Welcome again to another wonderful podcast here with a vast commercial systems home with a roof nerds. You know, our roof nerds are highly skilled, highly trained technical, uh, experts in the commercial roofing field, the technical field of commercial roofing every single day. We’re looking at roofs every single day. Now we take some days off. I believe we should take at least one to one and a half days off every week. But every single working day, we’re up on roofs. We’re talking to building owners, we’re talking to property managers because here in commercial roofing broken Arrow, uh, I’ve lived in broken Arrow for 20 years, literally 20. This is my 21st year. I’m starting living in broken arrow. I’m not moving anywhere. I’m not going away. And so I want you to understand as the owner and the operator of advanced commercial systems, uh, the level of integrity, character, and ethics that we try to bring to the table and we do bring to the table every day is second to none.

Oh, probably about 30 minutes ago, I was on the phone with a property manager that, you know, I was trying to talk to him about, you know, maybe using us for some estimates in the future. And he shared with me all, Marty, I have a commercial roofer that I use all the time. He’s a great commercial roofing contractor and I’ve used him and he’s been fair and pricing and everything seems to work really well. We’ve never had any issues. I said to him, I said, without even going in, checking it out, I said to, have you ever checked to see if he’s licensed to, have you ever checked to see whether he’s actually has this commercial endorsement for doing commercial roofing? And uh, he was quiet on the felony, didn’t answer. And this is, this is a pretty good size, pretty profitable, a commercial property management company.

Well, Emilia phone get off the phone with this gentleman, which he said, you know, send me your info. And so upon moments, again, after the phone, I went and looked up this commercial roofer, you actually said his name, they’re out of another city that’s you know, 30 30 minutes away from Tulsa, 25 minutes away. And basically they’re not even licensed in the state of Oklahoma. So they’re not licensed in the state of Oklahoma. And also they did not have their commercial endorsement did they, are they are non valid for having a commercial endorsement. So according to the construction industry board, who answers to the governor of the state, the governor and the state and the laws of the state specifically say that they are breaking the law. It is a crime for these guys to be doing the commercial roofs that they’re doing. And so I just sent him a link and said, hey, if you’d like to check out and see what your roofers, you know, whether your roofer is, is in good standing or not, you know, you can just check this out and you know, do on your own time or whatever.

And either I didn’t send him a picture of the page where his roofer that he uses from another, another city. I didn’t send him a picture showing that, you know, he’s not in good standing, that he’s not legal. Uh, you know, I can let him do that on his own because it’s his choice who he wants to use. I just offer our services off, offer the quality of service and uh, the, the competitive pricing. I offer the, the legal side of what we do. We have workers’ compensation. We have general liability insurance here in commercial roofing, broken arm. Uh, we have the endorsement. We’re with the commercial construction industry board for doing commercial roofing. Uh, we are fully licensed and fully set up in every way. Uh, our truck insurance, my, our, our roof nerd vehicles all have, uh, 2 million insurance or I think that 1 million insurance, which is far beyond far beyond, uh, what most of companies ever do because I have some really influential, very large clients that have 1400 billions and we take care of a lot of their properties.

And because of that, uh, there are a nationwide company. And because of that, we have to have our company adhere and meet the requirements that are very stringent, um, that most roofers would never meet, would never, would never go to. And so we do that consistently so that we can have a business with our very large client, one of the, in their field, they’re the largest company in the nation. And so because we have a corporate aspect of what we do, we’re capable of meeting the requirements of almost every small company around and what they might need. And even government standing, there’s bonding that can always be put in place as far as government jobs in public bidding is concerned. But here in commercial roofing broken Arrow, uh, with advanced commercial systems home with a roof nerds, we really want to show you that the single ply roofing is the way to go.

You know, everyone is going that direction. There is $1 billion a year being spent already on single ply roofing between the adhesives and the membranes in all of the different aspects of the, that roofing product is really is uh, probably close to a billion dollars a year being spent on flat roof systems. Uh, with single applies now single plies. You have youtube, your thermostats and your thermoplastics. Those are the two main types of single pliers that you have in a single ply is exactly as it sounds. Whether you’re in another state, whether you’re in Canada, whether you’re in Tulsa or commercial roofing, broken air, it doesn’t matter where you’re at. Single ply always means the same thing. It is a single ply top membrane that actually does the waterproofing and the water, you know, the water coding, the waterproofing of the, of the roof now. So when you do a built up roof, and also when you do a modified bitumen roof, there are more plies.

