So our last podcast we were covering a lot of different aspects and just some quick questions and answer time that we uh, we, we have many times here with a advanced commercial systems and covering all, all the different aspects and, and, and have what it takes to get a job done. What do you need to look for in a Roofer? And so we’re going to cover some more of these, a little more detailed today but on top of everything else. So right now though, we’re going to jump into, because we actually are entering into the springtime a very soon. We’re coming out of winter and we entering into spring right now in commercial roofing broken Arrow with advanced commercial systems and all the roof nerves and all that we do. We’re jumping over into a little bit of the, talking about the weather that we have here in Oklahoma and then also just a serious storm damage that could often come with the weather that we have here. We are the best in commercial roofing Broken Arrow industries.

You know, when it comes to doing roof repairs, roof replacements for commercial buildings, we do the same kind of thing for residential building. So never, never think that, hey, just because we’re called advanced commercial systems that were not professionals that do in residential. Uh, we’ve been doing residential for 10 years. We’ve been really good at what we do. And we’ve done hundreds and hundreds of, of residential roofs. And so let’s get back over to the oak state of Oklahoma. The state of Oklahoma literally is known for notorious storms, a torrential rainfall, rainfall, a notorious storms with hurricane, not hurricanes with tornadoes with crazy wind. What was it about three or four years ago, we had what was called a straight line wind that came from the Oklahoma city direction. As we see most of our storms in commercial roofing broken arrow, just for some reason seem to come from that direction. We go above and beyond in knowledge of commercial roofing Broken Arrow products.

But it was coming our way and it literally was a 90 mile an hour straight line wind that just went across the whole city. Absolutely staggering. Uh, what, what the wind was. It’s Kinda hard to believe that they even did that. Now that you look back at it. And so, but here at advanced commercial systems, we understand the stresses that you do with that. You’re sitting at work, you’re hearing the weather, uh, someone’s coming in and say, hey, there’s a storm coming and you’ve got kids at school. I, I’ve been there, I go through this every season I go through what do I do with the kids? What do I do with my home? What can I do to get my car in the garage to protect my car from hell? We go through all these things cause we’d been here for 20 years to actually go on our 21st year of living here in broken arrow.

And so having gone through all these things with you over the last 20 years, I fully understand your daily concerns. And when you have a roof, you’re, you should be concerned because if you have a residential roof, your roof is normally at least $9,000 to $20,000. That’s your averages that you’re going to have. Your most average is probably around a 10 and a half, $11,000. But I mean they know they many times range, you know between nine and 20,000 you’ll get, you’ll get 90% of your roofs fitting within that category right there and then far as a commercial roofs concerned, a lot of commercial roofs are going to fall between the 35,000 and the $80,000 area that just in that zone right there you get into larger roofs. It’s going to go up and obviously that’s going to depend in commercial roofing broken Arrow going to depend quite a bit upon what system you want to put on there and everything.

But I understand you’ve got a budget, you’re trying to meet budget, you’re trying to stay fiscally within some projected plans. We know your needs in commercial roofing Broken Arrow industries. Your board wants to know what’s coming on, you know you got money, you’re saving for specific expansions with your business, with your, with your plant, whatever it is. You’re industrial plant, your business marketing, you’re spending 5,000 a month on marketing, 10,000 a month on marketing. I understand all that. Ask him thousands of dollars every single month on marketing and myself. But the end of the day is you have the storm comes and suddenly it’s created damage. And then your big question is, oh gosh, what do I do? Do I file insurance, do I not file insurance? And then I have one customer who’s one of the largest customer is actually the largest customer I have. They have hot, they have over a thousand buildings over the U S and this specific customer, um, they don’t have insurance with an insurance company.We help in every piece of commercial roofing Broken Arrow needs.

They are self insured. And so when they get roof damage where they have, I have one of their buildings over in Oklahoma City, the right now is completely totaled because of very, very large hill and that there’s no insurance company to call their self, their self insured. And so working with them and working with that, you’ve got to begin to make decisions here in commercial roofing broken Arrow to you. Do you call uh, the insurance company or are you self insured or what do you do? What do you do with a storm like that? And that’s where the first thing I want to do is I want to either I or my roof nerds to get their eyes on that roof because I want to see what the percentages is. What I’ve always understood to work really well because we were trained with a lot of the same training that insurance adjusters that come out and look at roofs were trained with the same eyes and the same ears in the same understanding that those guys are having a certification with an engineering company for, for commercial storm damage.

