Welcome to the advanced commercial systems home with a roof nerves. Another podcast, you know, every week here at advanced commercial systems, home of the roof, nerves here in commercial roofing broken arrow. We come out and we do podcast and we do that so that uh, we can share the knowledge and the information that we have accumulated over the years. Today we want to talk about residential and commercial roofing concerning insurance adjusters and filing insurance claims. So for the next few minutes we’re going to really just dissect step by step exactly what you do. So if you are listening to this podcast or reading the article that we generate from this podcast and in the future a, this is going to be very accurate. It’s going to be very detailed in commercial roofing, broken Arrow, really to show you exactly what needs to be done, all the steps from start to finish, open up, up until the roof.

We’re being completely paid and your roof is done and everyone’s happy. So here we go. Let’s start with step number one. Step number one, you need to needed to determine that. You want to call an insurance company and maybe have your roof looked at, uh, you believe you’ve had either wind or hail or some type of storm damage. So with that being the case here in commercial roofing broken Arrow, I def definitely say, give us a call here at vast commercial systems, (918) 973-1010. Go on our website at, okay. Roof nerds.com and shoot us a message and we’ll be over as quick as we can. And so when we show up, that’s the second thing that happens. First thing is you call, a second thing happens, we show up and we inspect your roof, a bond, that inspection, we’re going to give you a percentage wise from zero to a hundred percent of how well we believe our trained roof and arts now or never remember, we’ve been trained with the same classes under engineering specifications that a lot of insurance adjusters have.

So they’re not bringing any more information to the table, you know, then what we’re going to be able to bring to the table for you. And so when we meet with them, we understand it’s a, Matt needs to have cracks. We understand the terminology in your specific policy. We understand, uh, you know all the different words and the terminologies is they can use and we’re going to be able to combat them if, if we can use that word very lightly and any objections and overcome any objections that they might have. So the next thing we do is we call, we call your insurance company for you. So why is that important? That is very, very important because your insurance company is going to ask you, you between five and 10 questions. And some of these questions, in my opinion, are specifically designed to, uh, kind of lead you down a road of whether you have had storm damage or not.

And so what we do is we give you the general way to answer these questions that we’ll bring them out where they’re honestly coming out and attempting to try to find storm damage on your roof. And so we answered these questions for you and we give you the answers to these. We can be on the phone together with the insurance or gesture or the insurance company. And then they fall and set up are they file your claim and then they set you up with an adjuster right there on the phone and they say, well your adjuster is going to be so and so and he’ll be contacting you. And normally in the next 36 hours and so within that

or next 72 hours, three days. And so within that period of time, and you know, they’ll give you a call normally own time and then they will tell you the day they want to come out. Well did your next step is you pick up your phone and you call us here at advanced commercial systems

and you let us know exactly what they should because they’re going to let us, uh, join them on the roof inspection. And so we try to show up around 15 to 20 minutes early because sometimes those guys are early themselves here in commercial roofing, broken arrow. We’ve gone through it all with these guys. And so they’re, they’re really nice. I’ve never really had any, only had one usher insurance with gesture back in 2010 that was a real butthead. Outside of that, everyone’s been really just a pleasure to work with and so uh, we show up, we climb up on the roof, we find hail damage, we find when damage. We began to talk to them on your behalf, you know if you might have an RCP policy you might have an ACV policy which is a crude actual cash value versus a replacement cost value and so we determined what you have where we can share that with you as well.

And then we really just sit down with you after the insurance adjuster who meets with you and she can get and sometimes gives you your paperwork there on the spot. Sometimes they’ll go to their office and sent it off and it can be up to a week before you see it and many times it will come with a first check, which would be your, your initial check that you normally get two checks from them. This will be your first one that just basically covers the actual cash value replacement cost minus deductible, which we can cover all that with you. We just did that just recently with Mr Rob and, and you know, he just loved the process that we went through with him. And so once we’re done with that, uh, your paperwork shows up, you give us a call, we come out, we sit down with you, we asked you to make a copy of the paperwork for us, you give us a copy because we’ll need a copy to process the things that we do. And then we began to basically go line item by line item and we educate you and completely, uh, just create a lot of wisdom for you and a lot of insight of what that paperwork’s all about. You know, those insurance adjusters, they tried to go through it but sometimes there’s a lot going on but we sit down at your dining room table or your kitchen table table.