There’s more than one ply. So it’s not a single ply. And I can a belter of roof. Those mini plies working together create a continual built up watertight waterproofing system in which you do have a top coat on that. But in the single plies that have become so popular and that we have become experts and installing and repairing the single ply is a single membrane and oftentimes very thin, 60 thousandths of an inch. Now that’s, that’s a pretty thin, that’s a pretty thin, you know, it’s like a thinner than a cardboard box. You know, a cardboard box where you get something in the mail from amazon.com you order some shoes, it comes in a cardboard box. This is about one third or one fourth, the thickness of a cardboard box. And so you can imagine it’s probably about like 15 sheets of white paper for your printer.

About 15 or 20 sheets of paper would be maybe 15 sheets would be about the thickness of this membrane. Now this is a membrane that can sit in the sun and commercial roofing broken arrow. They can sit in the sun for 20 years and handle the effects of our value, uh, requirements that can handle the effects of UV rays pounding down on it. It can the effects of just normal pounding and torrential rains and issues, um, birds pooping, flying over, landing on it, leaves blowing across it, dirt buildup. It can handle all of these things. Even ponding water can sit on it for a very long period of time and not have any issues at all. Now there is a roof off of 41st and Garnett before we were, yeah, off of 41st and Garnett had an apartment complex in Tulsa. I’ve worked on their roofs and many, many times did a full replacement just a while back for one of the roofs.

And upon working with them on their roof system, there’s one roofing, uh, area, because they have many roofs there that was leaking. So I’ll begin to climb up there and check out all the leaking areas. And there’s one spot way over on the side that never did leak in Tulsa or commercial roofing, broken arrow. And so this spot never leaked. But, and, and, but it really shocked me because it was like under six inches of water, which is completely horrible. That is even built and designed this way. But the roof is sitting there under about six inches of water every single time I went to see the roof every single time there’s six inches of water. Uh, you know, I’m most commercial roofing contractors and commercial roofing companies that I’ve ever spoke to have never really seen anything like that. It’s just completely designed wrong.

And water is just ponding literally from four to six inches deep and you’re talking probably 200 gallons of water. It was just a really large area that just had a lot of water just sitting there on an edge and had no drain. There’s no drain in that entire corner of the building. There’s a parapet wall holding it in. And so with that being the case, but when I would get my finger and I’d rub through all the dirt and the mud that had built up there over years and years of being under ponding water, and I’d see the clarity and how good the the membrane left, the TPO, 60 mil membrane under that water was really in great shape. I mean, it looked brand new. And so that’s one thing I really love about TPO in. So a lot of these single plies, uh, but not a PDM.

That’s one thing I really love is you could put some ponding water on these guys and they will do their job and they’ll do it really well. So if you ever need anything, just a, a free assessment or the no brainer that we do the free assessment of a commercial roofing for a year, building a for your building envelope. Hey We, we strongly suggest you to give us a call. We would love to help you as serve you and really show you the level of excellence that we have showed many of our clients. You can very easily reach us at (918) 973-1010 our phones are open 24 hours a day, seven days a week. We are a all the time commercial roofing company because we take care of commercial roofing repairs and so emergency repairs and commercial roofing repairs are very large part of what we do.

And because of that we can work with Burger graph, we can work with a black mourn, we can work with a lot of the different companies, restoration companies, state farm, liberty mutual. We’ve worked with them for restoration services to really take care of you have an emergency problem that we can come in, make the elite go away quickly, solve the issue and get your building back dry again. Hey, if you ever need anything, give us a call at (918) 973-1010 here in commercial roofing, broken arrow. We would love to help you and serve you in any way. Our roof nerds or own call here in commercial roofing, broken air. So just give us a call and remember, it’s not rocket science, it’s roof science and stay dry.