Welcome again to advanced commercial systems home with a roof and urge here in commercial roofing Broken Arroww. It is a complete honor for us to be able to bring you podcast week after week after week, bringing you podcast about commercial roofing here with advanced commercial systems, a home of the roof and errors here in commercial roofing Broken Arrow. Uh, today we want to talk about, um, some of our training is some of our expertise. Um, some of the training and expertise, uh, that we have in commercial roofing is backed up, not just by what we say, what we know, but also by what, you know, the, some schooling’s, some technical expertise, some certifications that we’ve done. And so one of the, one of the, one of what we consider one of the best aspects of what we have and what we bring as roof nerds as you know, a single minded expert in a technical field of commercial roofing Broken Arrow.

Uh, what we bring to the table is a certification with actually with an engineering company. So, I mean you can go, you know, I’m not talking about just any type of engineering, an engineering company that has spent many, many years in the technical field of commercial roofing and really commercial roof damage evaluation. So let me give you a little bit of a background of what we call the engineering company. We are certified with called Hague, Hague engineering. Um, there was a gentleman by the name of Walter g Hague and in the 1920s, um, he had been in a civil engineer with experience in that, uh, for quite some time. And he had founded a company in the Dallas, Texas area, a consulting company. And so what he began to do was he began to go and find the values of, of damaged properties, what value was left, or then also what value was before the damage happened.

And so he began to get a lot of experience and grow a great rock reputation in this as he began to evaluate, you know, the loss and everything for, for, you know, commercial insurance companies and stuff along that line. And then so also around 1946, uh, Mr Haig, he was joined by a gentleman, Mr Wayne, the parish. And so when these two came together, they begin to expand what they call, what we now call is Haig engineering. And so that it was, it was literally back in 1946 so we’re talking, um, well erotic almost 60 years now. Um, that they have been doing, well actually more than that. So 50, 60, 70, almost 70 or 80 years now that they have been in commercial roofing Broken Arrow, Brynn bringing forensic engineering, um, in the fields of civil, structural, electrical, even types of engineering locked that mechanical and architectural engineering.

And so really forensic engineering is what we have been trained with them, where we come in and see exactly what damage, how the damage was caused and try to evaluate if something needs to be replaced because of the damage that has taken place. And so many times they, what they do is we, we do a lot of training through online seminars. We do classes there and we sit under their engineers and we learned a lot. But our focus has been specifically on that of commercial roofing because we’re roofers here in northeast Oklahoma, commercial roofing Broken Arrow. This is our profession. This is what we do. And so being a certified representative of an engineering company like this, the one thing we do is we do basically own site damage assessments. We do litigation support, which is sometimes needed. Um, and then also now, because we are a construction company, restoration consulting, um, once there’s been a loss.

And so these are things that we bring in the consultant and restoration and that’s sometimes people say, well that’s just call it an estimate. Well, it’s sometimes as much more than that. Um, and so we specialize in the evaluations. Um, Eh, you know, of anywhere from storm damage to just many types of just accumulated weather damage, torrential types of, of wind damage and storm damage. And so one of the things that, uh, Hague engineering brings to the table, which we can incorporate when needed, is three d imaging and BMI technologies where you can accurately assess the design and construction of buildings that have been damaged. And so with that in place, these guys, they do everything, they do everything and it’s been an honor to be up under them and to learn so much about, uh, commercial roofing storm damage here for commercial roofing GROCON era.

