Welcome to advance commercial systems, home of the roof and urge. And another podcast that we’re having here in our out of our main office today. We have our phone lines open, we ever email open. So if there’s anyone that would like to touch base with this and would like to communicate with us concerning commercial roofing, you have any questions, you have, any comments? We would absolutely love to assist you and to help you. A large part of the industry that we’re in a is people really, really need help and we love to help them. So here at advanced commercial systems, we worked with other commercial roofing companies and other companies in the past. And I tell you, some of those guys, they really say they’ve got good hearts. They really say that they’re, they’ve got good intentions. But behind the scenes when I was with them and I saw how they live their lives and I saw the unethical, uh, you know, the unethical things that I continually saw of stealing and just, just really crooked procedures and things I’ll, I’ll solve to complaints.

I was really shocked and really heartbroken that people have turned so cold and so numb inside that they, uh, they, they would do such illegal acts and some of the things creating damage on roofs and things like that. So here at advanced commercial systems, I mentioned all that, not to ever put anyone down, I mentioned all that, didn’t let you know that we’re aware of the challenges in the industry, are aware of your challenge of really finding a contractor that you can trust a contractor that was going to say what they do, do what they say and has a good systems in place to really take care of your roof for you. So, um, and so today we want to talk a little bit about one of the things that we do. Um, again, we want to talk about the aspect of what we bring with our drone footage.

So we have some drones, uh, and we, with advanced commercial systems, we’re specifically have put together everything that’s needed with thermal imaging and aerial cinematography to bring the best of quality and the best of product to you. So, oh, we put together what we call smart flight. Smart flight is a flight where we fly around, uh, around your home, around your building, around your commercial building. And we give you four k video now that’s in Tulsa, that’s in broken Arrow, that’s in commercial roofing broken Arrow, know that’s anywhere around. We’d give you that quality and we give you that perspective of your roof for free. There’s no charge and that that is part of our free no brainer, 24 hour evaluation that we give you now. Um, so our smart flight plan is literally where we fly around in a week, give you a roof, data footage, roof, data captures.

And so in doing so, uh, we’re bringing you a lot of things. We’re bringing your number one accurate results. If we can produce for you where the leaks coming from, if we can get quick evaluations for you, that means that we can get the job done quick so that the leaking will not happen. The next time we have a rain in commercial roofing broken Arrow, uh, we, we really asked you to give us a cough. We want to generate high precision roof reports for you. We want to generate a three d models. We will, we will generate a lot of different things for you that you would probably never be able to get any other way. So, and we do these at a great cost. It’s a no brainer free. So we’ll come out, show you how much we care about you and your building.

So now there’s a lower risk and improve safety, safety when we use our drones to do the things that we do. And then also what we do is considered, it’s been stamped as best in class platform. So best in class platform basically says out of all of the industry, the provision, what we’re providing you with drone footage is hands down the best that you can buy. And here’s the good news, you’re getting it for free. You’re specifically getting this drone footage as to where it’s not costing you anything. So accurate results, fast results have improved safety, lowering any accidents or injuries of any kind. So if you work in the solar industry, if you work in the insurance industry, if you work in the roofing industry, uh, you’ve probably heard of drones, you know, uh, you’d probably have felt, man, I would love to buy one, but they’re pretty expensive.

Well, just let your company buy one for you. That’s what we did. We’ve got some. And basically our company, they are a company expense and we use them only for company purposes. So that’s a good part of what we do. But the advances that lately we’ve had in drone technology, it’s, it’s absolutely and fundamentally changing how we as a company, uh, measure your roof and inspect your roof and give you free roof evaluations. It’s brought us to a whole nother level. So, you know, there is no, there is no manual, um, for flying a drone and, and for really doing the best roof inspection. So the more we do, the better we do. The more we do, the more we can offer you. So here at advanced commercial systems, you might be looking for that Roofer near you. You might be in on your computer right now.