And so as we come out, actually when I sit in classes for my, uh, certification with the Engineering Company, um, three quarters or more of the class was adjusters with state farm and local insurance companies. They’re in a, down in Texas. And so, and then the other 25% were roof owner’s roof build, roofing owners or salesman. And so one thing that we specifically do over and over is we’re going to want to get her eyes first on the roofing system owned the roofing membrane. I want to see what the wind damage looks like. I want to see what the hell looks like. I want to see any soft metals, what kind of damage we’ll kind of beating that they take. If there was hell, I want to see the imprints in the hell. I want to see oxidation on metals or are your fence around the building.

I want to get my eyes on that. There’s so many different things I can look at that’s going to immediately begin to show us the size of the hill. I have specific formulas that we’ve learned with the engineering company that’s this to specifically measure um, hell hits on soft metals and fences and other other areas that will show us the size of the help cause it. Basically, if I have an insurance adjuster coming out and I can basically prove to him that I’ve got an inch hail here, it’s hard for him to say that there is not damaged with some of the roofing systems. He can’t just say, well that’s just, you know, that’s just a watermark or an oxidation mark here in commercial roofing broken arrow. Because when you get an inch, inch and a quarter, hell, you’re beginning to really give him some damage. And when you get over, you know, which is, you know, you get an over in the golf ball size with the inch and a quarter, an inch and three quarter, you’re definitely got some hail damage.

And so we’re the guys that’s going to come in and look at your hell damage and wind damage and snow damage, flood damage, tree damage, electrical damage, degree damage, doesn’t matter. The type of damage if it’s storm damage, were trained ear in advanced commercial systems, home with a roof nerds to help you and to truly, truly assess what best needs to be done. So when the storm leaves its mark, when it comes in and when the storm damage hits, you know, the mark that it leaves. It can be in several ways and we’re the guys that will come out and, and begin to tell you with your business, your roof, your building envelope, your possessions, really basically your business and your livelihood. We’re going to tell you exactly what took place on your entire perimeter. Uh, you know, your businesses and your homes are full of memories, uh, and they’re really, it’s worth protection.

It’s worth the best kind of protection that you can have. And that’s why you pay insurance. So at the end of the day, if you win every single time you pay insurance for your car and for your home and for Your Business and for your truck and for all the things you do. Because I pay insurance for every one of those as well. You need to keep in mind there’s a reason why you’re giving them that money so that if you have a catastrophe, if you have something that takes place that is not planned, that is not desired. These guys, they’re specifically going to come in and take care of you. But listen, this is how it works. I’ve got about three more minutes in this podcast, so I’m going to make this as clear as I can for you. Insurance companies save billions billion with a B, so they save billions a year because when they come out to do a claim, they oftentimes give you around two thirds of the true money they’re supposed to be given you.

Seriously, two thirds, if not sometimes less, but I hardly ever see them given over 75% of what truly should be paid for a claim. I know roofing claims that have started at $50,000 that had gone to $250,000 because the insurance adjusters, we’re not doing all that they should. They are not trying to pay you the full amount for the roof. Now you pay your full amount for your insurance policy every single month, don’t you? I mean, there’s no way you can say yes or they would just get rid of your policy, right? So you’re paying your full amount. But these guys literally save billions of dollars coming out given you, and I’ll be as blunt as I can here in commercial roofing broken Arrow, they shortchange you. You know what? Short change you mean dry. You go to the store and you buy $3 of of, of, of bubblegum for your kids, right?

And you, you hand them a 10 and the hand you $3 back. Well three and three is only six. They short changed or four bucks. Now they still gave you something back, right? But she got shortchanged and that’s exactly what insurance companies, they are professionals at doing it and they don’t say to their adjusters, hey, we’re going to short change. They had built their entire system there with the g, the adjusters follow the system. You’re getting short changed without them even trying to, now they use a program, almost all of them use a program called exact a mate. That’s the program that has been set up to shortchange people because it will pump out and plop out a roof for you that is lacking multiple things that you need to get your roof done, right? And they’ll spit out an estimate that we’ll get your roof replaced with. Eight will not do the fullness of the job that it’s supposed to. And so these are the little secrets that we’ve learned to work with. And work around and cause you to get the best roofing system possible. No matter the situation, we’re going to come out and make sure they pay the money that they should. Hey, thanks for joining again with commercial roofing broken Arrow here at advanced commercial systems in wonderful Tulsa and broken Arrow, Oklahoma. We hope you stay dry and have a wonderful day.