We should have where you for about 30 minutes and just go through that paperwork in line by line explaining everything. There’s going to be some questions about gutters. There’s gonna be some questions about the, uh, you know about, do

we want to put ice and water shield that we wouldn’t put drip edge in commercial roofing broken arrow. There’s gonna be questions about your satellite dish up on your roof. Do you still want that dish? And we throw it away when we take it off to position was down. A lot of questions along those lines that we want to deal with. And bear in mind, this could be this way with your home. This could also be this the way with your commercial building as well. Um, and so after that we began to you, you normally take that check if you needed an endorsed with the, uh, if you have a mortgage and the mortgage company’s name, uh, like Bank of America or Bank of Oklahoma or whoever are the spank, whoever’s on that check with you, you have to go get them to endorse it and they’ll sign the back of, they’ll hand it back to you, you deposit it, you write us a check for that exact amount.

That allows us to get things rolling and our processes, we get to shingles ordered the Sheen was arrive the morning of the roof, shingles being torn off the roof, shingles up Tarnoff we look tarps all the way around your grass. We really take care of your HVC unit. We really take care of, make sure that you’re, there’s no nails it and in the yard and w we now your, your yard is going to be kind of messy during the process. It’s just part of a construction site. Just imagine a construction side and commercial roofing, broken Arrow, commercial roofing, broken Arrow is going to have some dirty, dirty construction sites. And that’s just part of what we deal with. So here, our next thing is we get your shingles put on. Everything’s tight. You and I, we walk around your home together. We walk around, make sure there’s no nails.

Uh, we get a roller and out. I’ll show you how we roll the roller mag around and making sure there’s no nails in the grass and we pick up all the trash. We make sure everything looks great. Make sure that you’re happy with how everything turned out. The shingles, sometimes in the colder months, they might not be laying down as well. We sometimes need around 50 or 55 degrees outside for about a half a day for those shingles to warm up enough to lay down pretty good. So sometimes we have to let them lay down a little bit. Uh, and then we want to check your pipe penetration points and stuff like that. But for the most part, you’re in good shape now. So what do we do next? Your work is done. You basically walked the home with us. You’ve given us a thumbs up that you’re happy.

Your insurance company may be contacting you in the next few days to confirm with you that the job was done because we’re going to contact the insurance company in the next few days and we’re going to send them the full roof replacement cost minus the deductible. But we’re going to actually act like you’re paying the deductible depending on whether you do or not. We’re not talking about that on the radio, but we’re going to send them the full replacement costs and for that final check to come and they will subtract the first check they gave you and they will send that check to you upon you receiving that check. You once again, do you get your bank to sign off on it? If it needs it, uh, you endorse it or put it in the bank, Hanover us a check for that same amount and we then established with you a sheet of paper in your hand, show them that we’re giving you if you’re a residential, a three year warranty, if you’re a commercial, given you a five year warranty, five year a shingle warranty.

Um, now there is a 30, normally a 30 year shingle or lifetime warranty shingles that we put on your roof. Um, but we’re going to give you a three year, five year warranty depending on what type of roof that we do for you that basically no leak, no issues, no problem outside of new storm damage, which was beyond our scope. So here in commercial roofing, broken Arrow, that’s really what we do for you every day. It’s very high level of expertise that we bring to the table for a steep slope. Roofing. There’s a lot of great steep slope roofing companies out here. We love really focused on flat shingles, I mean flat roofs because it is our expertise of, I’ll tell you that there’s a lot of great companies out there also that do flat roofs, you know, low slope stuff.

But here in commercial roofing, broken Arrow, there’s some things that we bring to the table that they don’t and that’s just the highest level of expertise going along the lines of communication. Our communication is second to none. Everything set in place that we have great communication with you, where you’re never confused. You always know the next step, and we’re always walking this out in a process with you as to where everything is smooth as silk. So we appreciate you joining and do another podcast with us today. It’s not rocket science, it’s roof science and stay dry.