Well, it’s a beautiful day here in Oklahoma and a beautiful day in the northeast, Oklahoma broken era, Tulsa Coweta, sand springs. We’re having a wonderful weather today. Today is another day that the Lord has made and we’ll just rejoice and noted. He is blessing us. He’s blessing our business and he blesses all that would put her hand too because we walk diligently with him and his ways. Today is another podcast that we’re having with advanced commercial systems, home with a roof, nerves here in advanced commercial systems, commercial roofing broken arrow. If you ever find yourself in need of a commercial roof, commercial roofing repairs or here’s an idea, maybe you’re looking at building or if you’re looking at buying or building or selling a commercial building. If you’re buying or selling and you just want a free roof evaluation man, you just give us a call. That’s exactly what we do.

Free 24 hour room for evaluations with video pictures and everything that you would need to show the current condition of your commercial roof. Many times we’re working with uh, commercial, uh, purchases and commercial or commercial listings, working with property managers. And basically a lot of commercial real estate brokers and commercial real estate realtors. Many times they are with CCI m which is the commercial. I’m kind of a commercial endorsement and the commercial level for commercial realtors in the state of Oklahoma. And then also they are probably members of the Oklahoma Real Estate Commission or or the Oklahoma Association of realtors. Oh Oh a are. And then also they are also here in this area where we are, they are with the Greater Tulsa Association of Realtors, which I always, yeah. Is called G. And g tar is an association of realtors here in Oklahoma that we are very good here at advanced commercial systems.

We are in very good standing with, because I’ve actually been a licensed realtor for residential and commercial real estate for about eight years. And so when it comes to understanding inspections, when it comes to understanding, you know, property data analysis, when it comes to understanding, you know, demographics for commercial landings and commercial buildings, we’re definitely a company that would be above the rest at what we offer here in commercial roofing, broken air. So I haven’t been a licensed realtor with a GTR and here in the state of Oklahoma, um, you know, basically they check out my background that there’s background checks done, they take my fingerprints, they make sure there is no felony background, um, concerning, uh, you know, my lifestyle and the way I’ve lived. So that alone, should you let you know that where we’re walking pretty good with, uh, quite a bit of stuff, state and government of legalities and agencies, so haven’t done commercial real estate sales and purchasing over the years.

Really. That’s where a large part of my passion for the commercial construction and commercial, um, you know, roofing came into play as well because after years of doing that I began to see there’s this really a lot that needs to be done, uh, when it comes to commercial construction. So commercial roofing became our forte and has been ever since I have had quite a few other commercial and residential roofing companies use me for their, their personal needs for real estate. So I have a lot of good relationships with, uh, you know, guys in the industry. And then also quite a bit of our suppliers. They are, they’re quite knowledgeable of real estate, which we interact with those guys a lot and we help them potentially find commercial property that’s needed. So here with commercial roofing, broken era, you know, having been here for going in our 21st year, um, you know, as the owner and the founder of advanced commercial systems, I can say we have a pretty good idea between the construction side and the real estate side, having sold homes and basically every community in the area doing a lot of residential real estate, um, having a pretty good idea of the area.

Pretty good idea of the demographics moneywise and all the things that are needed for commercial properties to be what they should be. So if you have anything to do with a commercial properties, uh, which year, if you’re listening to this podcast or reading this article being transcribed from this podcast, there’s a really good chance that you’re going to have your hand in or around commercial properties and you might become a owner. You might become a building manager. You might be looking at investing in buying one for yourself. Um, you know, no matter what type of commercial property it is, um, you know, residential properties as far as the uh, you know, Oklahoma Real Estate Commission is concerned. Uh, ORC, it is defined as a property of three living areas are less and when you get over into four live in areas or more, it becomes a commercial property and which things change a little bit with the taxes, things change a little bit with all aspects of it.

And also on the same side of commercial roofing, the, you know, the roofing get changed as well. You have a lot more low sloped roofing systems and assemblies. Then you do steep slope when it comes to commercial properties. And I, that’s probably one of the biggest questions that here in commercial roofing broken now I’ve gotten over the last few years is why are there so many flat roofs? And one of the main reasons is because the flat roof is so much less expensive to build as opposed to the steep slope roofing system. And so with that being the case, then people go on to say yes, but the flat roofs leak all the time. I said, no, they shouldn’t leak all the time. They’d been neglected. There’s a neglect from most building owners and property management companies that are not truly taking care of their roofs. They are only addressing the roof systems when there is a potential leak and the leak is causing inside of the building.

There’s always so many more leaks taking place inside of the building that you never see coming through the roof system. But, and those are issues. So having the expertise in real estate, because honestly all construction with commercial properties falls within the real estate category. So having a professional, uh, perspective of realtors and demographics and everything for real estate really has helped us project our marketing has helped us project really the communication. Uh, you know, being a realtor for eight years now, and the communication, the constant contact and the constant communication that’s, that is completely required. You know, as, as a licensed realtor in the state of Oklahoma, every single thing you say and do in, in the terms of communication can go before a quarter of law and can be used against you or for you. And so it’s very important to say things right, to stay within the rules of ethics, the rules of agency, which is literally the rules of agency that we had to study for that of becoming an agent.

And so we had to keep everything in a very strict order of how we say things, how we communicate things. So that has kind of honed us in to where we know better, how to communicate what we’re trying to get across with the least amount of words here in commercial roofing broken Arrow with advanced commercial systems. But if you need commercial roofing help, if you need commercial roofing advice, if you just basically want a free evaluation, you need a contact us and let us know. You want the no brainer. The no brainer is basically coming out for a 24 hour span of time and giving you a complete free roof evaluation for your building. It’s not rocket science has roof science now we say oh all the time. But it is true that there is a science behind what we do. It’s not rocket science, but there is completely a complex system that we won’t install or assembly if we’re also installing the new decking system for you.

There is a complex system. Our Assembly in commercial roofing, broken Arrow that is going to be required to take your flat roof and make it were water, doesn’t get in the torrential downpour bring beating down range that we have here in Oklahoma are really, they really get so extensive to such an extent that they can find holes where you never thought there’d be a hole. There would be water leaking into a parapet wall, a coping cap screw. There’s, there’s so many areas around penetrations or water. We’ll try to get into a building and through the roofing system. And so with that being the case, uh, we are experts in finding those. We are experts in the leak detection. You can say that with me. And leak detection is commercial roofing broken arrows. Number one aspect that we’re about when it comes to repairs, you know, repairs or never to make a roof look better.

Repairs. Very seldom are they, most repairs on flat roofs are never seen by anyone. It’s just basically we have to stop the leak and we want to leave the area where it was leaking, where going to last years longer then before then the area before, you know, the, you know, around the lake, it’s not leaking. And so that’s where our roof nerds come in. We have been trained by a uncertified, by schooling, by training, by testing with, uh, with classroom time, sitting down, implementing what we’ve learned classroom time and then just many, many, many hours, hundreds and hundreds of roofs with Haig engineer and an engineering company out of Texas that they are just top notch them what to do. They’re internationally known as far as being one of the top a roof building envelope, forensic, uh, engineers in the world. They have grown so much into what they bring to the table for roofers, uh, whether it’s hillsides heal, damage, wind damage, it doesn’t matter. And so many times we, everyday we revert back to that training here in commercial roofing, broken air. So we can, uh, make the best decisions in educating our clients and our potential clients so that they’ll have the most wisdom possible for making a good decision.