And so one of the rooms we’re going to talk about today is called the built up roofing. What is built up roofing? What’s it all about? Well, one of us, one of the shopping factors up built up roofing is it’s literally almost 140 years old. It’s one of the oldest roofing systems that we see the most of. And they are still being done today. I mean, they’re built up, roofs are still being done today. They’ve been around in some parts of the world, 140 years. They originated over in Europe and uh, in the, in the mid 18 hundreds. And so, and there were parts of it because of the, the composition of the built up roof in the tar and pitch there and the pine pitch in the mixture of pine tar and pine pitch because of that. They have been used many, many years ago in the shipping industry as far as building ships and stuff like that. But as far as being a waterproofing, uh, element there, do a great job and I’ll tell you there’s a lot to to, to go to up roofing. There’s a lot to inspecting, built a proofing. So as far as it’s concerned here with advanced commercial systems, so keep in mind when it comes to commercial roofing, uh, there are a lot of options you can take

out there. But there’s always one best option. We believe here at advanced commercial system, we are the option. We are the best option. We are the only option. Now obviously we’re not going to do every commercial roofing job in the Greater Tulsa area. Every greater job in commercial roofing Broken Arrow. We’re not going to do every commercial roofing job, you know, in northeast Oklahoma. But we want to do a lot of them because we know we were a good company. We know we’re full of ethics, were full of character. We’re full of doing what’s right. Making the best decisions were absolutely full of product knowledge. We’re full of experience. We’re full of hundreds upon hundreds upon hundreds upon hundreds of roofs that we’ve inspected. We’ve repaired, we put maintenance plans in place. We’ve done full replacement jobs too. So many jobs, so many things that we’ve done. We want to be able to share that experience with you.

Our customers give us five star reviews over and over and over again. I challenge you. Go look at Google listings. Type in advanced commercial systems home with a roof marriage. You’ll find us on Google. You’ll find our website. You’ll find this on the Google place and Google listings and when you find this, this is what you’re going to find. Five star review over a hundred of them, one after another after another and after another one and one and one just over and over again. Great job. Thanks for fixing my roof. Worked with my insurance company. I’m just quoting and worked with my insurance company, got my roof replaced, no hassle, cleaned the job at well. These are the things that we have done over and over. Hundreds, probably close to a thousand dives, hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of times. Great experience. We just got a call just a few minutes ago from a property manager in town who they have a roof in sand springs. We really are the best commercial roofing Broken Arrow. Even customers continue to use us for commercial roofing Broken Arrow.

We’re going to go look at it today. That is the results that we give time and time again in commercial roofing Broken Arrow, someone calls. We go look at it literally as soon as possible. When you go to our website, www dot [inaudible] dot com you’ll see on our website you’ll see that we have a spot on their little tab that you can click that says schedule. Now, that literally is a 24 hour free roof evaluation for us to come out and look at your roof and tell you what’s going on. Now we’re not just going to look at your roof and say, oh, we need to do some repairs. We’re going to come assess your roof. We’ll go take pictures. We won’t take a video. We’re going to draw a diagram of the layout of your roof, a blueprint of what your roof is. You know which ways your decking flowing, which way is your roof system, your gutter system, your drainage system.

We want to be masters of Maine, of managing water. Once it gets on your roof, we want to know where the water’s going. We want to know where it drains. We want to make sure the drains are not clogged up. We Joe 51st and Sheridan, we went and looked at a church roof, disturb, real quick repairs on it and basically the majority of the issue at the moment was the someone had not been checking the gutters and the gutters were full of leaves. Now here’s the weird and challenging part of this situation. There were no trees within 150 200 yards. The wind, the crazy Oklahoma wind had blown leaves off of the ground, up on the roof all the way across this huge roof and fill these gutters. These two gutter downspouts were full of water. We’re full of leaves and have they were clogged up, they were causing some pretty massive leaks. They needed the best commercial roofing Broken Arrow service provider.

These are the things that we find every single day. We try to figure out and we do figure out what is going on with your roof. So here at advanced commercial systems, home of the roof, nerves, anytime give us a call. We are a commercial roofing broken arrow. We are the best in commercial roofing Broken Arrow. We are the most quickest and we are the ones that you call on and you get the best value for your buck. So we bring multiple budgets to you and we allow you to then use the wisdom that we bring you for you to be able to assess hiring chest, the best commercial roofing contractor for you. Give us a call here to mass commercial systems. Our phone number is (918) 973-1010 and please always remember it’s not rocket science, it’s roofing science and stay dry.