probably remember that. And they had to go and try to get that snow off the roof. It actually was causing the roof to the, to bend in. It was a huge building. Our church is huge and, and it was not only was it melting and causing leaking, but then was also denting the actual structure and they had to get that snow off quickly. So I’m just saying it’s Oklahoma and you never know what’s gonna come next. So it’s so important to make sure that we are well prepared and that your roof will not have to have, um, any major repairs done because you didn’t maintain and didn’t take care of any small repairs that could’ve been taken care of today. So give us a call, our guys will come out, there’s no obligation. We just come out and give you an overall view and then you can just feel that peace of mind of knowing, okay, I know what’s going up on up on my roof, on my commercial roofing, broken Arrow because I’ll know that, um, you know, you can have that peace of mind that you are well aware.

So it’s kind of like the junk drawer that you ignore at home. If you ignore your roof, doesn’t make it get any better. It’s still there. Those problems could still be there and they could still be getting more and more full. So you gotta, you know, you know, it’s the new year. So take a look at your roof and let our guys come and help you. They really, they’re great guys and they are, they really are experts in the field and they would love to come and help. Uh, take a look at your commercial roofing, broken arrow. You know, the National Roofing Contractors Association has determined that regular roof maintenance and, and preventative care can add years of service stability to your roof. And so I don’t see why anyone one on Mac, anyone wouldn’t want to maximize the years and the effectiveness of their roof because it definitely is the most cost effective thing to do for your business and it will maintain the productivity of your business.

So, uh, you don’t want any unnecessary expenditures in the future so we can uncover any potential problems before they become emergencies. And that’s, that’s of great importance. So we’re here for you. We’re here to serve you and we’d love to work with you. So give us a call at (918) 973-1010. And if for any reason you get caught in a storm and you have not been prepared, we’re here for you too. So if you’ve not maintained your roof and you’re like, oh, we have a leak and we need quick turnaround, so give us a call. We’re here with our 24 hour emergency service and there are guys are amazing and they want to minimize the damage to your facilities and to your building. And so they’re, they’re here to, you know, take care of your concerns. They have extensive experience in handling these emergency situations and their response time is very quick and they are here to provide fast, professional assistance to the customers who might, um, get in these adverse circumstances where they have an extremely due to storm damage.

So give us a call and we will love to give you a 24 hour roof inspection or we’ll come out and within 24 hours and check out your emergency and take care of it. That’s what we’re here for. (918) 973-1010 roof nerds, advanced commercial systems, home of those roof nerds who are experts in the field of roofing. They are technical, they have technical expertise and they’re here to serve you. So if you find yourself with a storm related damage, I’m like, tornadoes, summer downpours, winter weather, like the winter storms and the snowstorms I was talking about earlier. Or just wind damage. I mean crazy wind and hail. I mean, hey, it’s Tulsa. We have hail. Um, it’s Oklahoma. We have hail. So for your commercial roofing, broken Arrow, give us a call and we’d love to serve you. Give us a call today at (918) 973-1010 for your commercial roofing, broken Arrow with us. It’s not rocket science, it’s roof science.