Science, same commercial roofing company near me, roofers near me. You might be top of that and you might be typing toll. So commercial roofing company, you might be typing in commercial roofing broken arrow. You know, if you want to do a search here, just do this one, go to, okay. Roof nerves.com you know, for someone to proclaim that they’re the nerves in the industry, they’re proclaiming they’re the smartest and the best at what they do. And that’s what we’re proud to say about ourselves here at advanced commercial systems, home with a roof, nerves, we are the top in the elite of commercial roofing. We are the top and the elite of commercial roofing projects, commercial roofing contractors, commercial roofing companies were the top in the elite in this industry. And so that’s why we also bring to you not just drones, which have the accuracy and the consistency of and also assist in rooftop measurements, but we also bring to you thermal imaging.

Now, thermo imaging specifically is where we have the capability of finding leaks in your commercial flat roof because when water gets under a roofing membrane and it’s heated up by the sun, that water stays warmer than the roof membrane itself. So when the sun goes down over the horizon in commercial roofing, broken Arrow, Tulsa Jenks, doesn’t matter where you are. When the sun goes over the horizon, you’ve got about a 30 to 40 minute span of time where that water under the membrane doesn’t lose heat very fast, but all the other membrane does. And so you’ll find warm spots. Now it might be only two, three, four degrees difference, but the, the thermal imaging that we offer and that we have can pick up one 10th of a degree difference in temperature and show it to stand out. So with that being the case, we will come up on your roof.

We will do drone footage if needed. We will do thermal imaging and we will find your leak. We will find the problem areas and the problematic areas that you’re dealing with. Now let’s talk about roof reports. A roof report that we offer is basically cause we do our smart flight plan. So a smart flight plan is what we do when we come out with our drum and we fly around your building and we provide you with the latest and of of cinematography of aerial cinematography and commercial roofing, broken arrow. So what we do on a daily basis is we do roofing reports. Now we have a roof evaluation that is part of our roof smart plan, our smart plan, our smart roof plan. And that that documentation is basically a 30 point checklist that we go through and we specifically share with you, um, you know, so that you’ll have consistency so that you’ll have accurate measurements so that you’ll have all the data and all the insight you need for making the best plans and the best budgeting for your commercial roof.

And so what we specifically share with you is 30 specific points. And after you’ve listened to some of the podcasts over the last, oh my gosh, how many? Probably over the last eight weeks we have covered, cause we do a podcast a week here in commercial roofing, broken Arrow, we try to average about a podcast a week and so over the last eight weeks or so, maybe even the last 12 weeks we’ve covered a lot of this 30 point check plan. And really it’s just recovering two or three points a day and we’re just going in and describing what it is that we’re looking for, why it’s beneficial for you that we’re looking forward. What do we offer you if we find, if we find 10 10 out of 30 things that need addressing, what’s the next step? We bring that down to you. We show you the report, we’ll refill out.

There are 10 items that need to be addressed. We will then if you upon your desire put that together and an estimate form and whether it be a few hundred dollars or whatever the cost would be. And here in commercial roofing, broken Arrow, we offer that then to you in, cause you’ve seen it in video, you’ve seen it in pictures. So we then offer that to you in an estimate form so that you can through your budgeting and through our, you know, the knowledge we share with you, you can then make the choice on what to do with that, that you’ve done, that you’ve received. And so many, many times, like just yesterday, uh, I was at a pretty small building that has a built up with a gravel ballast roof and I got up on the roof. So basically a tar and gravel roof is that, it’s the old terminology everyone’s used to.

I got up on the roof, I found two or three things that needed to be addressed and I shared with him, there are about four other things I want to take care of if you allow me. He said, absolutely. Do what you need to. Now he climbed up on the roof for me. That’s very uncommon. So once again, I want to share with you that we here at advanced commercial systems, you can go to our website. Okay. Roof menards.com you can give us a call at (918) 973-1010 and at any given time we’ll take care of you. We will help you and we will help you be more knowledgeable, will increase your commercial roofing Iq will make you more knowledgeable concerning your roofing system. What you have up there, what needs to be done to it. Is it perfectly fine? You should see the smiles on people’s faces when I share with them. There are $200,000 commercial roof that’s quite a few years old. Actually. It looks really good. People get really excited to hear that there’s nothing wrong with the roof and that’s exactly what we share with people in many a time. So we appreciate you for tuning into another time today. Stay drought.